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Avatar f tn I find out on the 29th what my little babe is, I have a really strong feeling its a girl but we'll see :)
Avatar m tn I only have red blood on my stool when I only have a few scraps of food to eat here and there. But when I get plenty to eat, there is no blood in my stool whatsoever. Why does this happen? I notice that when I only have a few scraps to eat, I feel the symptoms of blood loss such as areas of my body slightly rising in temperature and feeling light-headed when passing the stool. I do not have any of these symptoms when I have plenty to eat.
10943479 tn?1432725499 Children don't love on the basis of money. Children have no concept of what things cost, my daughter can have a really good day with a picnic at the park or go to a theme park for the day. To her they are just days she has had fun with whoever took her, she doesn't know that one was cheap and one wasn't. You child will love you for the love and care ypu give and how safe and happy you make her by being there. Money is no object in a child's ability to love anyone.
541953 tn?1262586226 I thought Simon was gonna fall out of his chair and Paula hated about the guy who cried? I love to watch it at the beginning when all the weird one come out of the woodwork..
Avatar f tn Luckily my mom is coming to visit and my brother is stationed at the same base (but not on deployment) I have a couple friends here. I mainly keep to myself because I don't want to deal with the drama that some of the wives have. It's not really about not having any support or help during the delivery. It's this is a big moment in our lives and I don't want him to miss it, I want to share it with him.
599170 tn?1300973893 some find it safer to not love, saves the heart the misery of being hurt. But oooh the thrill of being in love out weighs this in the end. I have been told, the only cure for a broken heart is love. and I tend to believe this. But the most important love of all is loving yourself. Finding self love is by far the greatest love of all. oh...isn't that a Whitney Houston song?
Avatar m tn my son got some scraps on his elbow knee and stomach.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss. You don't deserve this. You deserve a healthy baby girl that you will get to love and keep forever. Hold her tight, so tight you can't breathe. Never put her down. Let your love for her consume you, because if this is all the time you get you better make damn well make sure you make it count...make memories now. She needs you and you need her!
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I just found out we are having a little girl. He really wanted a boy. I feel like he may be a bit more distant because my baby is a girl.. I could be over reacting but I'm sad about it. I love my baby and she loves her daddy when he comes around she goes wild in my belly. I'm just unsure if he feels the connection. Is it too early for me to worry?? Do men fall in love aftet the baby os born?? I just don't want my baby girl to feel the distance from her dad.
10084709 tn?1407712389 Hi mommies, they have manyyyy posts from ladies saying they are lonely, depressed, sad, don't have support, etc. You may be like me & have not dealt with depression or know what to say sometimes but let's try to respond to those posts especially. Those women are reaching out & your response may put a smile on her face.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear that! I understand the feeling it's hard for me to go to sleep if mine isn't in the bed with me. Love him up extra hard when he gets home and hopefully he doesn't have to leave anymore!! You are soooo close!!
Avatar f tn I can not believe how in love with sofi I am! Every time she kicks I have to stop whatever I am doing to feel and just enjoy it! I love her so much I can hardly stand it lol sorry to bother everyone with my love fest haha have a wonderful night Mommys!!!
Avatar f tn So we all may or may not know my bf cheated and I'm still very hurt I wake up n I just stare at him like I just want to hit him in the face my feelings are so crushed cause I've had feelings for him since I was 15 now I'll be 24 next month I just don't know how to deal cause I love him n hate him at the same time
Avatar f tn And if u get sum extra chunk or stretch marks those are just battle scars ! U all are doing something amazing w ur bodies. Creating a human. Love urself as much as u love that baby. U will lose it after trust me. Enjoy pregnancy how often do u get to eat without worrying about it, honestly. Ur baby loves u for it.
3062924 tn?1350414109 So I just found out Friday that I'm having a girl. I'm happy and my mom is finally coming around to the thought of me being pregnant. Especially since its s girl. I noticed my bf hasn't been excited about the pregnancy since I found.out its a girl not a boy. I guess he had plans for the little boy not girl. Im also hesitant about telling the rest of my family because its a girl. They wanted a boy cuz there r too many girls.
Avatar f tn I started leaking, 3 weeks post op, stitching twice and lumbar drain for, 5 days did not correct it so back into OR tomorrow. Would love comments from anyone who has experienced this and what I might expect from this surgery compared to the first one. Thanks so much!!!
Avatar f tn My fiance doesn't give me much love at all... No kisses or cuddles or anything and he refuses to be romantic. He just hates stuff like that and I love it. I just so much need to be held tonight and he just kind of ignored me and went to sleep. So I felt like crying and left the room to cry because he gets mad when I cry and he is tired.
Avatar f tn Hormones... gotta love them huh? But yea it's normal to have unusual feelings. I cry over literally nothing still... 24w now.
1028452 tn?1537448484 The love story of stork "Rodan" and his female partner "Malena" in Brodski Varos in eastern Croatia is the most popular and beloved in their area. But it is also shows that storks tend to be attached to nests as much as to partners. Malena and Rodan Rodan flies to the south and then back each year going 13,000 kilometres through the air just to be with his partner Malena, who cannot fly owing to an injured wing.
Avatar f tn Its upseting coz i live in uk and my hubby lives in india this was my only chance or ill have to wait til next year..