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Avatar n tn From what I understand, RSV is a viral infection that is usually present in hospitals. My son has had it while in the hospital for an extended period. As with any just about every virus, RSV is infectius. RSV is not a life time infection or causes any lasting effect, as far as I know. Your grandson probubly had a feveral seizure. As a parent, I don't know for sure, but this is what I have thought RSV is.
1368291 tn?1299629804 Well last week my 6yr old was sick all week and before he got sick his cousins at his grandmother's house were. He actually got sick from them while staying there when I had Ryan. The bad thing is on Friday I noticed Ryan getting a little stuffy. Saturday he was having lots of nasal congestion and coughing so I took him to the ER. He tested positive for RSV so the last few days have been scary.
Avatar m tn To be fair, myocarditis is not preventable, as far as we know. RSV infection, while preventable with giving a therapy called Synagis, is not indicated for patients with previous myocarditis. And, once contracted, is very difficult to treat. By the tone of your second question, I would recommend that, if you have questions about performance of a medical team, this is not the venue to discuss it.
377012 tn?1283965435 RSV is a respiratory son's symptoms: cough, congestion, runny nose, breathing issues.....i do have a runny nose but i have had a runny nose off and on for 4 weeks now!!! my lmp was October 18th-21st light pink/brown discharge....sorta spotting but not enough to wear a panty liner!!! my husband and i have been having unprotected sex for sometime now and were actively ttc and decided to stop in october before my lmp..........i should start AF in 5 days....
Avatar m tn im a 36 year old male had a cold for a week then had unprotected oral sex with a friend who only recieved oral 3 times after his last test, i didnt swallow but what is the risk of oral sex. I got sick again this time needing antibiotics 3 days in i started to feel better but then had night sweats 4th day and feeling tired should i worry that something is wrong and how long should i wait to take a test????
Avatar f tn To make this long story as short as I can, we hired a state certified babysitter to watch her during the day while we worked. On April 4th of 2000 we went to pick her up and the babysitter left the room to go get her from a back bedroom. After approximately 5 minutes, I looked over at my boyfriend (the biological father), and I whispered, "What is taking so long?
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
Avatar f tn RSV is one thing that I am really worried about. That is why I have taken Anna to the doctor 3 different times for the same cough. They always say her lungs are clear and have never even mentioned RSV to me. She feels fine during the day and is eating well. She has no fever and isn't seeming to have trouble breathing. Do you think she could still have RSV? My reason for not going back to the doctor is that where I live, flu and a serious stomach virus are really bad.
Avatar n tn It is also common for infants who have had respiratory syntactical virus (RSV) to go on to develop asthma. While possible, it is unlikely that your son’s issues, especially his upper respiratory issues, have been due to allergies. On the other hand, were excessive mucus production, which you refer to as "the drainage from everything”, the combination of premature lungs associated with impaired mucus clearance could present as pneumonia.
1347128 tn?1333810296 Your description of his continuing symptoms suggests that the lingering problem is limited to his nose and throat, not his lungs, which is what we have to worry about with RSV. I also gather that, while keeping his nose clear is the main problem that he is, otherwise, not in any respiratory distress. Also your statement that “he is a happy boy” is very encouraging, an important positive sign.
Avatar n tn My 12 month twin girls both had RSV in March with one hospitalized for 5 days on oxygen. One week after they were over the RSV they began coughing, just at night. The family doc we see first tried decongestants, then Zantac, and now we are doing albuterol/pulmicort nebs twice a day. Since they only cough at night does it seem possible that they are coming in contact with a bedroom allergy? The cough is loose and rattley sounding and sometimes they gag or vomit.
284738 tn?1283106819 he just got his 3rd and last synagis until rsv season starts back up again in october. the good news is, rsv season is almost over. unfortunately, our little ones got it at the very end. :( i know it's still out there even when it's not in season, but it's not as bad... hope your little one gets better soon!!
1346146 tn?1299360497 Well Lauren has rsv! My pedi also said adults can get it to!?!? Didn't know that. I guess that explains this cold type stuff I have. So she is on breathing treatments. We caught it early enough so hopefully it wont be so bad. Dh is also sick, my oldest son broke his foot last week at school and is in a nonwalking cast, and Lauren also bit my left breast last week while nursing and it's infected so im on antibiotics and she can't nurse from that side!
1690584 tn?1340297472 Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Saturday but was released earlier then she should have been due to Christmas. Her oxygen levels were still not staying up high but she is now doing better. She does have a partial collapse of the right lung and they want to no check her heart due to some blue around the mouth.
Avatar m tn Can RSV cause cardiac arrest in a child with passed myocarditis and would he qualify to recieve rsv shot to prevent him from getting it.
Avatar n tn Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is pretty much related to age. That is, as he ages, the frequency of RSV should progressively diminish.
Avatar n tn My husband and I lost our 4 1/2 month old daughter to RSV complicated by Bacterial Pneumonia. She was born healthy with no problems or complications. She had a cough since the first of October 2002. We took her to the doctor 3 times, Oct. 7th, Oct. 28 and & Dec. 26th. The doctor didn't treat her at all for any of the problems that we had advised him that she had been having. Her last visit was Dec . 26th. She had fever Christmas night and we took her the very next day.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
Avatar n tn So I took my DD to the docotr yesterday due to severe chest congestion, she also has a very runny nose and a fever. Well he did a nose swab on her because he thinks she might have RSV. HAs anybody out there experienced with any of thier children or know of somebody who has. I am still waiting for the docotr to call with the results but she seems to be getting worse. I looked some onfo on the internet but you guys on here are so informative so I thought I would ask.
Avatar f tn i'm 17 years old, and for the past while i've been experiencing either dull to sharp pains everywhere in my stomach and my back. its not in just one particular spot, its all over, they range from very dull to very sharp, sometimes it will go into my chest too. could there be something serious wrong with me? or does anyone know why i may be having all of these pains? i am 5'1, about 105 pounds, and my medical history is rsv virous and kidney infections.
2189208 tn?1339572701 n hate her shr talked so much ish bout me n my bf it drives me crazy while I was pregnant with my daughter she was talking to a friend drunk in front of me n said ”if only we didnt have to deal with thr baby mom n just get the baby” I hated her after that while my daughter was sick in the hospital she was in disney land n got mad cuz she had to come back my daughter past away from rsv a day later!!
Avatar m tn an infant has rsv i would like to know if a res.monitor is good for him and if the parents smoke could that cause any more harm. Also when a mother is pregnant and smoking and during delivery and smoking how much harm could that cause an infant?
Avatar m tn Dr, thank you for your contribution to this forum.
Avatar f tn A teacher that I work with has a baby in the hospital with RSV. She emailed that if you baby has a cough with no fever, please take them to get checked for RSV. My DD is 6 months old and has had a chronic cough for a long time. It seems to get better and then starts all over again. I have taken to the doctor for it three times, the last time a week ago today. Everytime they check her really good and say it is just drainage from a cold. She has not had any fever and feels good.
490418 tn?1209523379 My 6yr old son died due to complication from RSV in Feb. 2008. He did get Synagis until his third winter. He was in the hospital for most of RSV season his first two years and did not get RSV. The next year we were denied Synagis due to the cost. He ended up on a vent in the PICU for a week. The following winter he spent 10 days in the hospital with RSV. This year he spent the first week in PICU and the next two week on Eccmo. He died on his 6th birthday. We never even heard of RSV IG.