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649848 tn?1534633700 In Berlin, two students at the Berlin University of the Arts have built a makeshift guillotine that they say they will use to kill a live lamb if the internet wills it so. The artists have set up a website, Die Guillotine, where you can watch a looping video of the guillotine and decide whether or not you want the lamb to die. There is also a short documentary about the project, which shows the artists smoking a hookah and building their contraption.
Avatar f tn We live on a farm out in the country and I love country names! I want a name that is different but on the lines of being country. Ant ideas? And, when is a good time to start to register? I'm 22 weeks today.
Avatar m tn Whenever we turn on the TV, log in to the computer, open a newspaper or listen to the radio we are so regaled with stories about the plight of people all around the world that we become vulnerable to stories by scam and con artists. I hav received Emails from different parts of the world telling me that I have won a lottery, am a heir apparent, the person needs a sponsor to get his money out of the country, etc.etc.etc.
Avatar n tn For those days when you really miss him and need to remember what he is doing for his family and country, then listen to Lonestar's "A message from home: a tribute to our troops". Although it brought me to tears every time and still does even though he's here, it helped hearing the different wives' stories and remembering I wasn't alone. You can always message me whenever you want and/or need to talk. Good luck and best wishes!
Avatar f tn I love country, Mostly aussie country but the tstuff that cmes outta USA is good to.Then my second fave would be pop. Just last night i was listening to julia and angus stone. A very easy listening band and my baby loves it.. his fave Big Jet Plane..
Avatar f tn Most legit artists and shops won't tattoo you if you're pregnant. Your risk of infection is higher, which means the infection can run in your blood stream and hurt your baby.
Avatar n tn I am a mother of a 3 an 4 year old. We recently found out we are pregnant. I was shocked to find out I am 15 weeks. I always had abnormal periods and put aa lot of symptoms off to holiday and work stress. My husband is military and gone a lot so all my a pts I am going to by myself with my kids. Its hard to entertain them and do what I need to do for the docter. He is going to be away the month of march and may and July right around my due date July 22.
738075 tn?1330575844 The best artists I know think their paintings s--k. The worst artists think all their work is great. My best friend is an awesome painter sells out all her shows. She gets so nervous. Today I went to the gallery to view her latest work and went home and called her and told her what I liked and why. As painters we get to close and lose perspective. I have known a lot of musicians. Nerves and being hard on yourself goes with being good.
233616 tn?1312787196 it started around the site of her tatoo and spread to all her body..and this leads to crippling arthritis. It is also ugly, disfiguring. So sad, and so preventable!! Tatooes put the immune system into hyper drive, and expose thousands to hcv and aides every day. Most "artists" and parlors don't autoclave (sterilize) their equipment properly.
518031 tn?1295575374 I am sure that most everyone has heard of the shooting today at the Holocaust Museum. What a sad event to happen to our country, and the strange part is the man was 88 years old and a WWII, vet. Thanks to a guard, who lost his life, saved many people. They are reporting that he must have jumped in front of the gunman. Why is there so much hate and destruction going on in this country.
163305 tn?1333668571 Paris was the country that was actually attacked and are still taking something like 30 thousand refugees. America...Home of the brave and land of the free?These refugees are fleeing the very thing that have americans shaking in their boots for. They have lived it and we at home fear the thought of it so we turn them out? I guess we will have to scrub the base of the statute of liberty if we keep this up.
Avatar f tn Most credible artists won't do it due to infection risk. Plus your skin is hypersensitive right now. I don't recommended it.
Avatar f tn but i feel lonely idk im happy but at the same time sad. is it the hormones im 37+1? I just feel like crying out really hard. maybe im just happy that we did this big step. i mean i was living w him for 3'yrs and now that were married i feel that i love him even more. that him and my bby are the reason why im happy why i wanna wake up every morning. Probably im just sentimental today. just needed to get this off my chest.
2216810 tn?1420856876 Hello, again ~~ I wasn't at your appointment, so I don't know how the doctor said it - the tone or facial expression he used. That adds a lot of context. But, as birdie0907 said, you're telling us he said, "if you don't help yourself....". As hard as it may be for you to hear this, there is some truth to what he said. Medication alone won't help any of us. It is simply one tool available to us.
172023 tn?1334672284 such a sad sad state our world is in..
Avatar f tn Love blues and old, classic country (not so much the newer stuff), alternative rock, and a handful of rap artists. Just kinda depends on my mood as to what I feel like listening to. I cannot stand the mainstream pop crap though. That's one thing I will never listen to. I like UB40 a lot too. My favorite song when I was a kid was 'Red Red Wine'. Awesome song!
1746242 tn?1318209702 I've watched tat artists at work and they are gloved with special gloves, on both hands, but not exactly like the gloves they wear at hospitals, wish I knew what they are called or made of... anyway, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to protect them selves when they know they will be working around blood.
Avatar f tn Higher risk of infection. Plus, most reputable piercing/tattoo artists will not pierce/tattoo any pregnant woman. Better to wait until you have the baby.
518117 tn?1429276273 But, they have one huge flaw when it comes to pets. They live about 9 miles out in the country from town. They did have 2 cats and 2 dogs. Well, now they no longer have Midnight. These animals are inside/outside pets. I though feel as a pet owner, that you should keep your pets safe and protect them, too. I told my daughter over and over, not to let these animals out to roam. They have lost 4 pets this way. Now, the number is 5, since Midnight is no longer with us.
Avatar f tn I did look at your profile and see you are from Australia. The only place I can refer to that may be like your Australia is Hawaii, and I used to winter there every year and do have to say that the photo and art opportunities are at a premium there and possibly also in your country. I was just reading about what the "experts" are saying about recovery now and most say that having a hobby that you love is half the battle.
Avatar f tn I watched that little girl get rescued, they showed it on CNN. To have seen this morning that she passed away broke my heart. Currently the hospital in Haiti only has 1 Haitian Dr. Can you imagine? Dr.'s Without Borders are there, but are in chaos as they too have missing members (they were there prior to the earthquake). Medical personal is arriving regularly, but there are still not nearly enough Dr.'s there to serve the injured.