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549611 tn?1215014064 Every now and then I get a severe migraine that is always accompanied bith numbness and tingling in my arms, hands and face. The worst part is the very start of my migraine. I could be driving and in a blink of an eye I lose partial vision...usually peripheral vision. These are warning signs my migraine is on it's way, not a very good warning since this has happened driving my daughter to school. Then I become numb, it's pretty intense in my face, even my tongue. It's so weard!
1603416 tn?1310579696 I was wondering if you could include or make a diabetic tracker for my Ipod Touch.
15915009 tn?1488868338 more face (to face) time, less electronic stimulation (iPod or whatever) time. Find someone to chum around with or hang with at school for example, weekends too if you can manage that. If nothing else, that will give you less opportunity to talk to yourself. I think it will likely shake you out of this current downward spiral.
1540869 tn?1351214013 it depends on the person and how bad the anxiety or depression is
Avatar f tn Hi there Im 32weeks with a surprise baby, just wondering what the classic tell tale signs that people say indicates a specific gender X
176495 tn?1301280412 After a day of work, I have to get out of the house for a little bit, and I grab my dot (Bear) some cigs, my IPOD or CDs and head out for ride in my truck..having XM radio and the Springsteen ang Grateful Dead channels blasing, windows open, shorts and a T shirt....wat could be long old friends..probably after this weekend,,,,stay well til next spring..late May hopefully..and soon it will be tme to get the snow thrower ready to go.....
Avatar m tn deep breath stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry, just think of all the joy that baby girl will put on your face. Stay strong!
Avatar f tn I personally see this as being no different than taking an antique clock and placing a modern day face on it, and then wondering why it now has a decrease in value.
1386249 tn?1303092096 During the winter months, I just keep a couple of comforters on me, but i need that air on my face. Do you think its possible that the fan causes my temp to stay a bit lower than it should? I can feel AF coming! Im having PMS symptoms already. :( Im so sad.
565683 tn?1216923264 My Paratoid glands on the side of my face and my face in general are swollen. Then driving home Tuesday night my vision went blurry and doubled at far away objects. I went to three dif. doctors and was dx with Classic Migraine.... glands are supposively swollen b/c I am sick. Three days later I still can't see right or drive and now I am going to a Neuro tomorrow.
965878 tn?1247559129 s happening more often than not, that it becomes a problem. Evaluate what is going on in your life and see if something is making you sad, or does it just happen? Maybe just talking will help you. I hope this helps, and I'm sure others will respond to your post with lots of support for you.
Avatar n tn So my doctor couldn't tell the sex of the baby and it's breeched!!!!! I'm so sad. I was looking forward to finding out today. Did any of you ladies experience difficulties finding out the gender and what should I do to get better results?
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been thinking why will my face never turn red even if i am angry,sad,hot,sweat,shy etc. And it will always look like pale pale. Like no expression on the face and people will think that i am abnormal. Is it inherited? i don't often see my brother blush after playing basketball , but maybe he does who know's and i've never seen my parents blush before. Like i said, who know's? lol why ??
1581469 tn?1297082643 I can enter tracker info on either, but what I enter on the ipod does not show up on the website. What am I doing wrong? Or was I wrong that it would sync? I use the same login info for both devices, I thought it would be the same... any ideas??
1085681 tn?1280176627 I found this great website with these hilarious tee shirts on it and just thought i would share. they really are hilarious and there are tons of them. like "if my breastfeeding offends you feel free to put a blanket over your face" and all sorts of fun stuff like that.
Avatar f tn How do you keep your head up, paint on that smiley face, move on etc???? I'm not sure anymore. After my m/c i though i was then after finding out my sil was pg i was working on it but now..... I find out everyone is constantly talking about us i cant stand it!!!!!!!!!!!! Checking in w each other to see how we are doing? thats a big mystery for the love of god just leave us alone why can't everyone just leave it its hard enough as it is i don't need everyone talking about me to.
Avatar f tn i upgraded to a iphone 6 and this app no longer works it is not ios8 compatible.. just wanted to let u girls know ill get on my ipod sometimes to check this app. im just really dissapointed because i loved this app and all the advice!!! so i may be checking out i only have 3 weeks left anyways. good luck to you all and think it thru before u push download on the ios8 upgrade for iphones!!! by the way i love my iphone 6 totaly worth it, im just sad my favorite baby app no longer works.
5623087 tn?1377889284 I wanna hold my son so badly i just wanna snuggle him nd cuddle him nd sing to him nd play with his little hands nd feet change his little butt wash him feed him sing to him i just wanna see his little face nd b able to hear his little cries nd coos i don't know I'm just super excited nd it seems so far away :(
1738109 tn?1331412572 I have made it a habit most days to go for a walk or get on the treadmill. What do you do to get your body and mind moving?
Avatar m tn uses an ipod..infact even kisses the ipod..another person takes it back..after some minutes...uses it and accidently massages the gums and teeth with the same hand... can hsv 1 pass through is such a case!! thank you for the replies!
Avatar m tn If you have classic herpes signs your first outbreak does that mean when you go for a blood test before 3 months would antibodies show up? Or at 7 months, I'm confused if you have the signs wouldnt your body produce the antibodies just trying to educate my self thanks.
Avatar m tn From July 4th afternoon, I started reading about STDs by accident and at the same time, I started getting a tingling/itchy feeling on my lips/face and eventually my entire body started itching. The itches were random in my body, happened on my hands, legs and even on palm and were slightly reddish. This continued for a week and then I went to see a dermatologist doctor. He mentioned to me that these are classic symptoms of eczema and prescribed hydrocortisone.
Avatar f tn He got 2 painkillers and about and hour or so later the pain started to ease, he went to work as normal, but he is just off the phone saying his face is feeling a little unconfortable and the pain seems to be coming from his upper front teeth?? Can anyone provide any answers.... please... I dont want to see him like that again, plus its a nightmare to get him to go to the docs Many thanks in advance for any advice....