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1187071 tn?1279369698 I blamed him for drinking and then thought to myself that is not the way to think about it, he was a loved one and he was a good kid and he was gone and I will miss him for the rest of my life and I still love him.
Avatar n tn Hello all! I was searching for a poem to give my friend. Her water broke and she delivered a baby girl with no heartbeat at 22 weeks. She has infertility issues and got pregnant on their second Artifical insemination treatment. She wanted this baby so bad and went thru so much and then to have this happen. She says they are not gonna go back to fertility. I wanted a great poem to give her at the memorial.
Avatar f tn you need to let it out some way. try starting a journal. write poems, anything. just to let it out. even if no one else reads it, just get it out. i searched for songs about losing an infant and still birth, poems, things i could read or listen to. and even thought it made me cry while i was listening to them or reading them, i felt better after. i had bought baby book for my son and daughter while i was pregnant.
Avatar f tn ( :( I wanna cry badly
Avatar m tn I was failed in exam, nonsese . i used to write poems near exams.I used to write lots of poems in one day. My brother did not need to be poet or ,lover to do his treatment, my brother didnot need to go abroad , he is also mental illnes. His treatment happened at home , mother was near easy . My was so idiot happened. After billion times death the mediicne is so much expensive that is hard to imagine. 600 dollar.
Avatar m tn Has anyone found keeping a memento of some sort close by which memorialized a loved one help in the grieving process?
Avatar f tn ) I like writing poems but my poems usually end up short and to the point. The irony is this is the shortest poem I ever wrote.
Avatar f tn Losing your mom is a terrible loss, and one that's difficult to accept. Plus, you lost her so young! I lost both my parents in a car accident when I was 25, and it took a long time for me to accept it. I'm sure all your family misses her just as much, we all deal with grief in our own way, and none are right or wrong, just what helps each of us. It helped me to get into therapy, to sort it all out.
338939 tn?1291343160 Your poem holds out hope at one end and gives up hope in another. Do these poems reflect someone else or are you mirror imaging yourself in poetry? One of your poems deals with abandonment and a lost love while another speaks of a chance to come. We all have ways of dealing with rejection and lost hope. Some swing at the walls, some hide from the world, some write poems, some cry, some swear, some do unlikely acts and some actually thank God.
Avatar n tn Your kids will have to suffer through this, as we all do when losing a loved one, but they also can grow past it, and be OK. Your 7 yo--at least he can cry. That is better than botling it up and becoming aggressive/angry. Take care of yourself, you too have suffered losses. Be patient. Know you aren't alone. These boards are wonderful places to vent, ask questions and nobody judges you.
Avatar f tn very of my fav actors...
Avatar f tn this poem is called YOU CANNOT FORGET THE ONES YOU HAVE LOVED... You cannot forget the ones you have loved their souls with God in heaven above. unknown their spirit is present beside you...they watch and guide your whole life through...they give us love that shows no more but in our hearts we only know. that in our mind they still exist...and when we sleep our souls they kiss.
Avatar f tn Just know that your grandfather will be there when your baby is born to ensure a safe delivery. He will be the first to hold and kiss your baby. Losing a loved one is never easy. There is nothing that anyone can say to help with the pain you feel. Cry when you need to just be sure to get plenty of rest and try to force yourself to eat as I'm sure you probably won't want to.
Avatar f tn I loved watching my little baby grow up till now... she's about to be one:( and I'm,so sad... I,reminisce her being a baby. Her cries. Her little groans..
82861 tn?1333453911 More than 70 years after the event, he wrote about losing his first dog circa 1912. With so many people losing their dogs lately, I thought of this poem. I still cry when I read this one. :'-) DUTY ********* For many years I had a dog I was then but a boy - A little dog, not very bright But loyal to the core. One day her health began to fail And daily she grew worse. Her suffering ever on my mind - No vet - her ailment was a bitter curse.
211940 tn?1267881266 As I have said, one of the most difficult things about my MS, is my inability to do what I truly love and enjoy doing, writing poems. Well, believe it or not, I went back to the two poems I had yet to finish, and was able to finish them both to my satisfaction. [Rem: I write Christian based poems] Praise God, He gave me back my mind, for a little bit of rhyme time.
Avatar f tn And since dis was one thing I was always scared of. I have lived with a bipolar schizophrenic mom and at that moment itself i sweared to myself that i wont ever be like her when i grow but i m petrified this is me. Ask anybody in my friends about me and dey would all swear that they havn't seen a happy-go-lucky as me ! I am like role model to them Poeple come to me to share their problems like naturally . I love it so much when i m so loved .
Avatar m tn My husband gets mad because I fright even time he wanna watch porn we haven't had sex in a year but I have no were to go sometimes when I bring up this porn thing he says I am jelous cause I don't look like these girls.we been together for 8 years and I was always the one saying that I love him but he tells me he don't love me but he cares about me and when we fright he tells me I am fat & that if I leve him he is not losing much.
Avatar f tn Well today was interesting. First my bd said that we would never be in a relationship again and that he didn't want another child. After about 2 hrs of intense conversation(not arguing, but we were both pissed but remained calm) we came to the conclusion that we are going to rebuild our relationship from the ground up starting as friends, and he's going to be here for my little one.