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Avatar f tn If his parents get along "great" and have nothing negative to say against each other, they should have stayed married to give him a stable home, Cherokee. Since they get along so well they should have just supplied this small boy with a home. But they didn't choose to do that.
Avatar f tn Dont b sad hunni.... things hapen for a reason. All this is just goin to prove how strong ov a person u are. And wen ur fiancee comes out hes gna b so proud ov u. And u will be together. Ur gna b one stronggg *** woman ! N u can do dis.
398059 tn?1447945633 With my cognitive problems my boys have learned to be more adult in their understanding of our relationship. They are very bright, knowledgeable. But, there are many things that only experience affords us. Now it just seems we have been afforded more experience than we wish to have.
Avatar f tn You have a right to the things but just leave them. He only wants the things because you want them. Trust me he won't know what to do with half of the things & will be giving it back to you when he comes with his lame apology. Please stay strong & focus on you & baby not him & the relationship. You & Baby deserve a great environment.
Avatar f tn t controlling their bodies good communication and trying to remember u are over emotional help Becoming parents is huge and life changing, it can b very scary Hope things improve just try to relax and kno that its a difficult time for u both x
10943479 tn?1432725499 Okay I know I'm overreacting but I find myself very sad tonight thing of the thing I won't be able to give my daughter . Like trips fancy things ect. Her father will because he is very wealthy. It just makes me said long story short he is married I was unaware of this until after I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks and I've been really sad lately. I start thinking of things I've been doing to my bf and saying and I'll start to feel bad about it then I start to feel sorry for myself. I feel like my feelings have taken control over me. Also, ive been downing myself lately and being insecure and thats not like mevat all!! Does this go away later on?
Avatar m tn There's a big problem that he is saying that he cares about you but doesn't love you honey. If he is saying this because of a bit of extra weight, then that says ALOT about him, and i'm afraid the news IS NOT GOOD. I would not want to be "loved" because of my body. That would not be satisfying enough for a lifetime, If i thought that was the case, i would leave for sure. You need a gentleman that is capable of loving a women for her soul, and not only her looks.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend of 2 years just told me hes inlove with me but not happy with me im not heart broken im just sad bout it idk if i should try to make it work... i dont know if i want to eaither...
Avatar m tn You gave some very vague discriptions of what you want and from what you said it may be that you are wanting too many things at one time. If you keep thinking of the many things you want it makes obtaining any of them difficult. Tell me what exactly it is that you want. I undertand that you are not great with English but do your best to help me undertand and I will do my best to help you rationalize some of these things.
Avatar n tn I disagree with pp. He should WANT to do things for you. Communication is everything, talk to him and tell him how this made you feel. He may really be oblivious.
Avatar f tn I really hate seeing things about babies /toddlers getting raped, killed or beat.... Why would someone hurt something So innocent?. It breaks my heart So much. . I could never ever!
Avatar f tn I just wish I could buy the nicest most cutest things for my little girl :( but I'm sure she will love me no matter how much money I hav
Avatar f tn But no the day her husband is off HAS to be the day MY daughter goes. She did ALL her first time things with her. Decorating her room building her new crib I bought her. Like everything. ! Still to this day she does that !!! But she alwayd knew who mommy was ALWAYS . I dont work anymore so its my time to do these things with her. Tell her now before its too late. Cause I wish I never had a job but mh daughter needed diapers and clothes !
2001101 tn?1331494740 Depression is a chemical imbalance for sure, but there are things you can do at home to help. Try changing your diet if you don't eat very healthy. Add fish oil tablets as a supplement. Practice deep breathing. Try and relax, do something you love. Distract yourself. Exercise, go for a run or bike ride. If you need to take some time off work, do it. Life is too short to sit around being miserable!
Avatar f tn Lately i been feelin so sad n down im 34 weeks n i just wana give up on everything already im a single mother to ma son n now ma daughter its hard im in so much pain i can barely breath back hurts all da time n ma legs give up on me every time i stand up my whole body is weak n givin up on me Sorry ladies needed to vent
10206952 tn?1408930334 I just wanna take my son n leave sometimes I'm 10 weeks pregnant and my husband when we argue he say really mean things n then if I talk I'm still in the wrong no matter what I say or do idk
Avatar f tn It's hard...I had one in Feb of this year...I acted like it didn't bother me and kept trying to keep occupied with other things, but I ended up having a break down. Asking why how and was it my fault. I was depressed for awhile, tried avoiding the hospital cause they wanted to c me 48 hrs after i miscarried but I waited for awhile then when I went I was all over the place, but I can honestly say with the strength of God you can get thru this.
Avatar f tn Know that things like abruptions can happen for unexplained reasons. They are horrible and I am so sorry it happened to you. It does not mean it will happen again. You doctor should be watching you closely this time, so each visit should give you reassurance that all is well. Take care and sending prayers your way.
Avatar f tn I hope so...I can't take the constipation.
Avatar n tn i am sorry for your loss it takes time to get over something like this my daughter had twins boy and girl and the boy died at 5 mo old he died in her arns wirh sid she greived and i dont think she ever relly got over this,enjoy your little girl and thank god for her i wish you lots of luck greiving is a normal process jo
1124967 tn?1283705847 So sad tonight and can't stop crying. Where did everybody go. I feel alone tonight and nobody to talk to. I was on such a great high today and now feeling the lowest of lows. I know that is all normal. Just needed to vent a little. Take care.
Avatar f tn Dont be sad hunny!! They shouldnt let u ruin ur moment!