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5149860 tn?1364404271 Ok. So I have really been going through it. My life has hit an all time low and nothing is working out...housing, school, work, my relationships with bd family and friends...I feel like I have no one to talk to no one understands how I feel and how much I'm struggling right now and babys not even here. I'm sad to say I'm not even happy about this pregnancy anymore.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been thinking why will my face never turn red even if i am angry,sad,hot,sweat,shy etc. And it will always look like pale pale. Like no expression on the face and people will think that i am abnormal. Is it inherited? i don't often see my brother blush after playing basketball , but maybe he does who know's and i've never seen my parents blush before. Like i said, who know's? lol why ??
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry, just think of all the joy that baby girl will put on your face. Stay strong!
Avatar m tn deep breath stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.
Avatar n tn i was curious how to tell if a new face wash is right for your skin. the first couple of days made my skin better, but now i seem to have a couple more zits formed, and my skin seems oilier. i dont know if its because its drawing out all of the impurities, or if its not right for my sensitive skin. how long should i keep using it for also? just in case it is right, i dont want to give up too soon. thanks.
1173598 tn?1263515590 I have been repeatedly informed by my colleagues that I am always having a smiling face. I thought it is a good sign when in group. But when one of my colleague said that, you should not always smile and you should speak out and react something, I realized that I am having a problem with "my smiling face" when in a group. I am not used to be like that when I am alone. Can someone help me to identify the route cause of the problem and suggestions to rectify it?
693804 tn?1304720474 Hi Everyone, Well I just thought that I would get to all of you asap........ The "COW" has arrived!!!!! What a disappointment. I am kinda sad, i'm trying not to be but I was really hoping that she didn't show. I wanted to give DH a late V-Day gift, but I guess that can't happen now. This must mean that I o'd kinda late. Well I guess it's back to the drawing board for me :( Thank you all for being here for me, it's times like this that you need your friends.
Avatar f tn in it she has drawn on each page,angry and sad faced people. then an arrow and the word me. then i hate me. each page the face gets sadder and the wrtiting gets bigger and more scribbled. i know this is not normal what is she trying to say. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Drawing analysis</a>.
1811433 tn?1318611440 the swelling and tingling feeling in my face from time to time was going on before the drops. The tingling in my face and the faint feelings probably since last fall (from time to time). The swelling in my feet/foot... just about 3 weeks worth. I tried water pills first and they just dehydrated me something awful so I stopped taking those.
Avatar f tn Hey girls! Im 38w1d and this morning i woke up and my face is extremely oily :( its not normal for me considering most of the time i am battling dry skin! Is this any sign of labor or maybe just my hormones?
Avatar f tn It's normal to be depressed as well. Try to force yourself to a happy face. The muscles in your face will trigger your brain to be more happy. Also try walking in areas where there is peolpe (parks, grocery stores, shopping malls). If you have your happy face on people will interact with you and that will feed you positively. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I would give your doctor a quick call and ask this. I'm happy you have your answer and are on the road to recovery! Take care!
Avatar f tn Believe it or not I was SO HAPPY TO FINALLY BE DIAGNOSED WITH SOMETHING AS I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY AND I FELT LIKE EVERYONE AROUND ME THOUGHT I WAS SOME MENTAL CASE HYPOCONDRIAC!!!!! Anyway, back to my question, has anyone had any problems with sores on their face? I get these crazy bumps that are deep and pretty large. They hurt and they last for weeks. They don't pop. I can't seem to figure out what they are and nothing I put on them seem to make them go away.
Avatar f tn I didnt realize how bad I felt right now my 6 yr gave me a picture w hearts sge did at skool today w a sad face a happy face and a sleeping face sge said its me when I'm sad happy etc.
Avatar n tn Im with my first child. Im happy. But i feel sad. The father of my child dont treat me nice. Anythin goes wrong he say its my fault.
1040373 tn?1273687488 We adopted Charlie on 10/30/11. He's a Boston terrier, at least 8 years old but we don't know exactly how old for sure. The rescue group found him wandering & had no background info on him. He's healthy, apart from arthritis and hypothyroidism which were discovered when we ran bloodwork after adopting him. He's been on thyroid meds and our vet was happy with the dosage level when Charlie went back for bloodwork. The problem is that he has a very itchy face.
Avatar f tn We never saw her face. Not one time did they try to show us her face or take a picture. When I asked they simply said sorry she is upside down and backwards. We are lucky to even see what we have been able to see. We do know she is a girl. We went twice in one month because they said they couldn't see her heart well. She was healthy and fine they said. But sad no good pictures of our little one.
Avatar n tn I have been getting fluctuations in BP HIgher when standing up 151/90 which goes down to 135/85 within 10 mins of being in bed) when this happens I feel a lot of flushing in my face and presure in my neck and face, I am also getting clammy hands and feet and shortness of breath. The list goes on and on..... but these are the ones that are really bothering me. I am currently taking Toprol 25mg once a day. and salt tablets and lots of fluid.
Avatar m tn 1 when the nurse was drawing my blood from my arm, i did not look because i did not want to see the blood, i just turned my face away but i just felt a syringe in my arm for a short time, i did not look at it so i did not see the blood, just after drawing the blood i again turned back my face and talked to her, she was a good tempered nurse, Is it possible that she did not draw my blood intentionally or unintentionally or send another persons blood to the lab by mistake or what?
Avatar n tn My face has a lot of pimples and although i used a lot of creams it still continues to come and leaves a dark spot on my skin. I am a 16 year old boy and studying in senior school but due to this state i am depressed completley. I would like to know what can help me releive this condition.My body always feels hot and being in the Middle East where the climate is harsh i cannot be without airconditoner on.
Avatar m tn my face have black spots all over the saving area of my face from the allergy of hair colour what is the solution to remove these spots
Avatar n tn when summer comes and i go out i sometimes have redness of my face around my mouth and forehead, it is itchy and swelling a bit, i also have itchiness in my neck ,arms and back. it will swell and will last for at least 2 week to get better and it reoccur again when i go to out of the house . i tried all allergy med. it doesn't cure it. it help me with the itchiness only. i tried zyrtex, benadryl, allegra, motrin, etc. help. i want to enjoy summer. when should i go for help?
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm concern about my left side of my face I'm 49 and have notice my left side has come down and not the other is very noticeable on pictures & my 3 way mirror also when head is tilted I thought it's normal aging its been over 1year and I evwn feel my sun shades & reading glasses tilt down more then my other side. who do I see & is this a problem that will get worse.
Avatar f tn Is anyone elses face super sensitive? My make up brings out a rash and now my face is red and kinda rashy and i dont know what from.