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305005 tn?1358731890 Its horrible to have to bury your own child, not even a child but a baby!!!! I know hes in heaven now and Jesus will take great care of him but sometimes you cant help to ask why?! I have and am always terriffied to lose my babies..... I see the babies on t.v. with the cancers and I cant handle it!
1135691 tn?1260555878 NOTHING. Even if your child is in the remotest part of the earth away from you - it doesn't compare. Losing a parent is horrible, but having to bury your own child is unnatural. Normal is taking pills, and trying not to cry all day, because you know your mental health depends on it. Normal is realizing you do cry everyday. Normal is being impatient with everything and everyone but someone stricken with grief over the loss of their child.
1293887 tn?1332706447 I have attended a group specifically for bereaved parents who have lost a child to miscarriage or stillbirth. I am planning on making a scrapbook to put all my most precious pictures and cards in. I kept some of the flower the nurses gave me and a flower from an arrangement my brother sent and pressed them. I plan to put them in the book too. It is such an ongoing process I am still going through the grief. Some days are better than others and as time goes by the good seem to outweigh the bad.
525545 tn?1293184794 This a very sad day for our family. I am so depressed. We had go put our oldest Cat Precious (Mybaby that I love so much. who was a sixteen years old . We took Precious the Animal Humane Society this afternoon to have him put to sleep. He had diabetes and very bad arthritis in his front feet. We have 3 cats and this is one more thing that I love that FIBRO. has taken from me.
Avatar f tn I know that it was important to grieve.I read poems about miscarriage, read a book on grieving, prayed a lot, and just cried when I needed to. I won't lie to you; it IS hard. You will hate seeing babies, pregnant women--even commercials about baby products made me sad. But I guess the light at the end of the tunnel, is that it WILL get better with time. It's just not any better yet. Losing a baby gets at the deepest part of our soul as a mother.It will take time to heal.
5416308 tn?1409839408 Your a good mother and can tell your heart is broken. Its very sad and takes a big toll on those who care about her. Its tough to stand by and only hope for the best but there is a God who does watch over all the children of the world. Take refuge in your God. If she cant bring you peace, God can.
Avatar f tn Right now I usualy eat half a plate for dinner I wish I could eat as little as I did last week a small peace of chicken about the size of my palm and a hot dog and sadly a pop!!!! I am also doing a exersise every other night to tone everything up and build mussel!!!!
444265 tn?1292471073 But I think you really do need to talk to them, even if you hate it, I hated it, but I never regretted it. Another thing you could do to talk to some people more is ring a child help line, sounds weird I know, but I once had a 2 hour conversation with someone on there, i still remember her name it was Kerry. It did help, I was nervous and had no idea why i was ringing them, when I was listening to the ringing tone.
60890 tn?1366361719 I looked at that forum - How tiny and how sad. I still feel awful about losing my baby but I am thankful as to how I lost it. I was only about 12 weeks along. I could not imagine giving birth and losing it. It was hard enough the way it was. Well my friend's baby - It was really a blessing. The poor little thing didn't have a chance. He was born with no kidney's, bladder or anus and only had one lung. I still just can't imagine.
Avatar f tn That's really sweet. I'm so sorry. Loosing a child is so painful. I can't imagine what you must go through. It's just so hard for me to talk about. I'm afraid to say anything to my husband. I end up holding it all inside and this forum has been my only outlet. I've been thinking about some sort of memorial. Maybe it would help to get past it. I need some sort of closure. Do you ever find that certain events/reminders make it more difficult? My husband is a muscian. He has two bands.
547512 tn?1273248625 I have read so many stories, and together with my experience, that I think it's worth it to give it a try. Please, also do not give up. I was so sad sometimes that I didn’t know how I would make it to the next day but I believe that all the fight is worth it. I still don’t feel safe in my pregnancy but we all don’t stop worrying even when the baby is out in this world. Maybe this is a mother’s nature. Anyway this is my story. I really hope it gives you hope.
1227784 tn?1293502593 With help and time it will get easier, but he lives on in you and is always with you. I know losing a child leaves us with so many questions, pain, and anger which is frustrating for us as we just want the world to stop because we just lost our child and yet everyone goes on with life. I just wanted to scream at people. I don't understand why children have to suffer or die, never will.
Avatar f tn I am very sorry for your loss! I think the emotions you are experiencing are totally normal and part of a grieving process. Sometimes things just don't make sense in life and you need to not feel guilty that you did something wrong. I will pray for you and I hope too that you are able to get some help from someone you can confide in and talk to.
4059843 tn?1516799521 That if things dont get any better, as i can already see they aren't, then I want to have so much desperation in me to ask for a hand. Because I am sure as hell not going to do it now. I know its not going to get any better. Its like 5 weeks into the school year, and I have a SAC (important test) tomorrow. Did i study? Of course not. Did i tell myself i was going to study in my head? Obviously. Did i have any clue of how to start and what i had to do? Nope.
