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739091 tn?1300666027 What sad, sad news. My condolences for all of you that lost a friend and community member. She will definitely be missed.
438514 tn?1305734140 Terry Williams Terry M. Williams, 58, of East Scranton and formerly of Peckville, died Wednesday at home after a courageous 2½-year battle with ovarian cancer. She and her husband, Donald M. Williams, had been together and married for 14 years. Born in Peckville, she was the daughter of the late Richard and Lillian Coccodrilli Thompson. She was a graduate of Blakely High School and earned her degree in culinary arts from Luzerne County Community College.
Avatar f tn Idk what kind of movies you're into but Les Miserables was pretty good. I don't usually like musicals, but it was good. Really sad though.
Avatar f tn I am not pregnant again this month. I got AF a few days ago. It's been 9 long months since we lost our little boy and we have not gotten pregnant again. I'm sad, I'm feeling discouraged, and I miss my little boy so much. It's amazing how much it still hurts. I never met him, yet I miss him so badly. I just want to hold him and kiss him and stroke his little head. But I can't, because he's gone, and he's not coming back. And it still really hurts.
12462824 tn?1430944183 I'm pregnant and I watch scary movies and sad movies and happy movies. My baby is perfectly fine. I agree with cbreeziw, it's not like you're terrified forever or depressed. It's only in the moment and my mom loves scary movies so I'm sure she watched a ton while she was pregnant with me and I'm completely normal.
Avatar f tn Its a scary situation. U might be able to get uneymployment but where I live u can only get if you can work it takes about two weeks to get approved and by then you won't be labled as able to work. I've been there and they refused me benifits bc I wasn't released by a dr to work. I would def get a lawyer if you have papers saying today started your leave.
Avatar f tn It's sad and awful. My midwife and some other moms told me while pregnant it's good to avoid those types of stories if possible because when we're pregnant were so open, vulnerable, and sensitive. I was told to stay away from scary movies even... and Sci fi but I'm a nerd and I still watch sci-fi Lol it makes sense though to protect yourself from those types of traumatizing things though.
216278 tn?1308861082 Great positive attitude, Sue!! The prayers are still heading your direction!
Avatar n tn i know this dont have nothing to do with the site but Paul Walker has died the sexy white guy from fast and the furiuis movies my horomones out of whack i cried like i knew him but it was sad cause he has car got caught on fire so sad
Avatar f tn Sleepytime tea is great, hot baths are an absolute lifesaver, believe it or not exercise literally is the best thing ever, music for nighttime soothing and daytime distraction, anything that will distort you. Mild mundane chores, movies, posting on here. Can you get any clonidine?
186627 tn?1257877774 Hey Miky! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I decided not to test this morning. My temps dropped a bit so I think AF is right around the corner. I'm sad, but doing okay. Oh, well, at least my cycle is finally regulating since the D&E, so that's really good. I'm back to a 28-29 day cycle now versus 27, 30, 31, 29 - all over the place. Who knows? Maybe I'll get pg in the next couple of months now that I'm more regular. Have a great day!
Avatar f tn Aww that's a sad feeling though I been feeling so lonely and depress:( but then I think about my baby an I'll get happy I knw thiz pregnacy dosent last for ever I just want to have my baby n be feeling normal again :)
739091 tn?1300666027 Hi Sue ... how sad and just imagine of the similar cases that we don't ever hear about ... it scares me!! When ???? A question without and answer regarding a disease without a cure !! This is one reason I always remind women that having mastectomies does NOT insure that you will be free from a recurrence. I'm convinced that a majority of women of all ages believe that removing the breast will set you free. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. Take care please ......
Avatar f tn yeah they confirmed pain meds were found among cough syrup//panic.depression meds// and a few other things....that blows..i just hope they find only an untoxic amount in her body....
5891248 tn?1406410864 Have you seen the old movie JR? When Arnold Shortnager (however you spell his last name) is pregnant. A man pregnant makes me laugh everytime.
203342 tn?1328737207 I happened to be there. He was voted the worlds most sexy guy in 1991 I believe..sad but his movies live on to make us happy .....
4251679 tn?1370305531 Thanks :-) its been a challenge but like you said, he doesnt deserve me or my girls, just gotta learn to move on lol
Avatar f tn As sad as I am to hear that you are moving on, I am so very happy to hear that you plan to adopt in the next year. Please let us know as soon as you have any news in that regard. Thank you so much for your kind words, advice, and A-1 sense of humour. You have brought many smiles to my face! Wishing you nothing but the best!
Avatar f tn So, you want to know if it is normal to be frightened of, and not prefer to watch horror movies!!??!! OF COURSE!!!! Many people get overly afraid and become very disturbed by scary movies, therefore, the obvious solution is to not watch them! I'm sure your husband doesn't think any less of you for your desire to stay away from these types of movies. Just simply explain to him that they bother you, even long after the movie is over.
Avatar f tn I keep watching movies that make me bawl like a bany so how bout we start a list??? Movies that make you cry...readddyyy...go!
Avatar f tn I grabbed my favorite snacks, put on my favorite movies and stayed in bed. It was so hard but I made it through. I realize how precise life is!! The baby I had miscarried was suppose to be my rainbow baby. I had to give my 9 month old daughter to Jesus Christ. I felt so broke. But prayers and staying in my faith brought me through. I honestly didn't think I'd ever go on to have another!! But I'm 16 weeks. I thankful for what I've learned.
1047946 tn?1332608029 Check out this video. The lady hired an attorney and is now trying to sue. I know she was humiliated but trying to sue? Come on!! If she was driving and texting and crashed into a lake would she have the right to sue? No way. It's nobody's fault but her own. Only in America can you sue over an incident that you caused. There needs to be stipulations and laws on when you can and cannot sue. What legal cause does she have? How's that Jeff Foxworthy song/video go? Oh yeah............