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1394262 tn?1369625192 Anyway, I watched a Japanese video clip on how to make a baby stop crying immediately & that's how I came to learn of this gurgling trick,. Unfortunately, the thing is babies only stop crying for as long as you continue to make that noise... And it is tiring to keep on gurgling. Haha. Well, if u have a recorder, that will be good. Unfortunately, I don't...
1936550 tn?1348360208 So my husband and I want to go to a Japanese buffet. But I'm not sure what I can eat or cannot eat. I've never been to a Japanese buffet so I'm not sure what kinds of food to expect but seafood. Anyone know what foods are allowed or not allowed?
Avatar f tn The difference between chinese and japanese acupuncture is japanese use much finer needles and stimulate more superficially and gently whereas the chinese use bigger needles and deeper stimulation. Discuss it with your doctor first though, but it really was the only thing that worked long term for mum, she is stage 4, second occurrence.
Avatar f tn Went out to kobe japanese steak hout because I had a craving and it left as soon as we got there (45 minute drive). Decided I wanted pizza instead but half way there saw a dennys and though mmm pancakes and went there lol.
206807 tn?1331936184 After realizing the importance of the Middle East and its massive oil reserves for the Japanese economy, the Japanese mass media have since been giving big publicity to the Muslim World in general and the Arab World in particular.[citation needed] The Turks have been the biggest Muslim community in Japan until recently. The Japanese invasion of China and South East Asian regions during the Second World War brought the Japanese in contact with Muslims.
670385 tn?1228373341 my almost 16 month daughter has been vomiting since last night around 9pm and we took her in to be seen around 1pm the today (the following day) Unfortunately the doctor only spoke Japanese to my husband (we live in Tokyo) and I was not able to understand him nor had a chance to ask him any questions.
Avatar f tn Im sure I ate enough for all of us! haha! Tonight we are going to Yokoso a japanese steakhouse that cooks on the table right in front of u! MMMMMMMM i cant stomach is already growling!
Business man3 I have heard that certain Japanese mushrooms fight viral infections. Would you suggest any of these to slow down the progression of the hepatitis c infection? Second question. What supplements or other over the counter meds would you suggest to help improve my liver function? Also i think you should know i have had this disease for only two years now. Thank you.
535882 tn?1396576685 I will agree with you, I didn't find as much success with the Chinese accupuncture. I had a Japanese accpuncture practioner that I felt I had much more success with ( and the needles were much smaller and less painful). They did use some heating device that I wasn't crazy about as I have issuse with body temp. regulation.
Avatar f tn ( We lived in Japan for 3 years and I loved the Japanese people. They are so polite and well mannered, for the most part. Living in Japan was one of the best experiences I've ever had, great memories. We have so much video of our time there, too! More than any other time. My prayers go out to everyone in Japan.
535822 tn?1443976780 I assume they mean seaweed,have astonishing health benefits,protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins,The japanese have long known that they offer these health benefits and taste good.
Avatar m tn So, i'm 15 years old girl, i'm an otaku (=likes japanese culture,anime,cosplay etc.) and for this years spring and summer i have been told by many peopole that someone likes me or they come saying it to me. But, usually the one who starts to like me or get atracted by me is a girl. I'm not myself interested in girls, and all the boys who seem to like me.... well I don't get atracted to them, usually i look up to them as friends.
Avatar f tn My little girls name is going to be Yui. It is so Japanese its not even funny :-D lol so I can relate. Try sitting him down and give him examples of Aiko being used in real life (ex.
969286 tn?1253760391 Nancy, is this a collection of dolls from China? Or are they Japanese? I'm guessing China from the clothes....
1262373 tn?1281543782 I like Grant - David - Isaiah - Evan - and Raiden (raiden is Japanese, my hubby is half japanese so it carries heritage with it)
1301089 tn?1290666571 I'm watching The Pacific. I can't help but notice the similarities between the Japanese, Nazi Germany and prewar America and now. We want to believe that Muslims are peaceful. We're told they want to be friends. But does anyone remember the Friendship medals the Japanese presented to America just before they bombed Pearl Harbor? Anyone remember the German Bunds flourishing in prewar America? http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am 33 years old Japanese. I'm very worried about infecting HIV. I went to Thailand last month and had sex with a prostitute. I used condom but I did unprotected cunnilingus on her for 5 minutes. I introduce my tongue into her vagina. I swallowed a lot of her fluid.   Now I'm very worried about HIV infection because cunnilingus is risky action for HIV in japanese medical web site . So, please advice me. Excuse my grammar mistakes.
Avatar f tn I ate sushi, I don't feel guilty but it's not for everyone. The sushi I ate was really fresh, the way I figure it is a couple million pregnant Japanese women can't be wrong they eat it (fish, sushi included) as as main staple. If they all had miscarriages and birth defects I think we'd here more about it. Again don't feel bad, but I know some would.
Avatar m tn Can any help please. My elderly parents have 2 Japanese Chins and unfortunately we had to have one put to sleep yesterday. She had not been eating so the vet thought it was her teeth, she then had the back ones removed. She still was not eating so it was put down to tender gums with having her teeth out. The vet then did various x-rays, a barium meal and an ultrasound but still nothing showed up. She was still not eating and was vomiting what looked like water.
Avatar f tn yesterday when i got up my dogs eye looked abit funny like it wasnt as open as the other and he had a rash o her face she has made bleed and now she has it all over her belly and arm pits she hasnt slept much and keeps itching and i cant afford the costs at the pet shop as she is a japanese akita and that is very expesive and i dont get paid much as i am a student please help!!!!
599170 tn?1300973893 Many of the Japanese car producers have more North American product (but Japanese engineering) in their vehicles. In Canada we force the auto makers to produce enough cars here to match the ratio of sales (they don't have to produce each model but enough vehicles to match over all sales). I live in an area where we heavily rely on the automotive industry. I live close to many Big 3 plants but also live very close to two Toyota plants.
213739 tn?1215486009 This has become a favorite at our house. My daughter LOVES the Japanese Steakhouse and I hate the price so we've created the food at home! THESE RECIPES ARE FABULOUS!!! TERRIYAKI CHICKEN 4-6 chicken breasts grilled on grill or George Foreman Terriyaki sauce to taste Grill chicken, cut into pieces and put in skillet on stove and toss with Terriyaki sauce to taste (sometimes I add a little soy sauce too!!!
Avatar m tn ” She is from South Korea and only spoke a bit of English, and we communicated mostly in Japanese because I speak it and she speaks a little Japanese. She said the same thing when I asked in Japanese. Essentially, it’s from “bad sleep.” I had HSV1 as a teenager, but am afraid this situation put me at risk for HSV2 because she applied the condom with her mouth and could have gone past the base of the condom during oral sex (although that seems less likely).