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377012 tn?1283965435 My son has been sick for 2 weeks now and his RSV test came back positive yesterday....his doctor did a chest x-ray and found patches on his lungs and thought that it may be pneumonia! he has to go back today at 2pm for more tests and if it is pneumonia then he has to be sent almost 2 hours away to see another doctor because she is unable to admit him to the is rsv different from pneumonia!!!????
Avatar f tn When that occurs it would be apparent on both chest X-ray and at autopsy. Were RSV bronchiolitis to have been the cause of death, that should have been evident at autopsy, even if the RSV was not isolated and identified. That neither was the case makes it highly likely that your daughter did not die of RSV infection of the lungs. With RVS infection of the central nervous system, involvement of the center that controls breathing might have been a factor.
Avatar n tn My son is 21nths and has just been recently diagnosed with RAD. In reading what the symptoms of RAD actuall are, I am concerned that my son has been incorrectly diagnosed. He does not have wheezing or difficulty breathing. He does however have severe congestion that doesn't help his breathing. The allergist we took him to stated that his adenoids were enlarged and she had us take an x-ray.
Avatar n tn for flu although they noted minor flu symptoms, RSV was negative, and her chest x-ray showed what may have been viral pnuemonia, however she had a chest x-ray 1 month previous and it had showed the same thing with no change. Does anyone have a clue as to what these #'s mean? She is not getting worse but on the other hand she is not getting better. All her pediatrician wants to do is diagnose her with asthma, regardless that she is showing signs of an infection not asthma.
Avatar m tn He said he could not tell me what it was for sure until the Radiologist had a chance to examine, but wanted him back in a week for another x-ray and more blood work. I asked him if it was pneumonia and he said no. Now he had RSV as a baby could this had left scarring in his right lung. He also has mongolian spoots on his buttocks someone had mention to me before that children that have those can have those on their lungs as well. Is this information I have retained from others at all possible?
Avatar n tn t help his breathing. The allergist we took him to stated that his adenoids were enlarged and she had us take an x-ray. We haven't received the results yet, but I guess I need to ask if it is possible to have RAD without those other symptoms??? Please help! Thank you!
Avatar f tn The only way this was detected was from an x-ray. Her lungs gave no sign from them listening to her. What could cause these air pockets to accure again if they should, and could the staph come from the rsv? She spent 5 days in Childrens Hospital and no one has an answere for this yet. She was hospitalized March 13th and we still have no answeres.
Avatar n tn t treated at all, it developed slowly into her chest and then still the 2nd visit nothing was giving to her(I mean NO X-Ray, nothing) and then I feel the RSV developed from all the other stuff. He agreed that it probably developed in that way. WHAT DO YOU THINK???? I guess I just needing some closure to try to understand why something besides an ear infection wasn't found. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, My son has been ill for seven weeks it started with a bacterial infection (streptacocle i think) in his chest & throat, which was treated with an antibiotic & he seemed to improve but the following week the infection came back;he has a chesty cough runny nose, high temp up to 40.4c and occasionally his lips turn Blue, I have seen 4 doctors and tried 3 antibiotics, a chest x ray & urine test have both come back clear....
Avatar f tn i just got the cause of death and it was RSV and pneumonia that took him from his family. Should the doctors have done a chest x-ray and blood work? should they have kept him in hospital due to already having a heart condition? Please if anyone can help.
377012 tn?1283965435 has been back and forth to the doctor with allergies, asthma, and other complications such as RSV he has been diagnosed with RSV twice in the past 3 months the last time was 6 weeks ago, and it has cleared up since! this morning he started coughing, having a runny nose, discharge from his eyes and wet coughing as well....i was just wanting to know how i could tell if he has fluid in his lungs????
Avatar n tn So, NJC-R.N.-DC, the RSV or Pneumonia could have been diagnosised at some point within the 3 doctor visits? All 3 visits we reported coughing, nasal conjestion and even the last visit on Dec 26th we report that plus green stuff when she would sneeze sometimes. Shouldn't an X-Ray or something been done? Are most doctors treating RSV cases like a common cold and not checking for anything else but a cold?
377012 tn?1283965435 10-18-08-----took him to doc and RSV was positive with possible pneumonia!!! 10-19-08-----took him back to docs for another review and x-ray shows patches on his lungs, so he does have RSV and Pneumonia...on top of that he is getting a viral infection!!!! this past week and a 1/2 has been the worst of all, i just wish he could hurry up and get rid of all of this, but i must be patient and continue getting him better!
Avatar f tn Had an X Ray at Southmead Hospital - consultant there says right hip is slightly dysplasic but says it's not the cause of the hip pain.
613872 tn?1513028824 Chest x-ray at FirstMed Center
Avatar f tn we were back in er and stayed at hospital again for wheezing chest x ray clear, rsv neg.. heading to pulm doc on friday. do you have any suggestions or questions i should ask??? i am in a fog i just want my happy non wheezing baby back.
Avatar n tn They said he had a really high heart rate and his chest was retracting and his fever was at 102.5. They ran bloodwork and did a chest X-ray while we were there and everything came back normal except his C-reactive Protein level was 7. His discharge papers say he had an URI.
Avatar n tn The ped. said he had RAD from what the x-ray showed but said that it could show but never suffer symptoms, or a chronic cough maybe the only symptom, may not ever have wheezing again(which he had only when he had the RSV(bronchiolitis) infection. Nebulizer treatments did not work for him. He breathes a bit rapid when he has a cold and will be very congested, nasal as well as chest, but not in his lungs..phew... Now he has been cold free for 5 days and his breathing is fine.
Avatar n tn i have my x ray result for my medical requirement going abroad and it say, PTB minimal right actively undetermined. what does it mean?do i have to give this a much attention? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Abnormal Chest xray Result</a>.
Avatar n tn m going in for a small bowel follow through x-ray on Friday and tomorrow I have to not eat at all and drink a laxative twice during the day. I've been given a list of things I can drink/eat. It includes things like water, 7up, apple juice.. basically anything clear. It notes Jell-o but also says nothing red. Does this mean I'm having yellow or green Jell-O or something? And I heard I can have soup broth, does anyone know if this is true?
Avatar n tn Ummm what does a X-ray have to do with STD'S
Avatar m tn I had seven consecutive neck X-Ray. How much chance of cancer?
424839 tn?1268186246 my latest back x ray for some reason the dr's still want me taqking the pain killers saying that I must still be in alot of pain