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Avatar f tn Thx I still feel sad because I never thought they could have a health problem one second out was perfect then pow everything stops and is in ruins
Avatar f tn ) I like writing poems but my poems usually end up short and to the point. The irony is this is the shortest poem I ever wrote.
Avatar m tn Now if anybody tell me to wrtie poems also i cant write. Before i love i used to hate the poems. I am made so much crazy. first my brother tried to stop me, my friend tried to stop me. so many people tried to stop me . I had no pic of lady. I fell in love without picture that is also from internet chat.
773214 tn?1295135069 A beautiful poem, I'm sorry I couldn't read the others, perhaps another day I'll manage that.
1187071 tn?1279369698 So grieve what ever is appropriate for you but please dear Jamie, keep living. You have children and yourself to care for and be concerned over. Don't dwell on his death or the what ifs. Celebrate his life and the gifts he gave to all that loved him. “I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.
320078 tn?1278344720 thanks Kimmy, I know this is hard couple of weeks for you, maybe once you get over this hump...some good weeks are in store for you!
Avatar f tn Well today was interesting. First my bd said that we would never be in a relationship again and that he didn't want another child. After about 2 hrs of intense conversation(not arguing, but we were both pissed but remained calm) we came to the conclusion that we are going to rebuild our relationship from the ground up starting as friends, and he's going to be here for my little one.
178590 tn?1294176767 OMG I am crying right now.. I am so sad for her... I cannot imagine.... what a sad sad day...
7989976 tn?1403493624 Is there any cute Father's Day poems from an unborn baby? I need ideas.
1252074 tn?1271541709 I just put this together today feeling kind of melancholy I used to write poems alot don't much anymore Love is just a fleeting thing, Some see it as a passing fling, While others grasp and hold on tight, With a grip so hard it makes men fight, Once the love I had for you, Made me glad, but now I'm blue For your love no longer shines, Like sun and stars til end of time, To heaven's gate you've gone today, And here on earth I must stay, Alone and lost I shall be, Til Gabriel
756140 tn?1294767094 wow thanks for that, i love poems as they really help and encourage, we dont always have the right words to use,so poems like that are great.
441021 tn?1214261472 My daughter is 6 years old, she has been diagnose with mma, and her difficulties are her motor skills, in ways such as writing her name on her own as well as her school work, she cannot recognise her colors, letters, numbers, some shapes, even her name, but on the other hand, her memory is excellent she remembers all her school work, e,g, poems, songs, recitals, people, names, places, and her spelling is great, she remembers how to spell her words after about 1 episode of teaching.
Avatar f tn even if no one else reads it, just get it out. i searched for songs about losing an infant and still birth, poems, things i could read or listen to. and even thought it made me cry while i was listening to them or reading them, i felt better after. i had bought baby book for my son and daughter while i was pregnant. instead of putting them away in the closet after they died, i followed through with it and finished them.
Avatar m tn She yelled at me continuously for not doing HER house work I dont mess up and anything I do I clean up, when I do my laundry I do her laundry but it is never enough. She told me yesterday all she wantes was me out and she knows I have no place to go right now. If I did I would certainly be there not in this. She never sees what I do so I get cursed at and told I dont do them.
637951 tn?1257270344 It made me almost feel like I will see him or her very very soon. Thank you for giving words of hope and faith in all the good things in life!
Avatar m tn My biggest fear is of POEMS Syndrome, which my father succummed to in August 2005 after 8 painful years. Can POEMS be hereditary? Should I see my primary care doctor or endo with my concerns? I am scared o death but have not mentioned anything to my husband or mom because I don't want to alarm them unnecessarily.
Avatar f tn dont seem to be gettin any easier its was really tough for me and really knocked me down i stopped eatin for 2 weeks and got so weak then im goin in n out of hospital cos im in agony n keep losin tissue i had an ultrasound and internal last week still waitin for my results anyway ive done loads ive wrote poems ive bought memory braclets i had a tattoo i jus cant help think i cida done something i sot up and cry near enuff every night i never leave the house unless i have to i cant talk to my mum
5685035 tn?1423932969 Thanks for sharing the poems! My grandma just passed 3 weeks ago and she was like my mom. I miss her dearly.
Avatar f tn I may become a devoted fan, I will have to read some of her books and poems.