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Avatar n tn ve been travelling around asia for around 10 months, in the first three months I managed to sun burn myself quite badly on my arms, neck and face resulting in my staying indoors for two days. I burnt myself a little a couple more times after that but usually this was o.k by the next day. Since then I've been pretty careful, I don't cover my arms but I do wear sunscreen and a hat if I'm out for more than an hour.
Avatar m tn deep breath stand on top of the stage just to face or look at the crowd first 3. face the mirror and say i can do this... cause before i experience this as well.
Avatar f tn I was so looking forward to meet my baby girl now im sad,my husband is a cheater and now when I have the baby ill be all lone. My mother will be there but its just not the same. I thought we was happy.
Avatar n tn So my doctor couldn't tell the sex of the baby and it's breeched!!!!! I'm so sad. I was looking forward to finding out today. Did any of you ladies experience difficulties finding out the gender and what should I do to get better results?
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been thinking why will my face never turn red even if i am angry,sad,hot,sweat,shy etc. And it will always look like pale pale. Like no expression on the face and people will think that i am abnormal. Is it inherited? i don't often see my brother blush after playing basketball , but maybe he does who know's and i've never seen my parents blush before. Like i said, who know's? lol why ??
Avatar f tn They say it feels like cramping. With slight spotting...but its done in office so its not that bad..gif luck let me know how it goes..i'm 34 Weeks.
Avatar n tn hi rita, it muz b hard n stressful while ttc but do not gif up. relax urself. i had the same feelings as u and cried alone when i miss my baby( i lost my baby at 21 wks) n had irregular menses and still ttc. there r many who concieved and gave birth to healthy babies even with condition like urs. bear in mind, never give up.
5623087 tn?1377889284 I wanna hold my son so badly i just wanna snuggle him nd cuddle him nd sing to him nd play with his little hands nd feet change his little butt wash him feed him sing to him i just wanna see his little face nd b able to hear his little cries nd coos i don't know I'm just super excited nd it seems so far away :(
Avatar n tn @GuitarRox And This is excatly What i have too and by surgery only it can be treated!
1667267 tn?1322003971 Not a question just got Af after 8 days she showed her ugly face. Im so tired of the disappointment, but i wont give up. we will try again next month. baby dust to all.
Avatar f tn Sounds like an ear infection. I would make an appointment to see the GP and have your ear checked out. You should be fine with some antibiotics!
1173598 tn?1263515590 I have been repeatedly informed by my colleagues that I am always having a smiling face. I thought it is a good sign when in group. But when one of my colleague said that, you should not always smile and you should speak out and react something, I realized that I am having a problem with "my smiling face" when in a group. I am not used to be like that when I am alone. Can someone help me to identify the route cause of the problem and suggestions to rectify it?
Avatar n tn Fried cheese sticks dipped in mashed potatoes and brown gravy Share Gif:
Avatar f tn They said everything was fine & the baby is in the right place with a good heartbeat.
609575 tn?1220515494 I am haveing some brown/red discharge, and I am wonderin gif it is my early period because it is not due for anouther week, or if it could be Implantation Bleeding? I haven't have any cramps or backa pain to indicate that I am about to start. I have though had some slight breast sorness around the sides and simily in the niple for a week now. what does it sound like?