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6708370 tn?1471490210 The memorial was sad but also had some funny moments and the love in that room was palpable. I knew Howie through my illness but there were other people who knew him long before he ever became ill with Hep C - people who lived through all his triumphs and travails in a way that we never were - including his lovely sister, Donna and her husband, Frank.
5615074 tn?1378316840 I got two gift cards, one for amazon, and one that is just like a credit card. Both my dad and his girlfriend as well as my mom told me I need to get something for myself, because since my daughter was born I haven't gotten anything for myself. She will be 4 on the first of February and I am due with my son on the ninth. I have no idea what to get for myself. I keep looking at things for my kids and my SO. Any ideas?
667078 tn?1316000935 I take Grady to train at the Mall everyday. Xmas shoppers for the most part are not happy. They look sad or angry or in a hurry. I learned to make gifts mostly animal ornaments as a child. I made everyone's pet and every animal I could think of over many decades. My brother pulled out my mother's tree decorations (he owns her house) and told me it was full of all the ornaments. I was not sad or angry or in a hurry making those gifts. Today I will make my hand made Xmas card.
599170 tn?1300973893 Less cards and mine are expensive to mail as most go to the UK, instead of single cards to a Family with children they are getting a family card .
Avatar f tn I am sure that there was lots of love for Hector there. I also was thinking of him and his family,. He was such a wonderful friend to all of us. He'll be missed so much.
Avatar f tn ((Not sure what Topic to pick)) Why is is that when people find out you've been abandoned or abused they ignore how you act...all they think is, 'you must be sad, i'm sorry' ********. they can't be sorry, they dont know......Also....why is it that I cry constantly but i'm not sure whats wrong? Is it because i've been abandoned and though i dont think i care i do subconciously....Or am i just insane....i'm so confused. BTW I'm Sky and i'm 15.
Avatar f tn But, please, if there is anything else I can do to help, please, let me know! I would love to help, love to get the word out, and especially to educate! I've always been VERY afraid to tell anyone that I have HCV. I am always so afraid of the reaction I will get. Anything I can contribute, just ask. And thanks so much for all the work already put in!
Avatar f tn t ask to spend a whole day we just ask to say a quick hi an they make it a really big deal. it makes us sad those kids are our family and they made us a promise and they still act like we are bad people. it just makes me sad. we live in a same place and we still can't see them. maybe I'm being too dramatic but even my mom feels its really rude that they do that to us.
Avatar f tn I find out on the 29th what my little babe is, I have a really strong feeling its a girl but we'll see :)
Avatar f tn They really dont! I get angry and sad..i just get scared cause i dont want it to affect the baby. We dont fight everyday by any means..but still ill yell and he will yell when we do.
1390847 tn?1344657468 handsome, had a girlfriend of 7 years, and extremely happy with his life, and extremely happy i came in contact with him. Im just so redicuosly sad...I feel abandoned and I feel like he hates means soooo much to me, and i dont think i mean much to him. Why is this making me so anxious?! I didnt really know where to post this question so Im just posting it here along with several other forums...I just have no one to talk about this really.
Avatar f tn How can I love my baby if I can't even find a reason to love myself I hate how I look what I see who I am what do I do???
6708370 tn?1471490210 For those who have already sent something, thank you!
Avatar f tn Awwww..I love ya are a sweetheart..I did try to call back but your girl was on the phone..did she tell you I ya and thanks..
Avatar m tn We all knew my brother loved us and he knew we loved him. I'm just so sad that i couldn't say goodbye. It just seems so unfair when someone young is swept away suddenly. It's 15 weeks since his sudden passing, and i feel an unrelenting dull agony. My only comfort comes when i feel god's presence and recall our cherished memories together.
10943479 tn?1432725499 Children don't love on the basis of money. Children have no concept of what things cost, my daughter can have a really good day with a picnic at the park or go to a theme park for the day. To her they are just days she has had fun with whoever took her, she doesn't know that one was cheap and one wasn't. You child will love you for the love and care ypu give and how safe and happy you make her by being there. Money is no object in a child's ability to love anyone.
1059594 tn?1261323966 Yes we all are lovable. I can hear it in all your words. Life is never fair, never. It's a crap shoot. I know I have said this before but it's like a card game. We have to play with the cards we are dealt. We, dear friends, got crappy hands. So it's how we play these cards or the "game" that is important. None of us are damaged. It's what's in our heart that matters. Eliminating unnecessary things from life is helpful. I've done the same.
Avatar f tn Sounds good thanks because I was clueless
1124967 tn?1283705847 So sad tonight and can't stop crying. Where did everybody go. I feel alone tonight and nobody to talk to. I was on such a great high today and now feeling the lowest of lows. I know that is all normal. Just needed to vent a little. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies... laughter is the best medicine, right? (well, it can be a bit painfull with a huge incision on your gut, but it's still therapy!) I have this place I found online where you can go and send free e-cards from, but it's not your "typical" site. It's called you have a sense of humou anything like mine, you'll be laughing yourself sick at the kind of cards they have listed there.
599170 tn?1300973893 some find it safer to not love, saves the heart the misery of being hurt. But oooh the thrill of being in love out weighs this in the end. I have been told, the only cure for a broken heart is love. and I tend to believe this. But the most important love of all is loving yourself. Finding self love is by far the greatest love of all. oh...isn't that a Whitney Houston song?
Avatar f tn Well hiv isnt that easy to contract its a fragile virus did you know that? All the cards have to be just right.
613536 tn?1294238447 I am looking at starting a business doing thank you cards/invitations... and I need a name for my business... any ideas?
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss. You don't deserve this. You deserve a healthy baby girl that you will get to love and keep forever. Hold her tight, so tight you can't breathe. Never put her down. Let your love for her consume you, because if this is all the time you get you better make damn well make sure you make it count...make memories now. She needs you and you need her!