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Avatar f tn 3rdNdone~i want to say thank you I really appreciate your advice but I have tried everything we used to have custody of the boys every weekend and it would just be drama drama drama I would never understand whyther grandma is so childish she acts like she's a little girl but what can I do I can't change her and I try to talk aboutand really understand and I really hate me because the little is Warren he's really attached to me and I would help him do his homework and you know take hi
Avatar n tn What is the best way to remove plaque from my arteries. I have two partial blockages. One stent installed 3 years ago following a heart attack. I am 76 years.
Avatar f tn I use to communicate with my cousin who is close in age but made me depressed with all the drama lol. I am not a complainer just a go with the flow but she was always tripping about something. I think I may be insensitive.
Avatar f tn Joy comes in the morning and the sun shines after the rain! Breath and drop anything that causes you extra drama! Nothing is worth your sanity, peace, or a joy!
Avatar n tn t together now and he has a girlfriend who foe no reason starts drama. So i told him either you stop her from starting drama or I'm done communicating with you. He wouldn't stop it so i had to get off of face book and change my number. Its hard but we gotta jeep healthy for our little ones.
Avatar f tn OMGolly!! My Heart is SO Heavy for You!! This is a sad, sad, very sad story. that being said, I see NOTHING wrong in a Relationship developing between His Brother and You (if, and ONLY if ,YOU are comfortable with going in that direction). Your Baby's Daddy would want You to be Happy, Cared For, and Treasured!! and If He could not provide those things for You HimSelf, I think He would be Happy that His Brother, His TWIN Brother, might take care of You and His Baby as He would have.
Avatar f tn Its pretty sad. I know the feeling! We broke up after 2 years and now im 18 wks pregnant with his kid. I was like why now? I was so depressed at first. Id cry & cry for him & he didnt care. Today we talk mostly everyday. Im not depressed anymore nor sad about us not being together. It gets better. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.
10256164 tn?1408981241 Well he wanted to keep the pregnancy from her because it's really not her business anyway... but she found out because his sister told her. I mean it is what it is but it's sad that people have to go as far to not make you feel safe...
Avatar f tn Yeah... That sounds pretty rotten. Sounds like your sister is projecting some sort of odd emotion. Jealousy perhaps? Maybe because you will have a baby around and she's sad that her kids are bigger? Honestly family is a b****h sometimes.
10150762 tn?1408281042 LOL ya making this one look all crappy with all this trash talking going on, guess some of these ladies feel that miserable they must create drama to entertain their self lol I guess they must be on that boredom level 99 or some ish .....
7406493 tn?1453999212 t really want to relive that with me, kinda sad. Anyway, I also like this forum more then the younger/older one. Older one is had for me to relate to because I'm not there yet and the younger one has a lot of drama to deal with. Plus this my recommend group.
Avatar f tn I am 19 and I am should be in that one, but way to much drama. I am out of that stage. I am married with my second kid on the way. I would rather have advice from someone that knows more than me, and doesn't care about that drama and nonsense.
Avatar f tn Hello ladys(: so I have been hearing that if your sad/mad thats how your baby is going to come out like is this true?
6954086 tn?1398695955 U need to be focused on your baby if he can't make u happy or get it together lose him! U shouldn't want to deal with the drama n specially seeing your expecting u definitely don't wanna bring drama around your child.
Avatar f tn Would* lol not wild!
296076 tn?1371334474 wow drama drama drama... sometimes i like to watch it go down, but I never like it in my own life.. Sounds like this guy needs to become a better judge of character..
Avatar f tn Welcome ladies :) I understand on drama there once in a blue moon posts on here that's drama which I like and the lady's here are quick to make you feel like family and help you in any way possible
Avatar f tn I moved out of my parents house in May and was rushed out to move and was not able to get all my stuff. I was later promised that I would be able to get all my stuff. Today, back at my parents now, I found out they threw away everything I had collected from Disney. I have been pacing back and forth yelling, super upset because I absolutely adore Disney, and wantedbto share these things with my baby. Am I being over dramatic?
5707882 tn?1372791243 Anyway, I became pregnant in late May to one of my best guy friends. We were never really an item, but we were both lonely and sad and made a big mistake. Now, he says he wants to be involved with the pregnancy, but wants to get together and get married with parental consent, even though we have already agreed to give our baby up for adoption.