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Avatar f tn Hey everyone! Long story short I've been having troubles with my MIL. Btw I'm 25 and due today with my first son! :) I deleted my Facebook account a little over a week ago because of the way I have been feeling the past few weeks. Very sad and sore all the time! I cried everyday the last two weeks and actually felt really depressed. On Thursday my two friends realized I had withdrawn from everything and surprised me with pizza, chocolates, flowers etc to make me feel better.
Avatar f tn I blocked the 17yo from Fb so the 20yo sister has been screen shooting my Fb sending the 17yo pics of statuses I put up that they think are about her and sending them to there mum. They've purposely put statuses up to anger me and see if I retaliate (I've seen there private msgs) saying watch this I'll say blah blah and then checking to see if write anything.
Avatar m tn Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon ladies and gentlemen and whassup. My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a sixteen year old student, wirter, drummer, adviser and many more from Sydey. Lately I have noticed something. I love my friend Xavian, I really do care about her and we are really close friends but here's the thing.
1539037 tn?1294318628 reading definately helps for me too, but specifically reading stuff other people say. like facebook statuses and stuff. it just gets your mind off of the anxiety feeling. also if you write stuff.
1035252 tn?1427227833 I did notice on a member's facebook that it showed that they liked something on MH.
Avatar f tn t seem to understand it but we are trusting in Him all the way! The only reason I am putting this on facebook is because I know people are concerned and have been calling and commenting and messaging but we are not wanting to talk about it or discuss it at the moment with that being said if you have any negative comments KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!
676912 tn?1332812551 So the other day he started to poop on the floor, and I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom and put him on the potty. So I posted on my Facebook that Elijah had pooped in the potty, and even though he had an accident on the floor he had gone on the potty....someone replied to it "sorry but that's tmi for us who don't have kids" This is the first time of my many "Elijah went ____ on the potty" that someone has said this. My FB is made up of family and HS friends...
Avatar f tn stuff like that, so anyways she does talk to me and tries to know about my life and pregnancy (she never had kids) she requested me on facebook and always has a comment for my statuses the one comment was "you r number one, not ur baby" I was like ughh I deleted the comment she invited herself to my baby shower so I didnt want to be rude and gave.her an invitation...and honestly I was thinkin about her and I dont want her at my babyshower at all!
8924846 tn?1410572901 t respond, yet he can update Facebook from his phone by posting pictures and statuses. I sit at home alone and depressed because no one wants to hang out with me since I'm pregnant and he doesn't seem to care.....
Avatar f tn I feel you i been thru a lot too i got one more week to go and my baby father he been a jerk he had treat me like s#!\ He's always sending friend request to girls on Facebook asking them for nude pictures it really hurt and i just wanna have my baby and leave him it hard thoe but i want the best for my child ......
Avatar f tn Dont be sad hunny!! They shouldnt let u ruin ur moment!
Avatar f tn Unfortunately people at a younger age are usually more immature, unless they have a reason to be more mature than their age (such as having a child young.) I deleted my facebook for the same reason. Too much drama. I'm a mom now, I don't need that ****.
198506 tn?1251156915 So, friends and relatives have been bugging me to get a Facebook account. My teenager has one which leads me to think that maybe I am a little too old for it. What are your thoughts about and experiences with FB?
Avatar f tn I did contact them but they have not mssged me back yet...I was already a little worried about privacy here due to my facebook "like" of "rashes in the hep c community" which was on my facebook page for 5 months! (and it was a page I posted on too) So 300 fb friends could read on their newsfeed about me treating my HCV. (which I preferred to be private.) Obviously that was my fault..hitting something accidently but I heard it happen to someone else as well...
Avatar f tn t seem to understand it but we are trusting in Him all the way! The only reason I am putting this on facebook is because I know people are concerned and have been calling and commenting and messaging but we are not wanting to talk about it or discuss it at the moment with that being said if you have any negative comments KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF!!
1182418 tn?1292437001 She just had a baby, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago and hes always commenting on her pictures and her statuses and they inbox eachother quite often. Usually about how theyre doing and how are the kids stuff like that. Well i went on his FB account and she messaged him "hi my love" i am not sure how to take this. Any advice on how i should approach him on it? Or if i should be worried? It is bothering me, but i dont want to over react...i dont know, im so lost right now...
Avatar f tn The past 3 days I've been a wreck ! Not the entire time just have my moments. Like if my boyfriend liked someone else statuses on facebook especially a mutual girl friend I'm like yu never like my stuff or comment on it why do yu do it too theirs ?
Avatar f tn Do you guys have any funny labor stories? I have a few! After I got my epidural, I started dilating rather quickly obviously but as I got to 9 cm I was so calm and relaxed that I was on Facebook uploading statuses. All my friends were like aren't you in labor? When I got to 10 cm I made one more status that said "10 cm time to start pushing!
9187090 tn?1406264221 So I came home today from the weekend at being at my boyfriends house & I walk in & my dog isn't inside, not outside either & my mom tells me "oh she must have got out again" its hard to believe she just "got out" especially since my mom told me she didn't want her here anymore. I'm just so sad cuss she was my buddy & I wanted her & my son to grow up together just like how I had my dog to grow up with me..
Avatar f tn After almost a year of trying to figure out if another kid was my boyfriends , it's been said by his mother that the child looks just like him when he was little ... It's really hard on me to know that he is the father of the kid & the mother & I dispise each other & she is out to break us up in every single way possible ..
495284 tn?1333894042 Over there we can let our hair down and play a bit. That way we can see on the side bar statuses if someone new joins or see if someone is struggling etc. We all need to laugh and have a good time as addiction is very emotional and something we all deal with everyday. We need an outlet. Years ago we had an "After Dark Cafe"....anything went in that place and everyone would join in. If anyone has any other ideas please chime in.
Avatar f tn you'll find friends sweety but it wont be by sitting at home all my friends did that to me when I told them I was pregnant I'm 22 yrs old and my baby is due in November I have very few friends now at first it really hurt me but the more I got to thinking it showed me how is really there for me.
Avatar f tn I tell myself everyday im not going on because some days it makes me upset with the sad stories but I still find myself going on and checking lol, then I get even more excited to meet my baby and im only 17 weeks
7406493 tn?1453999212 I love this site more than others and find myself on this app more than im on my facebook app. I follow several facebook pages for mommys and pregnant women and stepmoms and most days theres more drama in their discussions than i dealt with in all four years of high school haha. I love how we can all be mature and respectful of each other while at the same time being honest and giving each other real answers instead of sugar coating and just telling each other what we want to hear.
1512722 tn?1313697879 A couple had posted on their facebook. Their address and a picture of their house.... And that they were going on a 4 day vacation! And ya u guess it! Their house was broken into while they were gone. Its sad but REALLY??
Avatar f tn Am I the only one who has bad dreams about the unborn baby or your self or the sad stuff on Facebook scares you?
Avatar f tn I'm glad I have this app that's for sure! Venting on here is better then on Facebook. He'll be getting an ear full from me tonight. Not sure what good it will do but we'll see.
Avatar f tn Friends do tend to disappear.. especially during relationships and pregnancy.