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Avatar m tn Wife of 15+ years and I each have occasional oral lesions and never genial, engaged in mutual oral then next day I noticed an oral lesion. 1. Risk of her developing genital rsv 1 lesions? 2. She started acyclovir 800 mg 5 X daily about 20 after exposure, is this likely to help her avoid infection?
Avatar m tn ENTA) announced that it has expanded its research and development programs within the company’s core focus areas of virology and liver disease to include new programs to treat hepatitis B virus (HBV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections. Enanta also announced that the first subject was dosed in a phase 1 clinical study with EDP-494, its cyclophilin inhibitor for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV).
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Avatar n tn I am on desensitization for my allergic disorder and have been told that I can not be on beta blockers for migraine prophylaxis. However, this is the only class of prophylaxis I have not tried. Do you have any further suggestions? ========================================================================= Thanks for your question. Although the results are not absolutely conclusive, there seems to be a statistical correlation between asthma and migraine.
Avatar m tn It's not A study, it's an informational page with data collected from numerous sources (all which are listed). You're spending WAY too much time on this.
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Avatar m tn Treatment of Esophageal Varices With Carvedilol Nonselective beta blockers or endoscopic band ligation (EVL) are recommended for primary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding in patients with esophageal varices.
1690584 tn?1340297472 Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Saturday but was released earlier then she should have been due to Christmas. Her oxygen levels were still not staying up high but she is now doing better. She does have a partial collapse of the right lung and they want to no check her heart due to some blue around the mouth.
Avatar n tn Recurrent UTI, with or without VUR, is the most common reason for long-term antibiotic prophylaxis in infants and children. However, the efficacy and importance of long-term antibiotic prophylaxis have not been assessed in well-controlled, prospective studies. Nitrofurantoin, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole have been used as prophylactic antibiotics for the prevention of UTI in children. Such medications are mostly safe in children for the long-term prophylactic therapy.
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Avatar m tn it proves nicely that even high doses of RSV are unlikely to have any effect on HCV replication in vivo in man. How so? On page 187 Fig 2 you will see the effect of increasing micromols of RSV on fold replication of the HCV construct, readout by the luciferase assay. On page 188 similarlily in fig 4 the effect on the subgenomic replicon cells. RSV in micromols/Liter vs fold replication enhancement. Good work, we assume.
Avatar m tn Can RSV cause cardiac arrest in a child with passed myocarditis and would he qualify to recieve rsv shot to prevent him from getting it.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
Avatar n tn The active constituent is believed to be a substance called sesquiterpine lactone, which has significant anti-platelet activity, anti-prostaglandin activity, and an irreversible inhibitory effect on smooth muscle in the lab. The extract was apparently efficacious in migraine prophylaxis in a study from UK published in 1988 in Lancet, without significant side effects over a few months.
Avatar f tn A teacher that I work with has a baby in the hospital with RSV. She emailed that if you baby has a cough with no fever, please take them to get checked for RSV. My DD is 6 months old and has had a chronic cough for a long time. It seems to get better and then starts all over again. I have taken to the doctor for it three times, the last time a week ago today. Everytime they check her really good and say it is just drainage from a cold. She has not had any fever and feels good.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am currently participating in a home-study course to receive Medical Transcriptionist Certification. In one of my reports, (Cardiology Consultation Report), it states the patient was placed on Isodil and then diltiazem. I am unable to find any place in my references that has the medication "Isodil". Is this a cardiac medication and am I spelling it correctly? Could you help me with answers as to dosages and information about Isodil or it's generic form? Thank You.
490418 tn?1209523379 My 6yr old son died due to complication from RSV in Feb. 2008. He did get Synagis until his third winter. He was in the hospital for most of RSV season his first two years and did not get RSV. The next year we were denied Synagis due to the cost. He ended up on a vent in the PICU for a week. The following winter he spent 10 days in the hospital with RSV. This year he spent the first week in PICU and the next two week on Eccmo. He died on his 6th birthday. We never even heard of RSV IG.
Avatar n tn My son is going to be 2 months old soon and a couple of days after he was born they told me he has RSV, i have been in and out of the hospital so many times and he dose not seem to be getting any better. I have read everybody stories and How they lost their loved ones and i am so scared that it might happen to my son. Please is there anything that i can do to prevent this from getting worse???