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7246896 tn?1392863749 I'm trying to stay claim for my baby but I am so ******* pissed my truck broke down so my fiancee uncle tells me oh I have a guy who can fix it so I'm like OK the guy ends up ******* my truck up and getting 2 $250 out of me before we found out so me my fiancee and his dad for and take the truck and no I didn't get my money back either they basically let him slide with ******* me over so today it's a few weeks later I finally find the shop I trust who worked on my old truck I had
Avatar n tn My face has been feeling like it is on fire lately. I can be sitting watching T.V. and feel the heat coming from my face. I look in the mirror and my face is blood red. I don't have any health issues, other than gaining a lot of weight lately. I am a 44 year old woman, and it's starting to bother me......any suggestions what it may be??? Thanks!!
1414174 tn?1304680526 Have you tried putting lots of lotion on your face? Most people get very dry skin while on tx, and since the skin on the face is more fragile than the rest of your body, it may react more drastically to the lack of body oil.
Avatar f tn Face on fire and back ache has gone away, as well as the headaches. My stomach is being achie,and still no period, but find other than that.
Avatar f tn A little over 15 weeks pregnant, just graduated college last Saturday, getting married in Vegas next Saturday & I just feel super sad. My fiance is always on the road he's a truck driver, he's not being understanding. I just want to cry I feel like I'm always sad. My friends don't call & check on me or anything. I dk what's a girl to do...
1917408 tn?1421952040 Of all the ridiculous luck! We have a forest/wildland fire burning very near out house. Rumors are thick, but the common opinion is that a tourist started the fire with a cigarette. It has now burned 2500 w/i a State Park and who knows how many outside of it.
6881121 tn?1392830788 The reason for the fire-truck? Both girls, and some of their friends have been Junior Firefighters with our local volunteer FD, so rather than being dropped off at the HS by limo, they were given the honor of going in one of the trucks. Made a big splash with security at the HS!
Avatar f tn Lately i been feelin so sad n down im 34 weeks n i just wana give up on everything already im a single mother to ma son n now ma daughter its hard im in so much pain i can barely breath back hurts all da time n ma legs give up on me every time i stand up my whole body is weak n givin up on me Sorry ladies needed to vent
Avatar f tn It started in early June with what I described as a fire ball directly below my rib cage on the right side and the numbness is only on the right side front, wrapping around to the progressed over a few weeks to the top (only) of my right thigh and groin area....the numbness has since gone down my right leg and into my foot and toes...again, only on my right side. I have had blood work.....nothing......a lumbar MRI...nothing.... Doppler test on my legs....nothing....
Avatar f tn Sounds fishy to me. Sounds like they excuse to fire you because they can't fire you just because your pregnant and they have to hold your position until you return to work with drs approval. Did you get your time off approval paper work?
1032715 tn?1315984234 Up to 200 firefighters were dispatched to battle the blaze, but they were no match for flames whose intense heat reportedly melted fire-truck windows and car tail-lights several dozen metres from the flames. Pacific Gas & Electric spokesman Jeff Smith described the fire as "an absolutely horrible situation" and said that if it turns out the utility was to blame "we will absolutely take accountability for it".
Avatar f tn My daughters was like that in his truck, but never in a car. I never thought to bring it into the fire station to find out if it was okay though. I would suggest bringing it in and asking. Good luck.
1649704 tn?1402778437 The crew was mostly rough acting, talking veterans. There was an engine, ladder truck, rescue truck, and an ambulance. I was to go out as often as possible for the experience. The alarm sounded and my heart jumped into my throat. It was a house fire for the engine company. I jumped into my boots, pulled up my bunking pants, secured my suspenders, swung my coat over my shoulders, and pushed my helmet down tight over my head. The engine was pulling out. It was a Mack convertible.
9628609 tn?1404929357 She says she knows when its going to happen because her face starts getting really hot and she feels on fire, then she's sweats. Its very upsetting for her as people in school have teased her. I have tried different deodorant's, powders. Her biological father was the same way. I don't know what else to try. It REALLY bothers her.
1530342 tn?1405016490 The fire was very intense and moving beyond the property and into an adjacent field toward the Ellis County campus of Navarro College, according to KXAS. A fire truck in the parking lot managed to keep the fire from spreading to the building. The college was evacuated immediately after the fire broke out. A fire truck at the property was engulfed by the fire that spread across the ground. The blaze was sending out plumes of black smoke. A spokeswoman at Margaret L.
Avatar n tn Don't feel bad you are not alone! Lol stupid pregnancy hormones!!
468440 tn?1318688641 The house caught on fire and no one tried to save them and they died in the fire. My sisters house actually caught on fire. She was able to get two of her kids out and the other two were trapped inside. They did manage to get them out though and they're fine. It seems like I more less like fantisize about death or being hurt. Like I'm trapped in a world of depression. I have been depressed every since I been young. \My relationship is rocky and has been for quite some time.
8526246 tn?1405601876 Then out of no where like about six kids come out of the ice cream truck and the middle aged man runs outside screaming and telling them to get back in the truck! O_o. Im there looking at them and I'm beyond amazed!!! So the kids get back in the ice cream truck and the people stay in the restaurant eating while I'm there mad and upset at all this. Mind you I'm in Cali so the weather here is very hot. Idk but still today its bothering me so bad.
362249 tn?1441315018 He runs in, puts his uniform together, grabs a lunch and goes out to the truck. Fires the truck up, throws it into reverse and his youngest somehow snuck behind the vehicle and was run over. Truly tragic and a freak accident in this case. Stories like these always make me more aware of what I am doing with and around my kids. Fortunately they are now 14 and 16 and both are big enough that sneaking any where isnt really an option...
Avatar f tn My girlfriend and I have been together close to 4 years now. We are both long-haul truck drivers, we drive together as a team. A couple years ago she started having a "nightcap" after her shift, one or two drinks to help her sleep. Since then it's exploded to basically drinking as much as possible as often as possible; she's careful not to drive drunk, at least as far as I know, but other than that if she can drink she does.
5263504 tn?1365706224 When we ask my 4 year old son if he wants a sister he says no he wants a race car and a fire truck lol. Looks like hes gonna be getting a sister in 10 days whether he likes it or not lol.
Avatar f tn Won't be able to go to my 35 week appointment on Wednesday :(. Hubby lost the keys to the truck and won't be able to get another one until late this week even next week. To short notice for anyone else to drive me. Have to reschedule for next week maybe even two more weeks :/ so very frustrating especially so close to being done and hearing stories of people already being dilated, uhg makes me nervous to miss an appointment.
973741 tn?1342342773 Wondering if anyone owns a toyota with a sticky gas pedal? Are you happy with their response?
Avatar f tn m doing things I never used to like getting upset at him over little things like working on his truck all day or hanging out with his friend all day. I just want some love so I can feel better... What should I say to him? He's so hard to talk to he doesn't like to be told that he's doing anything nagative he's just one of those people who do whatever and does the oppasite of what everyone says because he doesn't like to be told what to do...
443898 tn?1229700080 Lately, I have had increased fatigue, muscle weakness, jerking in my legs (more so while driving when I press the gas or brake pedal-not all the time only occasionally) the jerking also occurs at night. After activity, my legs also feel like rubber. I have began having daily headaches with tingling in my face and scalp. Additionally, at times, I have had severe itching to my arms and legs that is not relieved with hydrocortisone cream or benadryl.