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Avatar f tn ve been crying at sad movies or books for over five years now. I may get depressed easily though. Hunger games was super sad. Even Harry Potter. It's okay to cry at sad things.
Avatar f tn Idk what kind of movies you're into but Les Miserables was pretty good. I don't usually like musicals, but it was good. Really sad though.
Avatar f tn Thank You sooo much for playing! :) The next person wouldn't post the lyrics to the next song though until the person who posted the lyrics says if the guess is correct or not like as in my Name the Movies Game. That way we can keep the game in an organized fashion that won't be too confusing. ;) Thanks!!! :) Like in my other games you may ask the person who posted the lyrics questions such as what year the song came out and that.
Avatar m tn I also have problem in responding while I am talking to someone, I often feel my head is like empty and I have nothing to say. I forget everything little evryday skillls how I did them before? I forget name of movies I watch but remember songs and lyrics. I am unable to track even with the help of psychologist and therapist. what to do? I am tottally confused what people are doing and saying and why and can't respond to them properly. I can't figure it out whats wrong with me?
12462824 tn?1430944183 I'm pregnant and I watch scary movies and sad movies and happy movies. My baby is perfectly fine. I agree with cbreeziw, it's not like you're terrified forever or depressed. It's only in the moment and my mom loves scary movies so I'm sure she watched a ton while she was pregnant with me and I'm completely normal.
Avatar f tn It's sad and awful. My midwife and some other moms told me while pregnant it's good to avoid those types of stories if possible because when we're pregnant were so open, vulnerable, and sensitive. I was told to stay away from scary movies even... and Sci fi but I'm a nerd and I still watch sci-fi Lol it makes sense though to protect yourself from those types of traumatizing things though.
Avatar n tn i know this dont have nothing to do with the site but Paul Walker has died the sexy white guy from fast and the furiuis movies my horomones out of whack i cried like i knew him but it was sad cause he has car got caught on fire so sad
Avatar f tn yeah they confirmed pain meds were found among cough syrup//panic.depression meds// and a few other things....that blows..i just hope they find only an untoxic amount in her body....
1065759 tn?1255512960 i love tragic movies, love songs that have something in their lyrics, and i often have these thoughts that something tragic would happen to me or any hurtful things. my boyfriend told me that i have this different mentality. he told me i'm so pessimistic but i knew that i'm just being realistic.. there's something creeping in me, it would often come out. i told it to him so he would let me cry coz that's the only way i can relieve from it.
Avatar f tn I grabbed my favorite snacks, put on my favorite movies and stayed in bed. It was so hard but I made it through. I realize how precise life is!! The baby I had miscarried was suppose to be my rainbow baby. I had to give my 9 month old daughter to Jesus Christ. I felt so broke. But prayers and staying in my faith brought me through. I honestly didn't think I'd ever go on to have another!! But I'm 16 weeks. I thankful for what I've learned.
365714 tn?1292199108 I wondered about the change in lyrics too. It's hard to think that he'd forget the lyrics when it is obvious that a lot of time went into the arrangement. But perhaps you're right. I like this version better but I can understand why you might not. Maybe I like this version better because I think the lead vocal is much better live than it is on the studio version and so I listened to this version so much that these seem like the right lyrics to me.
Avatar f tn @bahamabeauty25 i had the same thinking as u had, but got a daughter as first child, now baby number two i m not thinking abt what it should be, left it to Almighty to decide whats best. I m on week 20.
1925822 tn?1333705617 listened to this song and bursted into tears...and thought of my chiari family!!!! Its Anastacia with "Heavy on my heart" Here some lyrics and a link I am not sure you are able to open in the US:
564614 tn?1216782609 I had a m/c today it all just came out on it's own. it was really sad i actually picked up the yolk sac and i seen the baby it looked like a white gummy bear just a lil smaller = ( this is the third time i hope it doesn't happen again!
Avatar f tn t know a lot about the movie well it made me cry about 3 times it was so sad and i usually dont cry at movies til i got pregnant so just a heads up What other movies have yall watched recently that made you cry when you didn't think it would?
748746 tn?1235261426 hi ladies i am just writing to inform you that i would no longer be a member of this group as i m/c on Sunday, and in case you are wondering if i know so for a fact, yes! an u/s conclude so.
662972 tn?1270166301 Just talked to grandmother of kids and the other grandparents has kids now both little M and twins so very sad. Dad is jail and mom out doing the **** I would like to get a hold of her and slap her silly wow look what all was lost. Everyone do me a favor pls. Pray for little M and twins they have very hard now. I am going to try and get down to see them next week or so.
203342 tn?1328737207 I happened to be there. He was voted the worlds most sexy guy in 1991 I believe..sad but his movies live on to make us happy .....
Avatar f tn its an oldie but goodie and im sure you all have seen it but it came on yesterday and i cried my eyes out--Terms of Endearment! its sad sad sad, not really all about moms but its got a lot to do with it though. "Give my daughter the DAMN SHOT!" haha! the second part is called the evening star. i also like the movie Seventh Sign with Demi Moore, she gives her son life at the end knowing it will end her own and if you dont choke up when she does i dont know! ALSO!
Avatar f tn Happy birthday. ... m also thinking for the same as my bday will fall next month. . N tite now m 29 weeks pregnant.. wid ma first one.. actually its my 4th pregnancy as I got three miscarriages. .. but let's see wat happens. . All the best for ur day...
Avatar f tn Try to stay strong, and know that you are a better person without those pills! Nobody wanted to get hooked, I didn't, and I go through depression, but I would rather be depressed than taking pills!!!! GOD BLESS YOU and stay strong!
398059 tn?1447945633 There is a song by Rodney Atkins called "Going Through Hell" with the lyrics saying ,"keep on going before the devil knows you're there." Below is a link to the lyrics:
Avatar f tn hey there im a 24 year old female mother of 2 boys anyways for around 3 years i have had a small boney lump on my forhead in the middle and the skin moves freely over it it does hurt to touch nor has it got any bigger could this be some kind of cancer or tumor??