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Avatar n tn Hi,my name is Alex, along time ago I had really beautiful,strong voice.after some time I had to move on, everything was good, I was happy, my life was great,and my voice was perfect, but after one year everything changed, I began to get mad sometimes, get sad, get stressful, it's been going on for 3 years, and now I a bit better, I mean I still get sad, and even mad, but more less, but my voice is lost, I mean it's now so weak, less of range, completely changed.
Avatar m tn However, the presence of an acoustic neuroma could not be excluded if widening of the internal acoustic canal was absent. It was not certain whether contrast filling of the internal acoustic canal occurred at M-CTC in the four cases so examined. One case of intracanalicular neuroma was diagnosed by gas- CTC, which is the most sensitive and reliable technique for detecting and excluding small tumors.
Avatar m tn acoustic reflex is a reflex associated with the stapedial muscle, sounds in the right ear can cause contraction in the left which is called contralateral reflex. Abnormal adaptations of this reflex can cause pain. Acoustic neuroma is one cause of such pain" I don' t know what to think about this, i have fluttering + tinnitus in one of my ear with no pain but i don't know if i have to worry or not. Is that true that acoustic neuroma can cause such disorders(pain/flutter) ?
Avatar n tn I've had suspected labyrinthitis for nearly six weeks now. The symptoms have been pretty mild all the way along and at this point the dizziness has all but disappeared - yet the hearing in my right ear is still fairly muffled and I have mild tinnitus pretty much constantly now. My doctor has referred me to an ENT specialist and said they would probably do a scan for Menieres and something called an acoustic neuroma, which I'd never heard of.
Avatar m tn I had my vocal chords damaged during intubation (2.5 hr. surgery). They kept telling me wait, it might be GERD, try this and that. Well, almost 2 years of suffering with a voice that sometimes was there and sometimes wasn't. It was very hoarse and I had trouble being heard. Next week I undergo "Direct Laryngoscopy" to remove vocal chord lesions. I have been told that I should have a 50% improvement in my voice and the lesions can come back.
Avatar f tn It could be a number of different conditions with an Acoustic Neuroma being one possibility. For more information about acoustic neuromas contact the Acoustic Neuroma Association in the US at There is also an association in Great Britain.
Avatar f tn I assume this is to rule out an acoustic neuroma. What other diagnosis might this be, acoustic neuroma are rare correct?
Avatar m tn (1) Was the onset of Tinnitus more likely than not to have been caused by Veterans Head Trauma and exposure to Acute Acoustic Trauma and/or combat related noise while on active duty in the Military 1965 thru 1968.
Avatar f tn It's difficult to say exactly what's going on without examining you, but if your problem doesn't get better gradually, see your surgeon. There are a number of unusual situations where you can have issues after a trach tube is taken out.
184342 tn?1282588750 (its starting to drown out the voices in my head, and now I feel lost not being able to hear them!)... so he scheduled me for an MRI to rule out Acoustic Neuroma... it is a tumor growning between your ear and brain, so far as I can tell, and typically they require surgery to remove, which could cause facial nerve loss, and hearing loss... so I am hoping that my ringing is due to some other random weird thing, like not wearing ear protection on job sites, or taking too much ibprofin.
5531927 tn?1445274919 t until 7 months from now to rule out a suspected acoustic neuroma. I saw an ENT who confirmed high frequency hearing loss in my left ear. My symptoms have changed from just fullness in that ear to frequent headaches, very mild tinnitus, one pupil is bigger than the other, and I can hear my eyes move when the room is quiet. That last one doesn't appear to be a normal acoustic neuroma symptom. Also, I have started feeling a bit dizzy but not like the room is spinning.
Avatar m tn Does anybody know if having a acoustic neuroma is any way connected with having MS?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma in 2/09. At the time I had fullness in my ear, minor imbalance and severe tinnitus. I continued to run and train for marathons. I ran my last one 10/09 and three months later I started to go downhill. My dizziness and imbalance increased, I started getting head motions on the back of my head, my eyes started doing weird things and I get conjunctivities quite often.
Avatar f tn I was at a concert last month that was very loud. It took a while for my hearing to recover completely but now that it has I noticed this screeching type overtone I hear when ever I play high notes on my guitar. It's on my acoustic and electric and its super loud. I was hoping it was just me overthinking this but I'm positive that it has to do with the concert. I just hope that there's a way to fix it. It's not tinnitus because it's not a ringing and it's not constant.
Avatar n tn He also has balance issues, memory issues, ringing in the ears and discharge from the ear. An ENT told him they believed he has an Acoustic Neuroma. Since disability sent him to that doctor, they never saw him again. I have recently got him into another ENT and theyve done an MRI. The doctor told him he has mastoiditis even though he has none of the symptoms. The first ENT was from a very highly recommended office and the 2nd ENT looks like hes high and has the giggles.
Avatar f tn Normally the hoarseness is pretty much gone after the first or second week. You may find that even your vocal chords were actually bruised around a bit with the intubation tube. This can take a little longer to heal than an easy intubation. Grazing can happen for many reasons. The vocal chords are too far down the throat to be able to have a drink or food to help them.
Avatar m tn Hi, there are acoustic filters with which you can reset the filters to your requirement. The filters are segregated according to need, like musicplugs, workplugs and bike plugs; so that you can pick and choose as per the purpose it is used for. So, ask for the acoustic filter range and chose the one most appropriate for you. Regards.
Avatar n tn 06) cm hypoechoic oval mass with a lobulated margin was found in my breast without posterior acoustic shadowing and enhancement and no increase in vascularity. I am BI-RADS 4 and impression is suspicious of malignancy. I will have a needle aspiration biopsy soon but what do all of these terms mean and what else might it be? I am thinking lobulated means irregular edges but am not sure.
681148 tn?1437661591 t know if it has anything to do with Fibromyalgia or not, but it is a type of muscle spasm. I remember how embarrassed I would get when the vocal chords would spasm while I was sitting in class while the teacher was lecturing. Everyone would turn around and look at me and the teacher would just glare at me like I was being disruptive and rude on purpose. Thankfully, he didn't decide to take it further and hold me after class.
787406 tn?1339203183 To come on suddenly would be medical emergency, and the cause could be the rupture of the papillary heart muscle (area that attaches chords to valve leaflets) or the chords could break away from the leaflets, etc. Sometimes perhaps the left ventricle can quickly enlarge and that would skew the opening (orifice), but there would be other signs and symptoms associated.