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Avatar n tn I have a 21 mnth old that has just been diagnosed with RSV. His coughing is lots better. He is using the nebulizer. I kept him home from daycare today, and now I have the weekend. When is it usually safe to send them back to daycare?
Avatar f tn I'm so tired and frustrated!!! DD gets sick every 4-5 weeks!! She is running a fever again, has a wet cough and a runny nose. She was just sick in the beginning of December and in the end of October bofore that. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. She is not in daycare so she cannot be getting it from the other kids. She rarely comes in contact with other kids (other than her brother who also stays home full time). What the heck is going on???
172826 tn?1423422956 it was not puke because it did not smell at all...he was happy after that so i tried him out for daycare he had a slight fever but had very red cheeks..well his fever was low grade but still a fever and he had the same liquid come up at daycare and after seeing the dr.. anyways the dr said...well the dr at the clinic said his lungs were perfectly clear...
Avatar n tn Did you decide to get the RSV shots for your baby? And are they going to be in daycare or exposed to other children alot? We only have 3 kids in the family that she would be around, and not if they are sick. Just looking for advice, sorry this got so long, and thanks for taking the time to read it and give advice!
Avatar n tn My second little guy got RSV at 10 weeks from daycare and we are still dealing with respitory problems and he will be 5 months next week. I hope you don't have to deal with RSV, our episodes were very scary and I almost had to hospitalize my second one, we were told we were lucky he was 10 weeks, a week or 2 younger and it could have been way worse.
284738 tn?1283106819 he just got his 3rd and last synagis until rsv season starts back up again in october. the good news is, rsv season is almost over. unfortunately, our little ones got it at the very end. :( i know it's still out there even when it's not in season, but it's not as bad... hope your little one gets better soon!!
Avatar m tn My neice is 16 months old and has been on anti-biotics almost 15 times since she was 5 weeks old. I am not convinced that she is just getting sick from daycare, because my sister tool her out for a while, ans she still got sick. She has had: Roseola countless ear infections strep throat tonsilitis double pneumonia adnovirus RSV eyes constantly runny and puffy hand/mouth.
146191 tn?1236877812 Carson had pneumonia at 11 weeks and RSV twice by 5months old, not to mention all of the other things. Cameron got RSV at 10 weeks from daycare, just got over pneumonia, and has had bronchitis and so many respitory problems. We have been advised to do what we can since they have respitory problems and the actual flu is more of a chest thing than the puking bug anyway. Couldn't hurt to get it, even if they do get sick, probably won't be as bad. We are getting the boys next week.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son has been getting out of control at daycare now for about 6 weeks. He is hitting, pushing, throwing toys, walking up to kids for no reason and kicking them or knocking down their toys, kicking chairs, kicking his teachers, punching his teachers and friends. We dont know what to do. He doesnt display this kind of behavior at home. So we figure it has to be something at the daycare. We just cant figure it out.
Avatar f tn RSV is a very serious complication with children under the age of 2, but it can affect anyone. It is a severe upper respiratory infection. If you've taken her to get checked out she has a clean bill of health, trust your docs! They take RSV very seriously. My newborn niece had RSV. She had a rattly cough in her lungs and had to have breathing treatments.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old son acquired severe RSV at 6 weeks old. Ever since then he now has virally induced asthma. So he's been hospitalized a few times with bronchiolitis when he was 1 years old. The typical treatment has been 2ce a day pulmicort and 3xs a day to every 4 hours of albuterol. If that didn't work they would add predisone and sometimes zithromax. And those combos knocked it out. Well he now has 3 weeks of a rattling cough that just doesn't go away.
Avatar f tn Poor little guy got RSV his first week at daycare at barely 10 weeks old. His oxygen level dipped below 90 so they had to watch him closely for awhile but decided to let us go home, my first son had respitory problems young too so they must have figured we could handle it. They also saw that the medication he was taking for acid reflux was not enough and added another one.
