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Avatar f tn But they are both princesses. I hope your 5 year old doesn't get jealous of that, because all girls should be a princess. You can call her Angel or something like that, but I think Princess is perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn Well I Love it... I Love all that has to do with her and Egypt, I actually liked cleopatra's sister's name her name was Arcinoe... I like names with meanings... And cleopatra has quite a history...
6628393 tn?1398789276 t think I am going to find one I like better. Now I would love the nickname Addy but I think it would give confusion because that's my daughters godmothers name and the people ahead of us in our business. I kind of just want to come up with a new nickname other than Addy and if I can't think of one I would just talk to the godmother. I saw Allie but not entirely sure. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn If u and your man have picked out a name and love it and plan on sticking with it.... DONT tell anybody what it is until its on the birth certificate. There will always be at least one person who hates it and they will have something to say if it can render your name choosing.
435985 tn?1249067908 I love the name Elle it's so pretty and so formal. Ellie is adorable tho what a cute nickname! I think your best bet in picking out a first name is if the formal and nickname sounds good with your last name! I love Elle it's a beautiful name!
215342 tn?1287838418 Well I love Lilly. I wanted to name the baby that if we were having a girl but my husband knew somebody named that and he didn't like her so he refuses. So Lily is my favorite. Out of the ones you have listed though I think Sophia Ann is really cute.
Avatar f tn If you want Hannah Rose nickname Rosie, in order to avoid the glut of Hannahs out there, I'd go with Rose Hannah nickname Rosie. And like avw says, Elizabeth could also have the nickname of Eliza, that is a little fresher than Betsy. I assume you have already thought of Rose Elizabeth and decided against it for some reason?
Avatar n tn d want this nickname, but as an example, Buster Keaton, whose real first name was Joseph I think, got the nickname Buster because as a baby he fell down the stairs and did not get hurt, and Harry Houdini picked him up and said "That was a real buster.") Let time lead you in the search for the perfect nickname or nickname.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies , so im having a boy and his name will be josiah is there any good nicknames you guys would recommend for the name josiah
9095217 tn?1408287670 Do any of you mommy to be have nicknames for your unborn child?
Avatar f tn I was thinking of naming my baby girl aaliyah and giving her the nickname ali.. What does everyone think!?
Avatar f tn Personally I like the second one. It's adorable. But you are the one going to be calling this baby's name for the rest of your life, so go w what YOU like best!
Avatar f tn so far I have lily delrae or gracie delrae. Middle is delrae because it was my grandmothers nickname growing up andi think its pretty and different.
Avatar f tn I find out on the 29th what my little babe is, I have a really strong feeling its a girl but we'll see :)
Avatar f tn Ur not alone im almost 10 weeks and have been feeling sad and depressed but i know its just hormones it will pass, i have 3 kids 13,11, and my baby is barely going to turn 1 next month hes part of my sadness i feel like im cheating him out of all the fam attention, my husband is a truck driver and only see him 2 days out of the week sometimes 3 and although hes happy and supportive, calls me all day i feel like a single mom. But i know it will pass soon!!
Avatar f tn Personally, I think maybe go with a name where 'Bo' is a nickname. Because if bub grows up and doesn't like Bo as a name, they can't really change it to be called by a nickname. Where as if you choose a name where 'Bo' would be the nickname, then when bub is older, they'll have an option of what name they'd rather be called :) I don't have anything against the name, I think its cute.
Avatar f tn Carly** crazy autocorrect lol
Avatar f tn We are having trouble with names again. We named our first daughter in the hospital and I feel like we'll be doing the same this time. We're having another daughter and I'm hitting 34 weeks tomorrow. The problem is that he is stuck on Jocelyn... I do not like it. In fact, the name only makes me think of this sluty girl in high school, who did almost all the guys and literally got away with practically showing her butt cheeks everyday in the tightest possible dresses...
412969 tn?1224334248 I *love* Isis ...I love Egyptian and Greek mythology a lot of those names are kick ***. =D Domino Isis is definitely different ...but it's a lot better than Moon Unit or Pilot Inspektor! Domino actually reminds of 'Grease''s got that feel. =D And if you decide can call her by a nickname ... Domi (dah-mee) ...or Izzy (for her middle name Isis). Or even pick up the nickname your dad called you when you were little.
Avatar f tn Both are beautiful you cant go wrong but I guess I would say I am partial to Isabella. I love nicknames too which partly why I love Isabella. I want to use the nickname Isa which mean strong...and this lil one needs to be strong minded to survive against my 4 and 2 year old lol!
202436 tn?1326474333 yay!! I love the nickname Lani!!! It doesnt matter how you spell it either, lol!! Congrats on finally having a namee!!!
Avatar f tn If you had to choose between 2 names Juwayriyya & Hanan for a baby girl. What you choose? I love Hanan because it's simple, its special to me (it's my nickname my dad calls me), & most people can pronounce it. But it's too common within muslim community. I also love Juwayriyya because it's unique & beautiful. But I think it wil be hard to pronounce in school. I live in U.S. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Love Owen and Oakley
Avatar f tn My oldest girl has a pretty unique Irish name that ends in "la" and my husband sometimes calls her "Lala" plus her middle name. I was thinking it might be cute if this baby is a girl to have a name where "Lulu" works as a nickname but we don't love Lucy or Lucille. Any other ideas for names that this nickname could work with? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I liked Avery at first, but Addie is a cute nickname lol So Addison :)