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7607165 tn?1395780125 I have a few lol the guy who was in Divergent. Friggen hot!! And Keanu Reeves. But now Keanu now. Keanu back in his Point Break days. Holy crap.
4111887 tn?1355368506 Keanu. Kyan. Oshuan.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago, I found that I have a red vein in my eye (first picture) so I went to visit the doctor and she gave me Naphcon-A. She suggested using 3 times a day for 1 month. I compared my eye before and after (second picture) using the Naphcon-A and it's redder. Then I googled and found out something called rebound hyperemia. Now I have cold turkey for 1 week and I still have a bloodshot in my eye. Is this bloodshot caused by allergic or rebound hyperemia? Before https://preview.redd.
Avatar m tn I've had this for at least several months. I have excellent dental hygiene (cleanings biannually, use mouthwash twice daily, tongue scraper, electric toothbrush, etc). I always seem to have a somewhat bad taste in my mouth after brushing my mouthwash wears off or within an hour or so after eating and I believe it originates from my tongue. I only drink water (no soda, sugary drinks, etc.
Avatar f tn Hi gud eve sainyo lahat.. sa totoo png now klng nabasa about d2.. seriously.. im sufferinh hepa b din.. sa totoo lng nawawalan nko ng pagasa cmula ng nlanman ko na meron ako nito.. a test ako nito cmula nung 18yrs old ako kc nagkaron ng tym samin ng nid ng blood donor simula nun dun ko nlnaman n meron ako pero binalewa ko lng kc akala wla lng pero ngyon im 24yra old na meron nrin akong pamilya.. pero god is good wala ako nahawaan skanila.. guys ang tanung klng kng meron paba ako pag asa?
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Avatar f tn Well I'm having a baby girl and I'm keeping the letter k my oldest daughters name starts with a k and now this one but if i were having a boy I would name him Keanu I just love it it's different and cute I'm not having any more after this one but my husband seems to think otherwise but if I do end up having a son later on I will name him after my husband so that's just my thought keep searching or just wait till you give birth some ppl need to see the baby first
Avatar f tn I am worried. Thoughts? IMG_6501.
640381 tn?1223120423 //][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Here is another image of it. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=][IMG]
Avatar m tn ( .. PERMANENT BAN.. kasi ang bagong kong company ay food... d ko naman akalain na may virus ako kasi noong una kong work fit to work naman... so in your case, mag visit visa or tourist visa ka then avoid ka sa 6 category like food, hospitals, nanny, barbershop.. etc pede ka pa rin naman mag work sa uae basta wag ka lang mag fall sa 6 category... then mag pray ka lang na mabait boss mu para sya na mag pa stay sayo at for treatment ka na lang..
Avatar f tn I was always having them at first. Now not as much. One was with Keanu Reeves. Omg. That was a really nice one haha I haven't had them as much tho now that I'm in my second trimester. I've also had horrible ones where my fiancé is cheating on me or about to. There's no reason for any of my dreams. Sometimes I dream so much that when I wake up I don't even feel rested.