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5691681 tn?1375738948 We have a 4 year old son, and he didn't even get him to draw me a card. This is just the absolute most hurtful thing that I have ever experienced in my life. I just want to stop crying and go to sleep, and forget this day completely.
Avatar f tn i will post my new results when i get them! i have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that some additional bands show up this time around. i hope everyone here is doing well!
Avatar n tn The vet here in LasVegas didnt even know me or my dog ,still she gave me what information she could and hugged me as I cried my eyes out! I cant tell you how much her kindness and support meant to me. I tried so hard to get him better even if it meant giving him special care, I was prepared to do anything I could to give him alittle more time.
Avatar f tn I know that she is your sister and that you love her, but you do NOT deserve to be treated that way. It's so sad that even family members don't understand the need for pain management sometimes, but I think that this even goes beyond that. She doesn't want to understand. It sounds like she just wants to put you down. You don't need that. I know that it's easier said than done, but honestly, I would stop talking to her for some time....maybe a few years.
Avatar m tn Wasn't there some kind of myth that if you stared straight at a camera it would steal your soul?? Just something floating about in my grey matter, lol. I'm not so sure that eyes truly depict your inner feelings, I think the eyes are just as capable of lying as the face. The only time you can catch the truth is when the photo is taken and the person is unaware and lost in thought at the time.
Avatar f tn She did not seem concerned with my swollen uterus, as hCG can make the uterus swell. She didn't draw blood, instead wanted my levels to be checked on Sat. (48 hours after the 1st hCG test) Well, by the time I got home from the doctors office, I began having very intense cramping. I laid down for about a 1/2 hour and the cramps were only increasing. I thought that I had begun bleeding, but when I went to the restroom it looked like I had peed myself.
Avatar n tn Hello I am a 23 yr old female and I finally decided to poke around and see if I could figure out if what I can do with my eyes is natural. A little history. I was born with a "lazy eye" as they call it. When I was little 4,5 and 6 yrs old I wore bifocals and from time to time I had to wear a patch. I do remeber wearing the patch on my right eye, which leads me to believe my left eye was the "lazy" one.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar f tn Which *****, because I’m stuck here. A lot of the time, I’m sad because I can’t “reach” the other worlds. I’m sad because I don’t know of magic. Because I’m just a normal little naïve girl, with no special powers, but spends most of my time imagining and wishing I did. I’m an epic Potterhead, Harry Potter is my life, but I can’t count how many times I’ve cried because I’m not a part of that world. Writing this just makes me feel pathetic, stupid and naïve. But I can’t stop wanting this!
630047 tn?1289252121 If the sunrises tomorrow, And I am not here too see it, Don’t be sad. But realize It was never meant for me. I went out with the setting of the sun Slipped away; with just my memories. I’ve left this world a better place. That all I ever wanted to do. I’ve tried to cope, I’ve tried to deal But failure is all I’ve succeeded at. I wish I could be strong. I wish I could draw strength from above.
Avatar m tn All day today from when I woke up at 6:30am till now (which is 1:48pm) Ive experianced a line in my vision. It was black this morning and now its a bright blue color. when i move my eye to the right I can see the line ( <--- it looks like that except what you would draw for a sad face. and my vision is blurred. I am 22 years old and have never experianced any problems with my eyes. Also the right corner of my eye feels like its drooping and kind of numb.
4522800 tn?1470329434 This book gave him so much comfort during some hard times and so fourth. I have always been a Artist and make crafts, sew, draw and paint. When i was in my teens I had did a pencil drawing of the four of them. I could not get Randy M right (base player). I found out that he had left them just a few months later. Wow go figure. I sent them this drawing and thought nothing of it, because I know they get lots of fan mail.
Avatar f tn I mentioned about my father’s vision lost related to his retinal detachment. He dilated my eyes. I got Slit lamp examination and Tonometry. I think he used an ophthalmoscope to check the back of my eyes. He was holding a very strong light into my eyes. He told me everything was ok. 6 months later, in March 11 2008 another a big dark spot appeared in my right eye vision when I was working on the computer. I blink my eyes couple times and washed my eyes with the water.
Avatar f tn I have a 9 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with a speech delay at 2 years, is graduating from her IEP this year, and is doing very well academically and socially. One problem. She is highly sensitive, and extremely competitive. With her friends, her sister, etc. She does competitive tumbling, and plays softball. Even when she does well, its not good enough. She cries easily.
388376 tn?1302015018 I don't post on here that much. I just needed to say how sad i feel today:( It had been 3 years ttc for my hubby and me. I just can't get the dark cloud of sadness away. I know many of you have been on the ttc rat race for longer and i'm wondering how you all cope with it. I have periods of time were i'm ok, even going to friends and family's kids parties and baptisms don't hurt anymore. It's just every now and then my heart really hurts.
