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1907286 tn?1322064359 Indeed a sad story about a man who has forgotton the 32 years of shared activities and goals, not to mention six kids! For all of these years you have been a wife, a partner, and formed your life to compliment the togetherness and life you had with your husband. Your query, "Am I that bad?" indicates you have really had the emotional rug pulled out from under you, so to speak. Of course you haven't been that bad! Thirty two years is a long time to put up with abuse.
Avatar n tn After her first round of chemo 'if' she has a recurrence (and I hope she doesn't) it's not necessarily dire news as there are a lot of different chemos and combos of chemo to try. When my dad was diag. with cancer it was real tough, he was in his eighties but in very good health prior to diag. and very athletic and ate better than anyone I knew. It was hard trying to be strong for him and my mom, so I know what you're going through.
1475492 tn?1332887767 All MS meds are sad sad excuses for medications after 30 years and no one will even tell you how much money in research. I think all the meds at this time are worse than MS itself. Neurologists are **********. My first one tried to force me to take Gilenya and I mean almost literally forced. He would say "if you think you know better than me then fine" and "if you won't take Gilenya then I will have to refer you on because I can't help you".
413852 tn?1317312312 -) Sam, Scary news, then good news! I take the good news. You are on your way! Kele will send you a little extra of her special RSSBD and BAM! You got yourself a baby! Amberlee, I sent you a message already, but I am really thinking about you and Jason and hoping things work out... Sal, WORD! Savanha, ahhhhh wacky are a breath of fresh air laced with some good drugs! I love you girl! Evie, keep us posted! AFM...
Avatar n tn Tired of being many times have I said this! :( In good news though, my mom recently told me that in Japan they are creating a device where you go to sleep, and you record your dreams directly onto a screen so you can watch it like a movie! Scary..huh?
Avatar n tn I was listless, unproductive and everything just started to get to me when I caved in... The sad part is that the kicks of doing it after long gaps, you can actually feel the rush :( I can't talk about this to anyone else! So today after I got done, I started browsing trying to find the correlation between ED and porn/masturbation and found a couple of articles and then this page! I really wanted to vent it all out so I registered and here I am talking it out!