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Avatar n tn If the adult has the RSV, then the infant can be at risk. It spreads easily from person to person through the contact of respiratory secretions. Factors that contribute to infants and small children for developing severe RAV infection: Infants born premature; Infants less than 6 weeks old; Infants with congenital heart disease; those with chronic lung issues; and immunodeficiency.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
Avatar n tn Bronchiolitis is usually caused by a viral infection, most commonly respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). RSV infections are responsible for more than half of all cases of bronchiolitis and are most widespread in the winter and early spring. ___________ It sounds like the relationship of bronchiolitis and asthma is still being studied. In the meantime, I would work to ease the other factors, such as exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke, that he might be exposed to. Good luck!
Avatar n tn the chance your partner had HIV and the statistical likelihood of transmission based on the details of the sexual exposure. It is estimated that about 1% of the Dominican Republic population is HIV positive, which is substantially higher than in the US as a whole, but not much different than among African Americans in the US. The overall HIV/AIDS rate in DR is not as high as in the Bahamas or Haiti, and not nearly as high as in sub-Saharan Africa.
Avatar f tn I read a comment that said there are risk factors that may play a role in one having MS and that a prior infectious trigger is one. I've ALWAYS been a magnet for UNUSAL diseases. scarlet fever, immuno-thrombocytopenia , chicken pox (2x). Could any of these have led to RRMS? Thanks for any light on this.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering what some of the causes were and if you perhaps were told of risk factors that could lead to not carrying to full term. I am sorry for your loss if you have experienced it, I know very well what a shock and emptiness it can leave and it changes you forever. Hope you can give advice so many women can be more informed.
Avatar m tn could you tell me what the risk factors would be for a single encounter. received oral sex and the condom broke once during anal sex with a male. They have recently told me they are HIV positive and I the negative person. I completed a rapid HIV test at 36 days which returned a negative result but am still beyond scared of what the future might hold.
Avatar f tn My last child is 3 yo so I think he's still within the age range of being at risk for getting RSV. Since his older brother had it when he was 9 months old it was so scary I dislike the winters because I fear every cold/cough they get. Has the RSV season begun already? My kids just started getting this cough, all of them have been just fine even my 3 yo until an hour ago...7pm. He has been breathing rapidly (53) since then but he doesn't have a fever or crying.
Avatar n tn Right after she was born her doctor signed an order that she could get the RSV shots starting Nov. 1st. At her 1 month Appt on Sept 24th she weighed 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, and has been doing great, she will not be in daycare, we don't have any other kids, and her doctor didn't think she would need the shots because she is doing so great and insurance wouldn't cover them because we don't have 2 qualifing factors.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of long term consequences to RSV? I have read that he may be at an increased risk for asthma which really worrries me. Please pray that he gets better soon and stays well!
Avatar m tn Dr, thank you for your contribution to this forum.
Avatar n tn I am assuming that the WPW was ablated and if so then he is at low risk for recurrence of the SVT. If ablation was not undertaken, and he is on medications for prevention, then I would say he still can undergo routine day care with low risk of recurrence.
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
Avatar f tn I took my 4 week old to the ER and they told me he has RSV. They just gave me a paper on it, They didn't really tell me what to do except suction out his nose. I read the paper ad it told me that in mild disease that no specific treatment is necessary. So I guess he is only a mild case, but I don't know how to tell if he is getting worse. I read on another site that family history of asthma puts him at a higher risk for becoming a severe case. I am know wen he is getting worse?
1690584 tn?1340297472 Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Saturday but was released earlier then she should have been due to Christmas. Her oxygen levels were still not staying up high but she is now doing better. She does have a partial collapse of the right lung and they want to no check her heart due to some blue around the mouth.