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1958630 tn?1343514470 I used to be sad or bored when my hubby was working. Then we got a dog so I would have company. The thing is dogs are not just dogs, they become family. My puppy is so loving and I love her so much. So today my landlord came and said we can't have her and she needs to go. I can't stop crying because she has been with me when nobody else was. She's So adorable and I would hate to loose her.
Avatar f tn which gives me cause for alarm. Yesterday, my sweet sweet dog died. She was only two and died from hanging herself on the fence. It has been the most traumatic experience I've ever dealt with . I can't eat .. I can't sleep .. and the tears won't stop . I know the pain will only heal with time but i am asking the risks I am posing for my baby . I am so nervous to miscarry but i can't seem to change my physical state .
9187090 tn?1406264221 So I came home today from the weekend at being at my boyfriends house & I walk in & my dog isn't inside, not outside either & my mom tells me "oh she must have got out again" its hard to believe she just "got out" especially since my mom told me she didn't want her here anymore. I'm just so sad cuss she was my buddy & I wanted her & my son to grow up together just like how I had my dog to grow up with me..
Avatar f tn Bearing in mind im a support worker but all i did yesterday was clean up other peoples mess walked into my house dog had chewd my new shoes!my House was a mess!! n I just lost it! But today I feel alot beter so yea it passes trust me. .but if it doesnt wat u need to do to b happy.
518117 tn?1429276273 So, this is not about my old girl and Paradise is just fine as well. Maybe I should go to the dog forum, but I feel the most comfortable in my cat forum. My 6 yr. old grandson's 4 yr. old dog Midnight got ran over last night. They found him along side the road and of course have buried him. My grandson does not yet know that his doggie is dead. He is due to be home from school in about a half hour. My grandson and Midnight were the very best of friends.
7607165 tn?1395780125 was so excited and my baby has been kicking allday today what a great moment she moved my whole belly to left im 21weeks but then got home not even 10 minutes my dog got hit by a car im so devastated my son left door open dog ran out so sad my dog is part of my family im praying he is ok and makes a full recovery I nvr knew how much dogs are like ur child!
Avatar f tn So I am unusually sad today. I know this can be normal and I know it will pass. Just finished 9th week shot last friday...covered in nasty rash from incivek...4 weeks to go and finished incivek. This is my second Tx go..relapsed after Tx was stopped last time...THis time Trace detected at 4 weeks...just wondering how others are feeling and questioning how I can possibly go through this for 48 weeks...feeling like weeping, so I am...hope others are feeling better..
Avatar f tn Hi and sorry to hear you dog seems sad. If you are feeding twice a day, it should probably be around the same times morning and evening and not afternoon and evening. If you are using a good quality dog food, you should not have to supplement. I doubt your dog is *sad* due to a food issue. It may either be ill with something or just bored. Do you have other dogs in the home? Maybe your dog just needs more mental and physical stimulation. Do you take regular walks with your dog?
8585833 tn?1399748005 ( I love my dog to death and if anything like that happened when I spayed her I would be bawling. Try not to beat yourself up about it though, you didn't know she was pregnant and you were only trying to be a good cat owner by spaying her. Say a prayer about it.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear about your puppy, that is so sad:( I lost my dog gizzy of 16 years less than 2 months ago and I cried like a baby, i still miss him. I do understand your pain and many of us here have animals that we love and helped us through the worst just by being at our sides. Congrats on a week clean, this is another test for you.
6832940 tn?1389242354 I failed my 3 hr glucose and today I learned I have to start testing 6 times a day and I have no idea what I'm doing or what my levels should be :/ all these dang drs are gone for Thanksgiving and it just feels like I'm not going to be able to enjoy my last 3 months of pregnancy. I get sad and frustrated just thinking about it. I don't really know what to eat or how much carbs and sugar I can but still stay in a good level.
1028452 tn?1537448484 So sad. That poor little dog. How alone and confused he must have been while traveling that same path day after day, waiting on his master who never returned. Thanks for sharing it.
296076 tn?1371334474 Tragic.... I'd like to know how a dog gets at a 4 day old anyhow. I am not father of the year material or anything, but my kids were either in their crib in the room in which their mother or I was in, and our dog couldnt get at the baby. Maybe it was mentioned and I missed it, but I wonder what happends to the pitbull now? If it was me.... well....
Avatar f tn Thanks for coming back. Lovely to hear from you. I know how bad it hurts. I lost a dog over 5 years ago and have another dog that I now adore, but still get sad when I think about that loss. It's natural. It really is a beautiful thing to love something so much, right? I'm glad you're healing. Have you been able to get another pet? I truly love being a caregiver to my dog. :>) Brings me great joy and worth the work.
455051 tn?1255826518 I can not keep her in the garage b/c no ventilation in there and that is not a place for a dog. If the day is fine and I let her out she stays in the yard for a while and then decides to jump the fence and go in the neighbors yard and they hate it. Numerous times I could not move where I wanted to b/c of the dogs so I would move to places that they can go, but now it is about my baby and what we have to do. I just do not want them put to sleep b/c they are sweet dogs and do not need that.
Avatar m tn Yes, depression can cause physical decline, but even an old dog who has got sad and down, that she feels her age, and has aches and pains, can maybe be cheered up. I don't really know about how wise it would be to get another dog in. That decision is really up to you, as you know her better than anyone else, and know better how she will feel about this. She might find it all too much....and then again, it might lift her spirits....I don't really know.
Avatar f tn Im in the same situation as you but we live with his fam somtimes i feel like he wants to stay here forever but he says he dont its me him and my two kids n dog in the same same small *** room and now we have a baby on the way in just a few weeks im 34 weeks btw and im suppost to be on bed rest im already 4 cm almost 5 but i feel very overwelmed and i dont feel the same love he once showed me i hope iy changes im here if u ever needa talk ik what its like not to have anyone i miss my fam so much
7607165 tn?1395780125 mom the whole house is my duty .I understand he works but washing dishes would be helpful im tired I hv a sick dog I feed and two kids at home I can use the help to wash dishes fight was so bad!!!I had to force him to wash dishes like a little boy what a shame so mad!
10939650 tn?1413976431 I came home from work on Monday, 21st and my dog had died. She looked like she was asleep and peaceful. She had thrown up a small bit but there was no urine and no bowel movement. She just looked like she was asleep. 9 year old cocker spaniel named Rebecca Jane Crane. I am so sad I could not be there with her. She was a wonderful, wonderful dog. I will miss her forever. Please help me understand this??? We recently moved, the week before.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering about the sudden death of my 9mo old Belgian Shepperd dog. I discover it early in the morning she was gone. The day before she died she was ok, playful. no sign at all that she's not ok. i don't know, im sad and very depressed of what happened. I cannot imagine that she was gone. Please give me advice or explanation of what happen. thank you.
Avatar f tn My husbands 14 year old dog had to be put down today after having cluster seizures the last three days. He loved that pup so much and i am so sad to see him suffering and just 2.5 weeks before my due date. I want so badly to comfort him and make his pain go away but that is impossible. Feeling helpless and sad.
93654 tn?1247499334 ve had dogs all my life, but I had never heard of this happening until my sister called me two days ago. Her dog has always had issues with the trash can in their kitchen- my sister suspected it was a behavior that carried over from her days as a stray. Anyway, her dog found a cracker box in the garbage that had a plastic lining in it. The box got stuck on her head and she suffocated.
Avatar f tn Call again!