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362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
Avatar f tn I love the song small bump by ed shereen but it's really sad.
518031 tn?1295575374 Glenn Miller: Moonlight Serenade Maynard Ferguson: Invitation
Avatar f tn I love all their songs but especially love one of their latest - Make a Memory.
2048234 tn?1330814100 Hey all. I am trying to put together a little book of positive notes for my sad days. Do any of you have songs that help you get through the tough days or quotes? I just want something I can keep with me whenever things get tough. I really want to go home, or atleast go outside.
541953 tn?1262586226 what is your favorite christmas song? I love "grandma got ran over by a reindeer" how about "Blue Christmas" by ELvis? ok yall pick your brains.....
Avatar f tn I use the one my grandma sang to me "little girl of mine" (or boy!) Its actually a real song but she just sings part of it. A tiny turned up nose. Two cheeks just like a rose. So sweet from head to toe. That little girl of mine. Two eyes that shine so bright. Two lips that kiss good night. Two arms that hold me tight. That little girl of mine. No one will ever know just what your coming has meant. Because I love you so, You're something heaven has sent.
Avatar f tn It's silly but watch silly songs with Larry "the hair brush song" I love it my son used to have the CD lol
Avatar f tn I am white and Indian and the father is mxican indan and white we wanted a boys name that represented all our cultures we have a pretty girls name but cant cme up with a mexican american boys name any ideas?
4411499 tn?1356051765 Aint u got any songs that remind u of sad things?
Avatar f tn I love the old hymn "At The Cross" my grandmother used to sing it to me all the time. Other than that I have alot of favorites. "East to West" by Casting Crowns, "Shout to the Lord" I can't forget "The Old Rugged Cross" all of these songs make me a good way! What a great subject to bring up. I am singing away to myself now...
454863 tn?1208306979 I quit listening to Tori Amos because of it. I love her songs but I always end up in a really bad place. When I am in a bad place her songs come to mind. I listen to Christian Contemporary or Country. The lyrics you can sing along with and they usually don't make me cry. Some country songs can be pretty depressing too though so I have to watch.
4902332 tn?1360761227 So ive recently started crying over everything! Movies, Songs, Seeing family. . Everything lol. If I'm talking to my partner and he gives me good or bad news I break down into tears . I just can't control myself lol.
Avatar f tn This was my old post with the old name Cira... I have added a few new songs to my play list. I love some Gary Allan life ain't always beautiful and every storm runs out of rain.
7909558 tn?1398394709 I know two little indian boys named Kevin and Aiden, they are full indian but have aussie accents.. hm I don't know what names aren't indian :/ .. I like Carter though :). Thats what I'd be naming my baby when I have a boy.