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Avatar f tn I came out of town for one day only like 3hours away and I feel so sad because I miss my fiance.. I normally wouldn't feel this way But I want to go home. I am getting sad just thinking im sleeping alone..
Avatar f tn U know what I've noticed- the music i listened to alot during my other detoxes are essentially ruined for me. i can no longer enjoy them because they immediately bring me back to that terrible time and all that i was feeling. jeez- psychosocial is ruined for me forever (ibkleen may actually find this a blessing). does anyone have suggestions for kinda good bad music i cam listen to and i won't be sad to lose forever - Justin brieber or some other sad sack. no country please.
Avatar f tn m about to get upset, I will go for a drive and listen to music to calm myself. Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the situation to gain composure. Whatever it is that helps you relax, whether it is music, reading, driving, taking a bath, do that whenever you feel things are going to explode. Find some peace, let your heart stop racing, rub your stomach and let your baby know everything is okay, then once you two have calmed down then continue the conversation (if need be).
Avatar f tn Its my third day off vicodin... Honestly I was told that music can be a great comfort.. I thought NO WAY...Well, I'm feeling like crap so TRYING IT really couldn't hurt right? Well I'm listening to Aaron Neville and believe it or not...
9309926 tn?1405447056 So I'm folding clothes listening to music an i just want to cry. For no reason really I just got the feeling to cry....
Avatar f tn Just scream.. I'm totally not eve kidding grab a pillow or turn up music and just scream you will not even believe how much it helps!
Avatar f tn I've become absolutly engrossed in music In my last 5 months clean. But it doesn't make me think of my pills. Some songs make me feel guilt of the things i had done,some caused grief in the things I've missed out on,some cause love because they remind me of my husband,some cause sadness because they remind me of someone I lost but didn't have the emotions at the time to grieve for them because I was high. The music makes me hate the pills more but never love them.
Avatar n tn My hubby was deployed for most of my first pregnancy. Our son was 8 weeks when they pulled back into port. It was very rough especially since I was high risk and our son spent time in nicu but having my friends and family helped a lot! Lots of people will ask dumb questions like don't you miss him, etc. Don't let them get to you! Keep busy and write emails, letters go shopping for random stuff to put in care packages and time will fly by! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Try to get with fam or friends.I listen to music also.But this app helps me a lot for this reason you feel bad or sad even if you got questions its always someone on here to chat with, its so helpful just keep posting and being interactive.a lot of these moms are great!
4251679 tn?1370305531 Any movie with sad music.
Avatar f tn Try to stay strong, and know that you are a better person without those pills! Nobody wanted to get hooked, I didn't, and I go through depression, but I would rather be depressed than taking pills!!!! GOD BLESS YOU and stay strong!
Avatar f tn I want to believe that it's just the hormones and additional progesterone shots. ... but lately my attitude *****. .... I'm like by polar. .. I'm sad and angry then sad again I never experienced this with my daughter. . But now. ... I'm like a different person. .... my job stresses me out then I come home to clean and a 4 year old with a 16 year old attitude. .... I'm going nuts. ...
Avatar f tn Until then watch something funny or interesting listen to music and dance go outside for a walk just relax.
1428227 tn?1283012106 While taking care of my dying mom for 2 years I never listened to music because to me music=happy and it was a very sad time in my life,after mom died dad got sick,I took care of him also for 2 years without music(not even in the car) he has also since passed, and I make sure I listen to some kind of music everyday,I believe it is a type of therapy weather it is heavy metal,country or classical music it works!!
Avatar f tn I wake up start doing chores put some music on and dance while cleaning.. I even go to my moms house to clean her house just to see if labor will come but no baby yet!! I've also been doing squats walking a whole lot, lots of sex and I even tried milk and oj and nothing!!.. my husband tells me to take it easy and rest but I tell him he doesn't know how I feel.. this pregnancy is starting to get really hard on me..
338416 tn?1420045702 Not just the seat of emotions, and not just music, but music with evocative lyrics. In a perfect world, this would be lighting up like crazy, and maybe beeping too. You know your brain is functioning for sure, and even in overtime. Hang in there. This too will pass.
1201598 tn?1265473722 t want to talk to anyone and i go to my room and usually watch tv or something. or i usually listen to sad music or think a lot about the things that have me sad and all the people who hurt me and i tend to dwell on things for a long time. and i cry at random silly times. And i wanted to know if this sounds like depression to you? oh and this has been going on for a few months now.
Avatar f tn I lay in my bed alone with my ear buds and just listen to music. I have no one to talk to.....everyone needs something from me but I can't even get a are you from anybody. I keep telling myself its my hormones and things will get better but this sure ***** to feel this way.Sorry ladies I just had to get that little bit off my chest.....
Avatar f tn I find music helps me express how i am feeling and when i am manic it makes me more hyper and active and when i am depressed music makes me more sad and cry. But i still love it.
230262 tn?1316645934 Am I sad that Michael went out this way........yes, of course I am - - No man is an Island, entire of dont ask for whom the bell tolls for thee........ Am I surprised? Not a bit.
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks pregnant and I been feeling really sad and lonely. I really don't know why I feel like that. I have my husband and son and family by my side but I still feel sad sometimes. And it makes me feel bad that sometimes I blame my husband for being lonely and Even telling him that I'm unhappy. He trys to understand me but I'm the one that just won't understand.
Avatar f tn I feel the same exact way. Even on good days I start over thinking and get myself sad which Isnt normal. Although it feels normal it's just all the hormones ! Some Thing that helps a lot is listening to happy dancing music.
Avatar n tn Can anyone suggest like a movie, or music, music video, something to bring on the tears?
Avatar f tn I got sleepy tonight around 9:30 PM, so I thought it would be easy for me to fall asleep. Normally if I fall asleep that early I'm back up around 3 or 4 so I chose to wait until 12, so I could wake up comfortably at 8 once my family is awake (so I won't have to tip toe around). I barely made it to 12, I was so sleepy I just about dozed the whole time. I went to the bathroom right around 12 so I wouldn't be disturbed during the night and BAM the music started up.
Avatar f tn Well i talk to him/her thou i know he /she can not yet hear me...