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214607 tn?1287677559 Anyone have a yahoo email account? If so, do you have the yahoo instant messenger? PM me if you do.
514585 tn?1328740013 this is just a idea...those who have yahoo messenger and would like to share, please post it here...i would love to be able to chit chat with ya's and if you need someone to talk to it is easier to catch me on yahoo than it is to find me on here...especially if i am trying to NOT look too thinks that it gets my hopes up too much when i read the posts all day everyday. anyhow i will start...
Avatar n tn my yahoo messenger is ***@****, if you want to talk.
232328 tn?1207090071 Is there anyone that I can talk to on here that has Yahoo messenger or AOL messenger and will be on during the day for the next few days?? I really would like to have someone that I can talk too throughout the day to help me get through. Please reply and let me know if there is ANYONE out there that has been through this and is willing to talk me through it.
Avatar m tn ok well is yahoo and the name is **** yahoo messenger will work fine 2 same name also for aol/aim its warriorofsociety all my info is on my website http://****.
4749018 tn?1372359546 The thing is I don't talk to him cuz his woman is like jealous of me or something. N stuff I don't even think of him at all.
Avatar n tn You could get to know people from here and see if they use msn, yahoo or any other kind of instant messenger. Lots of us have done that i know many people i talk to at night when everyone else is asleep (helps theyre all americans lol diffrent time zone) and i met a lot of them here on medhelp.
564491 tn?1320360393 I asked if he would be an instant chat contact with me on Yahoo, as well both have accounts on Yahoo. I got back a message from Yahoo that he had denied me -- without any explanation. I noticed he removed his icon from Windows Messenger which we used on rare occasion for chatting. He was never willing to talk on the phone. I have written to him to try to find out what could have occured to have caused this seeming betrayal of our friendship.
529933 tn?1228260919 Just curious....Joyce49788 was talking about Yahoo Messenger, do any of you have a myspace page? Just curious was all. We ALL could use new friends in times like these ya know? :) Try to have a good week!
Avatar m tn My question is has anyone ever considered going to the yahoo messenger chat rooms and setting up a user room in the user created rooms just for us to chat instantaneously. I would do so, but don't want to step on toes or slow any traffic down here to this site for Medhelp. I have only 100% respect for these folks for starting and maintaining a site with this magnitude of information. The only thing I would change here is I would have joined much sooner...
Avatar f tn I do have Yahoo messenger!! Right now though I need to try to sleep, if that's possible!! I will send you guys my yahoo id via PM. I think that's the smart thing to do!!
Avatar f tn so sad i know.. do you use facebook or yahoo messenger?
Avatar f tn that's u have aim or yahoo messenger...
1033718 tn?1253064720 The only thing this site needs, is a instant messenger - are we addicts allowed to vote yet?
Avatar f tn t start till June I can go to class next quarter Yahoo. Even if USC changes my mind about who does it I can still push it off till summer. I can't stay home I just can't.
Avatar f tn I walked to the library without stopping and back (with a bathroom break and grabbed a couple of books inbetween) with the walker. I wasn't able to do it without stopping a lot 2 weeks ago. Yahoo. Oh and I started PT exercises on Thursday. It went well. I'm still working on getting off the walker.
Avatar f tn Once again, please just try your hardest to post here on the forums as much as you possibly can throughout the day. If you have an instant messenger like yahoo, then let me know. My name is peaceinkowing on yahoo.
Avatar f tn I am begining to be very sad. But this month I have had a few things happen that I need help with. I started taking Fertitity Blend for Women. My period is very normal. I always get it on the 1st of every month, Now about the 18th my breast were very heavy sore....achy. I also have been very tired. And not sure if this has anything to do with it but I have been getting achne on my face and chest. I was thinking for sure I am prego.
362119 tn?1223137936 i think i spent the most time on yahoo messenger about that time lol! and thank goodness we were both on cingular cos i think that was my most expensive 2 weeks!
1929972 tn?1328548262 Did anyone else read front page of yahoo this morning? This new hydro sounds very very scary. It looks like they are gonna get approved and they are hoping to have it on market by 2013. That is so stupid! Ugh! Between doctors pill pushers and drug companies they are gonna have the whole world addicted to this crap! Very scary stuff!
525485 tn?1314361301 or want to talk in general .....that maybe if anyone had instant messenger....and was on....could talk to one another.... I just figure that since I am home on bedrest..and on the computer most days...that if anyone was around that needed anything..advice...or just to talk I am here.. So this is just an option for anyone around....dont know what kind of instant messenger everyone has..if any...but i have AIM My screename is SPBL16 (and for those of you who dont know my name...
Avatar m tn The theory behind chemical imbalance is that here must be some reason for it, and current research is focusing on glutamate receptors, but it could just as well be a messenger problem of signals as a chemical imbalance. Mostly, the chemical imbalance theory most people think of was spread by Eli Lilly and then other companies when they came up with ssris and then snris. Serotonin wasn't the problem then and it isn't now.
Avatar m tn deep breath stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.