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Avatar f tn I was in the car with my first daughter in my belly and Eminem came on the radio and she went crazy so I bought the cd! And played to for her all the time now she loves Katy perry and my current pregnancy with bby girl #2 I just so happen to be listening to rap and 2pac came on and she went crazy so now I can get her to move with that! Lol my girls like the rap beats and guy voices!
Avatar f tn I love Maroon 5. My favorite song is "Won't Go Home Without You" as it helped me out during a rough time.
7763265 tn?1440559551 This sounds like the best rap song ever!!! I love it!! Eminem better watch out sweetheart, because here you come....and you're not taking any prisoners!!
10028419 tn?1416841704 A haunted house is a walk through. If anything it'll be good cus of you get scared your heart is gonna pump more blood faster. Though that can cause a problem if you have heart issues. The people inside them should but be touching you anyways. Just make sure nobody gets to close or while in the middle of being frightened hurts you by accident. As for the fair, did you mean riding rides? Cus yeah Thats a no, But not because of the cord.
6407074 tn?1381029351 I am so sad, I can't stop crying. The detective called me to come in for ????. I miss my b.f. I don't know if I should stick it out w him BC of the past and that would kill him. I just want a chance in life and his rap sheet is so bad. How can he ever support me and my daughter? Drugs r the devil and I will never touch heroin so long as I live. My life is in shambles BC of this. God help me.
9077628 tn?1411339700 My baby mostly moves to baby music
Avatar n tn I am a14yr old recovering from:nyquil, Xanax, and acetamiophen. I am a month clean, was addicted for3 months. Nyquil contains: alchohol,DXM,& acetaminophen, among other things. It gave me 10 hour high. I was: moody, irratable, tired, lazy, sad, didn't care about anything, and was losing friends. I view eminem ad role model, seeing how he too got off of nyquil. You and your son should listen to:déjà by, my darling, both by eminem. He really talks about the affects of addictions.
Avatar m tn Hey I just checked out silver sun on youtube- very talented! Lot of influences that sounded familiar. Thanks! I am kind of out of the loop as I am old but still like to listen to new stuff if it's good.I listen to everything from jazz to rap and there is much talent in all types of music.
9807151 tn?1406762059 OMG Yes I get the craziest weirdest most vivid dreams now I wake up and it takes me a second to realize that it wasn't real.
471113 tn?1245108820 I started to get really depressed about the last 6 week of treatment, I was actually sad that it was coming to an end because I had gotten use to feeling like *rap and the way of life I had lived for the last year. But once off all together, each day got brighter and brighter.
9974613 tn?1407014269 I dreamt Eminem tried to have sex with me. i said no coz i was pregnant then he suffocated me with a pillow and killed me.
Avatar f tn My first loved Eminem and Rhianna but not sure with this one my husband has tried a lot and nothing so far!
Avatar f tn No, I never have used techno music for soothing my moods, although i do listen to a lot of music when manic, such as pop, rock, tool and country. when i am depressed i listen to Eminem and not much else and only occasionally. I find music helps me express how i am feeling and when i am manic it makes me more hyper and active and when i am depressed music makes me more sad and cry. But i still love it.
Avatar f tn Mine loves my music which is country also but she also likes my husbands music which is rap or dance anything with a beat.
4562329 tn?1363818660 a playful tone of course lol and I sing eminem to her ano I shouldnt sing eminem but hes my fav and mayb she will like him too!
Avatar f tn s voice, frozen cappuccinos and warm baths. I recently discovered that my little girl loves When a song of his comes on, she starts grooving! I'm gonna miss her in my belly but can't wait for her to come out.
Avatar m tn Even if you don't like hiphop or rap...I think you will like some of the lyrics. T.I.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 weeks, me and my boyfriends been together for two years. His parents are wantin me to be put in jail! :'( I'm. 20 & his 16. Hes lived wit me and I've lived wit him. As of right now we aren't living together. Can they get me for statutory rap? Will I be able to have him at our daughters birth? Will he be able to be on the birth certifie? Oh yeah I live in Tn .
Avatar f tn My 6yo son's father has no physical or legal rights either. You and I should both have something in writing. It's sad and hard to think about but it's best to be prepared.
Avatar n tn Two-dimensional Echocardiographic Parameters of Right-Side Cardiac Structure and Function in Patients With Normal and Elevated Mean Right Atrial Pressures RAP 8 mm Hg or less RAP>8 mm Hg (RAP...right atrial mean pressure) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RA vol max, cm3 38±8 45±14 .52 RA vol min, cm3 18±5 30 ±15 .22 RAEF, % 52±11 39±15 .
5944308 tn?1396478749 Didn't Eminem go thru rehab?