645390 tn?1338558977 Youve had a bad year and i'm sure today has not been good either, what a sad thing to loose a child, makes you think about life, how we measure up etc try not to carry that weight for too long, your a good person! What type of thing are you thinking about to get you over to the far field? Cheers........
Avatar n tn My prayers are with you, im in my tww i had a m/c my first pregnancy nov 10 06, that is so sad, just tell her its not her fault, God is with her and her family.
363110 tn?1340924019 I know this is a hard thing to swallow right now but I personally believe that any child born with such a severe handicap is one of the purest souls to come down on earth. My beliefs say that a child with down's is such a good soul that they have chosen parents who are also good souls and can help them through the journey of teaching others.
Avatar n tn I had been in your shoes a few years ago!! I know just how you are feeling. It was so sad for me and my husband. I will include you in my prayers. Take care of yourself. we really do care!
Avatar f tn It's such a tragedy to lose such an innocent life. My heart and my prayers go out to their family. Losing a child is a parents worst nightmare. I know all too well the pain and heartache that goes with losing one. Baby Jesse is now in the arms of Jesus and is no longer suffering and that is truly something to be thankful for, though his loved ones here on earth are aching for him he is safe now.
519226 tn?1378994921 It's like walking on eggshells all the time. You never know when the venom is coming. She talks about people in a nasty manner. She lies and when you call her on it, she denies it. She starts trouble with me and my siblings. My brother hasn't had anything to do with her in the last several years. No one wants to be around her because she is so nasty. She always has to put people down, and it seems she is extremely jealous of me.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry that you have gone through this. Losing a child is never an easy thing. I had a fullterm stillbirth due to a cord accident. My son would have been 9 this year. Again, I'm very sorry. There is hope though, I have had 4 successful pregnancies since then.
211940 tn?1267884866 I am not working and had to wait 5 1/2 months for my company disability to kick in. The sudden disability was a surprise and a huge blow with a sick child, and 2 kids in college. The kids in college suddenly had to get loans and I shopped VERY frugally. We did nothing for entertainment, etc. Just eked out an exsistnece. Our only saving grace was my husband still has his job and insurance. I am sorry that you are in financial straights and I hope you get some answers soon regarding your SSD.
173975 tn?1216261375 They're domestic animals, not made for living successfully without us, and we hold them in trust. The love of a dog is priceless, and losing that pet leaves a vacant hole in the universe. But the hole will fill up, slowly, continuously, until only a lovely memory remains. My heart goes out to both of you in your losses.
Avatar n tn I hate that part of my BP. Ok, I hate a lot of my bp, but I hate that part, too. It's like a little child with no patience.
544292 tn?1268886268 (wow) We're really happy to see you and welcome all. Snuggle down by the fire Buddies, it's gonna be a wicked ride ....
Avatar n tn I wish I could give advice but I'm in the same situation you are. The only difference is I've been engaged for 3 years and we share a child already. A lot of people will say "why should he buy the cow if he can get the milk for free" or "you put the cart before the horse" but you never think that you will never get there and when you keep putting it off because you don't want to argue, you always wonder if it will happen.
544292 tn?1268886268 I'm going to ice it, lay down, rest and realize that my body has been thru a heelllla fight and it just needs a break, a breath. A moment. A freakity frackity day off. I've been in a tough battle for 21 solid cold turkey days and before that; the taper AKA "Let the pills run out...." Sometimes, in war, you have to lay in your foxhole and do nothing but wait in silence. There's time for action and there's a time for inaction. To know the difference is good. It is wise.
Avatar m tn Its a very strange thing too watch me I suppose like I'm having a fit. As a child I would often feel the compulsion to go somewhere and dream. Running around my room making sounds but being totally in my head. My mother knew about it but i suppose she thought it was just silly behaviour i would grow out of, so did i. And yet here i am. I've tried to research this and it seems to me that there has been very little done because no one really talks about it.
Avatar f tn Valentine's Day came and since we're in this long distance relationship I decided to send him a care package with a bunch of different letters and poems and little gifts intricate things that I thought he would like all the letters had things written on the outside like open after your cycle open up if you're depressed things like that there was probably like 40 letters he felt horrible that I had done that well guilty because he'd only sent me a card and which I didn't care.
429155 tn?1205676864 - While awaiting the scan results I was given oxycontin for pain relief, this seemed to do the trick for 2 weeks, 10mg 2x a day, then things hurt again so up the dose went 20mg 2x a day, then 40mg 2x a day, then 80mg 2x a day and up to 120mg 2x a day, recognise the scenereo anyone??..