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1530342 tn?1405016490 I seriously had a hard time not crying over this story. :( We humans could learn so much from these loyal creatures.
1794093 tn?1357930759 ( PS i dont necessarily agree with all the blame put on breeders, but i do think its something for our society to realize the effects we are causing and what it would mean to an animal if more people did adopt, spey, and neuter our animals... i didnt write this, i actually thought about not posting it (cause i really dont want to offend anyone) but it wont help or cause the problem to go away if i didnt post it..
Avatar f tn very sad story. i am sorry, it must be hard just finding out and not being able to do anything. the number of deaths being caused by drugs is overwhelming, but it seems to be kept quiet, unless it's a celebrity. i am really sorry to hear this.
1331422 tn?1326566597 A wolf pack or wild dog pack will attack and drive away or sometimes kill a sick or elderly member, because that individual is a drain on the pack's resources. So dogs typically don't display symptoms of illness until they are completely unable to avoid doing so. Your dog had not reached that point yet. I definitely wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the vet who did the pre-dental work-up is a negligent doctor, simply because of what happened here.
296076 tn?1371334474 we plan on bringing home something with the new babys scent on it before we bring the baby home just so she knows the new smell. this a very sad story and i feel really bad for the family because they lost there child and family dog.
1926656 tn?1334970201 http:// usnews.msnbc.msn.
Avatar f tn whatever you do ... please dont give up on your dog! especially a pit bull, it might not have a good future if you let him go. find a family member or friend who knows your dog well to take care until you find a better solution, or keep him with you secretly. but do not separate your dogs, they're family!
1958630 tn?1343514470 I used to be sad or bored when my hubby was working. Then we got a dog so I would have company. The thing is dogs are not just dogs, they become family. My puppy is so loving and I love her so much. So today my landlord came and said we can't have her and she needs to go. I can't stop crying because she has been with me when nobody else was. She's So adorable and I would hate to loose her.
Avatar f tn which gives me cause for alarm. Yesterday, my sweet sweet dog died. She was only two and died from hanging herself on the fence. It has been the most traumatic experience I've ever dealt with . I can't eat .. I can't sleep .. and the tears won't stop . I know the pain will only heal with time but i am asking the risks I am posing for my baby . I am so nervous to miscarry but i can't seem to change my physical state .
455051 tn?1255826518 I can not keep her in the garage b/c no ventilation in there and that is not a place for a dog. If the day is fine and I let her out she stays in the yard for a while and then decides to jump the fence and go in the neighbors yard and they hate it. Numerous times I could not move where I wanted to b/c of the dogs so I would move to places that they can go, but now it is about my baby and what we have to do. I just do not want them put to sleep b/c they are sweet dogs and do not need that.
82861 tn?1333453911 I was driving home Wednesday night and just before reaching my street I noticed a dog lying by a resident's mailbox. Thinking it had been hit by a car and left to die, I stopped. Too late. It was a beautiful, seemingly healthy young Rottweiller. I rang the homeowner's doorbell thinking they didn't know they had a dead dog on their property. Wrong. Turns out it was their dog and they just threw him out by the street to be picked up... "in a few days!
640719 tn?1277140030 I went to bat for the Dog and begged him to tell his son not to do that and explained to him how painful it must be for the poor dog and possibly long term damage. After what I've just been through this really broke my heart to even hear that someone would forget for that many of days to bring this poor dog to this point. Just venting!
4835773 tn?1360015821 In your case the fact you have many demands on your time with young children means the dogs benefited by having each other. Yes, I think the remaining dog is lonely, another dog of compatible size and temperament could make the dog feel more comfortable.
519035 tn?1348275773 Okay so most of you know about me. I just wanted to tell you about my sad story about ears and my thyroid. I lived most of my life dizzy Depressed, Always had a problem swallowing. My parents put tubes in them when I was little. They fell out of course. Doctors kept blaming my cleft pallet on on them. Now as I am taking my synthroid every day for the last frew months, my head is becoming unclogged. I can swallowmy food. I still have a ton of fluid draining. It is a happy and sad moment.
1331115 tn?1536362140 so sad to read .....its really hard with the young ones they dont know what there getting them selfs into.....but do any of use really when where in active addiction??.....well go to her parents and try a family intervention Rick you know you cant stop here she has to want to stop but at least you guys can try to get her some help....could you tell how deep she was in it??
Avatar f tn A not untypical story here, I'm sad to say. Obviously, the chicken nuggets is a concern, because it will have all kinds of bad things in it - even the chicken is probably the lowest grade you can buy. On a more positive note, has your vet tried Mirtzapine? This can have wondrous effects on inappetence, stress and other kd symptoms. Also, if you know the blood numbers, let me have them - particularly for BUN, creatinine, phosphorus, RBC, potassium, calcium and amylase.