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Avatar n tn I'm so sad every single day. I've had these feelings for over 2 months now, they started with feelings of insecurity in my relationship. To settle my suspicions I wrongly invaded my partners privacy, where I discovered some messages he had sent to other women which I felt to be inappropriate. They were not enough to accuse him of anything apart from being too friendly, and he's certain they meant nothing and he 'wasn't thinking'. I can't forget about it.
Avatar f tn I was going to say it can just be spam messages because when I usto go through my husbands phone he get a lot of thoughs messages because he happened to put his email on somthing just one time and now he gets thoughs Annoying l random messages.
Avatar f tn I need his support in more ways then phone calls and text messages. I think ita important that you express yourself, but dont do it the way I did. My boyfriend felt critiqued and berated and it caused an awful fight. Try to approach it like youre both in a sensitive position and let him know how much you need his support. If hes a sensible, nice guy, he should be able to understand and be there for you. Im sure its a little bit horomones and a little bit what you need from him.
Avatar f tn he started acting funny and had less to do with me...something kept telling to just look at the messages between him and his x i do so there was messages them saying they loved each other and missed each other....and talking about working it out for their son...what about me he has been lying and saying he loves me and i am carrying his child..i think i am just gonna tell him its over for good and he needs to make that family work...or what should i do??
Avatar f tn I find out on the 29th what my little babe is, I have a really strong feeling its a girl but we'll see :)
7552771 tn?1469929649 I love the forums and all the week to week and everything its fun and informative but I hate that its so hard to get to my messages and I hate not knowing when I get one. I'd also like to be able to find the posts I posted without having to go through every post I've also commented on.
Avatar f tn That is so sad to hear about DJ. I know you all were looking forward to seeing each other. Poor DJ. She has just had one thing after another. When you talk to her next time, please send my love and let her know that I miss her very much. Who is helping her these days? Her daughter? I just pray she will get a bread - not a physical one - someday soon. Sorry you guys will have to postpone the trip.
Avatar f tn I'm not even with my baby daddy he got another girl its sad cuz I would really want his suport instead he's taking out his new girl wile I'm here having his babys cravings he only calls me once a week to practacly cheek if in still alive
Avatar f tn We have a very good relationship, we hardly ever argue only very rarely over little stupid things but we make up that night always. Curiosity got the best of me and I went into his messages. He has alot of girls as friends so I expected to see him writing to other girls and such which didn't bother me but a couple of them did. He was messaging his ex and he asked when she would get her phone back and she was like idk and he was like " Well it might come with a surprise ;) " ..
325131 tn?1227184781 Did you know if you delete link in email of messages they disappear from inbox? I think thats what happened. So I had several messages this am and deleted them from my email and they are not in my medhelp. If you messaged me yesterday I didnt get them. I will click on link or leave them in my email until I check my inbox. I went to a meeting yesterday. No N.A was available at 12:10. There were alot of peeps that were only addicts though.
Avatar f tn ve probably commented on some of your posts but I just love having mommy friends and love the belly and baby photos as well!
1032715 tn?1315984234 Pretty much the whole family turned on him calling him names nd it was sooo sad. Im sure he wishes he were straight and I still love him regardless. I dont know if god made them that way or if sin was handed down thru the generations, but my god is a god of love and looks upon the heart. I cannot fathom that my god would want me to condemn either of these for something that they had no part in. Just my opinion.
10943479 tn?1432725499 Children don't love on the basis of money. Children have no concept of what things cost, my daughter can have a really good day with a picnic at the park or go to a theme park for the day. To her they are just days she has had fun with whoever took her, she doesn't know that one was cheap and one wasn't. You child will love you for the love and care ypu give and how safe and happy you make her by being there. Money is no object in a child's ability to love anyone.
Avatar f tn I been with my boyfriend for 10 months. Lately our relationship has been VERY bumpy. I love him but im not in love with him anymore. He has put me through so much, we're always breaking up and getting back together, no matter what we always end up running back to eachother. We got back together yesterday morning after being broken up for 2 days. But i dont think i can do this anymore. I dont trust him at all but he says hes willing to show me that i can trust him...
Avatar f tn I have two dogs and two cats, I love them to death but sometimes I feel like giving them up because they cause me so much stress. I've been trying to get my female dog spayed but the SPCA won't answer my calls, just sends me to an automated voice message and when I leave messages I never get a call back so I'm going to have to go by there after her next heat cycle to get her spayed as its very stressful dealing with a dog in heat for 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Whatever you do...stay encouraged..I went through the same experience but it took almost two and a half years after hubby and I married and finally one day November 12,2012...i'll never forget it...i cried to God after a dr appt and i was so thankful to hear a good outcome on my test results that i was just thankful for good gealth and I decided that I wouldn't stress about a baby anymore and that I'd just be thankful for great health and my wonderful life...
Avatar f tn The best thing you can do is offer structure and stability that means rules and the first would be to be a child and stop delivering messages for your grandmother, let them know your husband will handle it. It s u cks I know.
599170 tn?1300973893 some find it safer to not love, saves the heart the misery of being hurt. But oooh the thrill of being in love out weighs this in the end. I have been told, the only cure for a broken heart is love. and I tend to believe this. But the most important love of all is loving yourself. Finding self love is by far the greatest love of all. oh...isn't that a Whitney Houston song?
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss. You don't deserve this. You deserve a healthy baby girl that you will get to love and keep forever. Hold her tight, so tight you can't breathe. Never put her down. Let your love for her consume you, because if this is all the time you get you better make damn well make sure you make it count...make memories now. She needs you and you need her!
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I just found out we are having a little girl. He really wanted a boy. I feel like he may be a bit more distant because my baby is a girl.. I could be over reacting but I'm sad about it. I love my baby and she loves her daddy when he comes around she goes wild in my belly. I'm just unsure if he feels the connection. Is it too early for me to worry?? Do men fall in love aftet the baby os born?? I just don't want my baby girl to feel the distance from her dad.
10084709 tn?1407712389 Hi mommies, they have manyyyy posts from ladies saying they are lonely, depressed, sad, don't have support, etc. You may be like me & have not dealt with depression or know what to say sometimes but let's try to respond to those posts especially. Those women are reaching out & your response may put a smile on her face.
7406493 tn?1453999212 I just love this community its better than my facebook now days everyone is so relatable and helpful & funny! ♥♡♥minus the judgement that some people pass when others just ask questions or say they smoke & need help.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear that! I understand the feeling it's hard for me to go to sleep if mine isn't in the bed with me. Love him up extra hard when he gets home and hopefully he doesn't have to leave anymore!! You are soooo close!!
6954086 tn?1398695955 My best friend and older cousin was suppose to be planning my baby shower for me which is this sunday the bad part about it is my cousin has her part but my best friend doesn't nd she was the one who came up with the whole idea so my cousin called me earlier today asking me what was goin on becuss my best friend hasn't called her or anything so told her that she didn't have her half which she didnt she says she does but i dont believe her so my cousin told me to tell her to call her
Avatar f tn I can not believe how in love with sofi I am! Every time she kicks I have to stop whatever I am doing to feel and just enjoy it! I love her so much I can hardly stand it lol sorry to bother everyone with my love fest haha have a wonderful night Mommys!!!