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362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
Avatar f tn For those of you with a connection fast enough to stream video, Under our Skin is now on Hulu.
6519447 tn?1391770769 That's so sad I hate patents like that
290867 tn?1333569278 Oh, my Lord...I just watched the video.....I'm so terribly sad.....he was so grateful just to feel his shirt against his skin when he could....that breaks my heart. I'm crying....I just feel so saddened by this....poor baby.....may God rest his soul. I will continue to pray for him and his family. I'm so very sorry...... Do you know exactly what caused his death today?
Avatar m tn a law enforcement official told the Associated Press he sent a video of Rice punching Janay Palmer, now Rice's wife, to an NFL executive five months ago. The law enforcement official also played the AP a 12-second voicemail from an NFL office number on April 9 confirming the video arrived. A female voice expresses thanks and says: "You're right. It's terrible.
Avatar n tn Can anyone suggest like a movie, or music, music video, something to bring on the tears?
Avatar f tn streaked across the sky off the Southern California coast Monday night and was caught on video by a local CBS News helicopter camera. KCBS said the trail was visible from Los Angeles. The helicopter crew described the missile's location as 35 miles out to sea north of Catalina Island. The U.S. Navy is the likely source, but Navy officials have been unable to determine who launched what, NBC News reported.
Avatar f tn The first part she was adjusting the camera for about a min and you see her bf constantly rubbing his eyes in the beginning of the video and she took it off. It’s a really long video and i know towards the end he couldn’t stop rubbing his eyes anytime she would talk.
Avatar f tn My sister just got the official positive! She's pregnant too! No official due date yet-but probably sometime in mid January (I'm due September 8th). She's in Korea at the moment, so any tips on being supportive from afar? I'm planning on sending her all my baby books that I've already read!
Avatar f tn It shouldn't affect the baby at all in the womb, and your doctor will talk about delivery options if you are still infected at birth. The biggest risk of chlamydia is that it can infect something in the baby's eyes and blind it. BUT most hospitals routinely treat newborn babies eyes just in case so it should be fine. You should still be able to deliver vaginally.
535822 tn?1443976780 some have not. This is the official Cold Case Posse video of the conference regarding forgery and fraud as outlined by the posse. DD Cold Case Posse - Obama's Birth Certificate Investigation - Sheriff Joe Arpaio MCSO Cold Case Posse - Obama's Birth Certificate Investigation - Sheriff Joe Arpaio MCSO In case you haven't had a chance to view the press conference in it's entirety we have uploaded this for you. Thanks to the Tea Party Tribu...
Avatar f tn ve seen with their eyes what can happen to you, as was the case with me and my PCP. Many will roll their eyes at you and dismiss you, as what has happened to me with the transient GI doctors and the one ER doctor. Yeah, such considerate people--NOT! According to the dismissive doctors, you're supposed to continue eating the foods that make you sick that you test negative for true allergy to just because they say so.
Avatar f tn The best way to get this diagnosed is to take a video of it. If it lasts long enough grab your camera or cell-phone and get a picture of it. An ophthalmologist can diagnose it from the video. ANY symptom that is visible by others is best captured on video and shown to the doctor. This is FAR better than any description and guess.
Avatar f tn I think it was in another country, but idk how the video was leaked because you cant find it online. One of my FB just happened to post it. But it is disgusting you can tell this is something he does with her frequently.
1143149 tn?1261173462 t seem to help my vision problem. Computers, television, video games, fluorescent, candescent, etc. Even sunlight bothers me.
167426 tn?1254086235 I would like to ask you to watch this video and come back and post your thoughts, we do not have "years" to wait on a cure, the squeaky wheel getting the attention, I feel like shouting now, it seems to me like they are bringing us right to the edge of treatments/research and then let the other shoe drop, I have watched this video several times, if they need human guiena pigs I am sure a line would form, the way to the video is { Youtube burning salt water could cure cancer }
206807 tn?1331936184 Beirut (AFP) - The Islamic State group released a video Tuesday purportedly showing the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot, in the jihadists' most brutal execution yet of a foreign hostage. The highly produced 22-minute video released online showed images of a man purported to be the pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh, who was captured in December, engulfed in flames inside a metal cage.
Avatar m tn Yesterday i went to an eye dr in abu dhabi bcs my baby girl 3 yrs was blinking for some days so she had allergy and while doing the eye test exam i felt sad bcs an astigmatism appears on her eyes. 1.75 and 1.25. the dr told me that she may need glasses but on her 4 or 5th yr and another dr told me that this is slight and she may not need glasses at all but only while reading or watching tv.
199177 tn?1490498534 This is so sad...what a terrible thing. I can't imagine the sorrow that mother is's just awful...
237053 tn?1258828426 I was on youtube looking at videos on lyme. This one really touched me. Very sad. I cried through the whole thing. This disease is horrible and changing so many previous healthy lives drastically. It makes me so mad that more isn't being done.
Avatar f tn Associated Press Writer Ashraf Khan, Associated Press Writer – 15 mins ago KARACHI, Pakistan – The American-born spokesman for al-Qaida has been arrested by Pakistani intelligence officers in the southern city of Karachi, two officers and a government official said Sunday, the same day Adam Gadahn appeared in a video urging U.S. Muslims to attack their own country. The arrest of Gadahn is a major victory in the U.S.