167 tn?1374177417 The mushrooms have faces and the art is identical to the drawings her Dad used to draw when we were in high school. Her Dad at that time (and still to this day) smoked a lot of pot and did in fact do "shrooms". My problem is do I accuse or suspect this is what she is doing also, based on her drawings? I don't like them and when I talk to her about it, she gets upset, rolls her eyes and doesn't want to talk about it.
86075 tn?1238118691 I did hear that Octavian was one of Rome's best and greatest leaders. Have you heard this? About the eyes, yep, he has great eyes. At first, it was a shock to see the young Octavian grow up. Thanks for asking how I am. Most of the sx's have left me - I do have residual memory problems, which bothers me a lot. I forget people's names, things I am to do, etc. Hopefully that will change in time.
Avatar f tn Woow, you need to find a way to deal with it Hun, it ***** but you can't expect him to Stop communicating with her because of his son they have a kid together so its a tough situation you guys deal with it but know where to draw the line or if you can't deal with it you just gotta pick up and move on
Avatar f tn I mentioned about my father’s vision lost related to his retinal detachment. He dilated my eyes. I got Slit lamp examination and Tonometry. I think he used an ophthalmoscope to check the back of my eyes. He was holding a very strong light into my eyes. He told me everything was ok. 6 months later, in March 11 2008 another a big dark spot appeared in my right eye vision when I was working on the computer. I blink my eyes couple times and washed my eyes with the water.
203342 tn?1328740807 Sometimes I'm just so frustrated, angry, sad and hurt by the actions of the very people who should be my brothers and sisters in Christ. My own teenagers are still searching and questioning and for them to see bad behavior in other Christians only makes them think that most Christians are like that. My daughter had an incident where a church leader (not our church) told her she was going to hell because she was questioning what she believed right now! I couldn't believe that.
202436 tn?1326477933 5 and they wanted it to be atleast 9 before discharge. When they did the draw at 5 it was exactly 9 so we FINALLY got to go home. AFter doing the discharge process for me and Lily we got home around 8 pm last night. It was so nice to spend the night in my own home where I had room to move and could eat whenever I wanted. Lily and I set up camp in the living room for a little while so we don't disturb everyone else being up all hours of the night. She did really good.
1168317 tn?1330266437 As a previous Limbolander who recently got a dx I know where you are - happy to have answers and sad and afraid of the unknown. I went into my last neuro appt absolutely certain of what she was going to tell me - and she did - but when I heard the words all I could do was cry - The finality of it. Its been three weeks and my emotions are still all over the place - somedays I attack it like I would anything else and others its all I can do to get up!
7808984 tn?1406684565 Hi having the emotions come back to life is very common I am a mans man and would cry like a baby over a sad song or movie it will level out in a few weeks but remember we do a lot of damage to our self emotionally ...just be glad your comming back to life this is a good thing you can feel again something I rarely did when on the pills or methadone I was the walking dead for16yrs just keep pushing forward and post for support we all want to see you make it good luck and God bless..............
1530342 tn?1405020090 I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat. My eyes were so sore I couldn't even have the lights on. If I tried to get out of bed, I’d collapse on the floor. I was crippled with terrible migraines. It was so bad I genuinely thought I was dying. My head pounded, I couldn't think straight, my hormones were raging. I wanted to curl into a ball. And she's a mother of two! Obviously, she wasn't able to parent her older children during this time. I cannot even imagine how she was functioning.
973741 tn?1342346373 The first day I spent the whole lunch period in the bathroom just hiding out. I was so sad and lonely at that moment and would never understand the blessing given by all of these moves until later. Having moved so frequently and suffering the loss of many friendships, as an adult I value friendship in a profound way. However, the true blessing from growing up as I did is that I can now always spot that face in a sea of people that needs reassurance and a friendly and welcoming smile.
Avatar f tn And he also told me that when we were ready to TTC again to just call and ask to do a progesterone draw on CD21. He said if the progesterone is in the proper range for ovulation then he won't use Clomid/Femara. Otherwise I'm probably not ovulating and he'd give me Femara over Clomid. So much information. He's a very scientific and thorough doctor and luckily for me I understand all of this stuff.
777686 tn?1235808014 I am really sorry to hear about your friend. This is the reality of this addiction. May you find some comfort in this tragedy.
Avatar n tn Vomiting Constipation Craving of sugar Craving of nicotine loss of appetite panic insomnia Acne Dark circles under eyes Cramps in back muscles Stops showering very often Nightmares May interrupt his or her meal and go to the bathroom to vomit The addict's sleep pattern becomes owlish Secretive Close friends are Heroin addicts Constant need to visit the bathroom Nodding-out (with increased activity level before) Track marks on arms (claims these are from a botched attempt to draw blood at the
Avatar f tn it's kind of cheesy but I've had a huge crush on her since 6th grade, because when we made eye contact across the room i almost feel like she communicated with me without words, and we do the same thing now, like just like I could tell what she was thinking by her facial expressions or just the way her eyes looked, this went both ways..and I'd even go as far to say I love her. Recently we got into a huge fight and I haven't said anything to her at all for the past three months.