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Avatar f tn same here just me and the kiddos hubby is still gone until the 15th
Avatar f tn I feel so sad. With my first pregnancy i had a 4th degree tear my doctor had mentioned to me that if i ever had another child she would recomend a c-section. Had a doctors appointment today and another doctor told me the same thing. He told me that I'm so tiny(5'0) and that i dont have enough space between my V and anal. . I was really hoping to deliver my baby without a c-section. Has anyone else experience the same thing?
5149860 tn?1364404271 You CAN do it. Even with a baby along with you. It might be complicated but not impossible, and you are capable of exceeding your limits even as a mother. Make yourself proud, and keep going for your baby. All this mess will sort out evenly were still young. Youre not alone, theres people going through the same or worst than you.
Avatar f tn So we all may or may not know my bf cheated and I'm still very hurt I wake up n I just stare at him like I just want to hit him in the face my feelings are so crushed cause I've had feelings for him since I was 15 now I'll be 24 next month I just don't know how to deal cause I love him n hate him at the same time
Avatar f tn Do you just get sad randomly? That's what's been happening to me. I'll cry all the time, at home and at work, about anything and everything and sometimes for no reason at all.
Avatar n tn just penetrating vaginal intercourse was done and intermittent kissing on the neck and sucking of breast and nipples. she also kissed me on face and neck, however she scratched my back and forearms with fingernails and i noticed this the next morning. i remember she was stimulating her clitoris with the fingers intermittently. should i be worried for contracting any STD from the nail scratches.
1514494 tn?1333584884 the poem touched my heart as i was reading it...i also had tears running down my face...for me i carried my baby girl for the whole 9 months and the day i went in to have my c-section...the lord took her to heaven with him...knowing one day i will get to see my baby girl it puts a smile on face thinking about her...PLEASE TELL YOU SISTER THE POEM WAS BEAUTIFUL AND IT WILL TOUCH ALOT OF PEOPLE HEARTS FOR IT HAS TOUCH MINE.....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THE POEM.
Avatar m tn deep breath stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.
Avatar n tn So my doctor couldn't tell the sex of the baby and it's breeched!!!!! I'm so sad. I was looking forward to finding out today. Did any of you ladies experience difficulties finding out the gender and what should I do to get better results?
Avatar f tn My left eye has been watery excessivly for more than two months and three weeks ago I woke up with exteme pain on the left side of my face. The pain is still there. After seeing an emergency doctor, who did cat scans which all turned out negative, I am on Vacadin and 800 mg of Advil two to three times a day. The odd things is that when I lay down on the painful side of my face, the pain will completely subside within about 20 - 30 min.
Avatar f tn I was so looking forward to meet my baby girl now im sad,my husband is a cheater and now when I have the baby ill be all lone. My mother will be there but its just not the same. I thought we was happy.
Avatar f tn Has any of your baby had this before I'm kind of sad about it is it going to be Ok
Avatar f tn Im 6 weeks 1 days bleeding heavy , doctor advice me stay in hospital 1 night maybe 80 % will abortion .. this morning still bleeding heavy .. appointment with specialist doctor around 10am .. how bout my baby ? 1st pregnant 5 week 1 day abortion ..
460185 tn?1326077772 ( I have heard about the Tums before, but have never tried it....Good luck...
645930 tn?1230068090 Oh I forgot to add my face is clearing up while my b/f face is breaking out hahaha lol...I started having nausea like a week or two ago....If I'm hungry and I think about something I really want and then i say it I gag. I was watching a movie the other night and it was like a sad lil part nothing to cry over and I started to tear up lol....I think I was watching the nightmare before christmas...I am oh so weird...
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
7753764 tn?1401853590 Youre being so strong through everything! im 25+4 and still sick every day and starting to get a little slower at moving and like climbing stairs lol but its all worth it for my baby girl Willow (: and i havent had another ultrasound since 19 weeks and she weighed 11.5oz then so im sure now shes almost 1.5lbs too! i wouldnt worry.
Avatar f tn So i'm 17 & had an abortion at 16 (7 months ago) . I do regret it. & Today was suppose to be my due date & i'm just really sad. Not sad , but confused. I don't know to feel whether happy or sad. I talked about this with my 3 year boyfriend & he just doesn't see it as big as I see it. I understand cause he's a guy , but today was something big for me that i've been thinking about all day..
Avatar f tn Today is my due date and I feel no different.... I dont like he is going to come today...tear... I 've been walking having sex and still nothing....
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been thinking why will my face never turn red even if i am angry,sad,hot,sweat,shy etc. And it will always look like pale pale. Like no expression on the face and people will think that i am abnormal. Is it inherited? i don't often see my brother blush after playing basketball , but maybe he does who know's and i've never seen my parents blush before. Like i said, who know's? lol why ??
7074486 tn?1389932822 Ah, so sad. But hang in there. You will get your own little one soon.
5623087 tn?1377889284 I wanna hold my son so badly i just wanna snuggle him nd cuddle him nd sing to him nd play with his little hands nd feet change his little butt wash him feed him sing to him i just wanna see his little face nd b able to hear his little cries nd coos i don't know I'm just super excited nd it seems so far away :(
12257779 tn?1430241372 I went for ultrasound and i cant stop my tear to seen my little one only 13w 3d. Anyone mom there feel the same way to seen there baby on first time?