Avatar f tn If you feel up to it physically and since its family I personally only feel comfortable with family watching my kids I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old other kids getting baby sick Is a big risk but I would think it should be fine as long as the kids are washing hands and doing good manners I was a nanny for my boyfriends sister's kids for about 1 year and for a while after my last child was born I think I only took off a week and went back to work with my new born and her kids were always
Avatar n tn Some w/ ear inf., others with RSV, and some with bronchiolitis. My son has not been that sick. He has had two bouts of bronchiolitis (9mths apart)and a sinus infection, all in one year. He has had congestion that he can't get rid of and a cough ( not nearly as bad as others I have read). Although sometimes his cough makes him vomit. I guess my question is this.....Could he have been misdiagnosed? Or are there less severe symptoms that go along with RAD? Please help!
Avatar f tn s still within the age range of being at risk for getting RSV. Since his older brother had it when he was 9 months old it was so scary I dislike the winters because I fear every cold/cough they get. Has the RSV season begun already? My kids just started getting this cough, all of them have been just fine even my 3 yo until an hour ago...7pm. He has been breathing rapidly (53) since then but he doesn't have a fever or crying. He's sitting down now watching a video now.
Avatar n tn you also might want to ask your cardiologist or primary doctor about if your little one should recieve the synagis vaccine. this is to help lesson the effects of RSV (this is a viral infection) most kids can fight it off, if they are healthy to begin with. i am not sure if your little one would qualify. I wouldn't see why not. this infection from what I was toldif it affects newborns who are premmeis have a heart condition, lung issues and a low immune system.
Avatar n tn Maybe go for a second opinion. I would.. It very well could be RSV. My daughter has alot of the same symptoms and they are tryign to figure out what it is.. does he seem to be in distress when his lips turn blue... or does anything about him change when he has a fever... or coughing??? If your doctor isnt giving you proper advice. Go get a second opinion.
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
Avatar n tn During the course of this viral infection, a child can develop a secondary bacterial infection. The symptoms of this infection can be more severe in nature than the RSV and lead to higher temperature and greater difficulty. This can happen quite quickly. The source of this infection could be from the ears or sinuses or directly into the lungs. I hope this helps answer some of your questions.
Avatar n tn He has all of the symptoms of RSV...they did the mucous test and said he has moderate case and that the ventolin and cortisone inhaler will help make him comfortable, although I am losing faith in his Dr. since I was the one that was showing the most concern for an answer. We have been in to see her once a week for 12 weeks...he has ran 2 very high fevers that lasted days each one, along with crying when this a true diagnoses or is she covering her tracks for treatment?
372328 tn?1214776427 I would suggest you take her in now, just to rule out RSV (peak season runs from Oct -March). It's a quick nose swab test. When my daughter was 9 mo old, she had similar symptoms and I wish i hadn't waited so long. She did have RSV and needed nebulizer treatments to help treat it. Had I waited another day or so, we probably would have ended up in the hospital. Don't mean to scare you, but RSV can be very serious in kids under 2.
676606 tn?1229937962 Ok I have a long question...I have a 3year old daughter....she is in daycare...she has always seemed to be more sick then my other two 7weeks she was hospitalized for RSV...and the months to follow it was illness after another...croup, fifth disease, rotroviruses, recurrent ear infections, and lots of "colds"....Last feb. started a long long road...she was seen at the er...with sinusitis and strep throat...the thing is she never got better...
676606 tn?1229937962 Ok I have a long question...I have a 3year old daughter....she is in daycare...she has always seemed to be more sick then my other two 7weeks she was hospitalized for RSV...and the months to follow it was illness after another...croup, fifth disease, rotroviruses, recurrent ear infections, and lots of "colds"....Last feb. started a long long road...she was seen at the er...with sinusitis and strep throat...the thing is she never got better...
425962 tn?1285086458 ~( It took forever to go away!! Dalton was hospitalized for the same thing only he had both ears infected, along with one of his ear drums busted:~( Taylor was checked yesterday because she wasnt eating and I her ears looked fine. Poor babies!