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572651 tn?1530999357 @Julie - it's You Can Close Your Eyes. Until you find your speakers here are the lyrics. Haunting melody too.
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
Avatar f tn What year did this song come out? 3. If the (((person who posted the lyrics))) sees that the song was guessed, they would then give permission to the one who guessed their song to post the next. 4. The game would then continue so forth. :) If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM and I’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible. :) 5. I'll post the first couple to show how it is to be played.
415867 tn?1323365503 Ashelen, that would be George Strait!!! Great song. Started tearing up just reading the lyrics you wrote. It is on my YouTube favorites!!!
338416 tn?1420045702 It's been going on for four years or so - I didn't realize it was an MS symptom until it got worse. I've been trying to learn this song called 'Two Sisters' and the only recording I can find on Youtube is from Clannad. It's quite pretty, but as soon as the song starts up my eyes start watering. Then the mandolin kicks in and my stomach starts trembling, as if it's working up to a sob.
Avatar m tn I know this is very far from rap/hip hop, the song on my mind these last few weeks is Kenny Chesney's Better As a Memory.....I am going through a rocky divorce and as bad as it sounds, I wish my ex husband thought the lyrics Kenny sings, but he doesn't, but this song makes it easier on me to think maybe he (my ex) did.
Avatar f tn I love the song small bump by ed shereen but it's really sad.
1718855 tn?1401756839 we didn't listen to that song, just watched the video...
Avatar f tn My favorite band for lyrics is Jars of Clay, and my favorite song is World Apart. My favorite band for sound is probably AfterEIGHT. I basically like all kinds of Christian music though. Whether it be worship, rap, rock, punk, metal, etc.
398059 tn?1447945633 There is a song by Rodney Atkins called "Going Through Hell" with the lyrics saying ,"keep on going before the devil knows you're there." Below is a link to the lyrics:
162279 tn?1270601359 I love the song baby. It's the one from Dumbo, where the mommy elephant is singing to dumbo and swinging him in her trunk when she was caged. It makes me cry just thinking about it...anyway, I'm such a sucker. But that song was used for my 3d-4d ultrasound video as well. It's my favorite.
Avatar f tn My favorite is definitely "Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins". lol its funny cus im puertorican and tan colored and young,so when anyone sees me signing this they look at me funny or my friends make fun of me sometimes lol. But I grew up with my mom listening to all types of music,and im glad for that. I've always loved this song and now i sing it to my little baby boy. <3 what special song/s do you sing to baby?
172826 tn?1423422956 i dont remember whom this was but another song you could put for a baby..