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377012 tn?1283965435 10-19-08-----took him back to docs for another review and x-ray shows patches on his lungs, so he does have RSV and Pneumonia...on top of that he is getting a viral infection!!!! this past week and a 1/2 has been the worst of all, i just wish he could hurry up and get rid of all of this, but i must be patient and continue getting him better!
377012 tn?1283965435 how is rsv different from pneumonia!!!????
Avatar f tn My great granddaughter was just diagnosed with RSV and slight pneumonia. I have snot heard of RSV, could you explain what it is and how it should be treated.
377012 tn?1283965435 the reason i thought it could be pneumonia is because of the way is chest moves when he breathes and because RSV can cause pneumonia to be set up in your system since your system is low especially in toddlers!
Avatar f tn I have a 2 1/2 month old granddaughter who was disgnosed with RSV pneumonia, my daughter took her to the er on sunday for really bad coughing and wheeezing. The ER doctor sent her home telling my daughter it was only upper respiratory she got worse a few days later and when she got to her peds doctor she was told her daughter has tested positive for rsv pneumonia and had to be admitted to the hospital ASAP. My daughter was so upset and didn't understand how she got this illness.
Avatar m tn im a 36 year old male had a cold for a week then had unprotected oral sex with a friend who only recieved oral 3 times after his last test, i didnt swallow but what is the risk of oral sex. I got sick again this time needing antibiotics 3 days in i started to feel better but then had night sweats 4th day and feeling tired should i worry that something is wrong and how long should i wait to take a test????
Avatar n tn My husband and I lost our 4 1/2 month old daughter to RSV complicated by Bacterial Pneumonia. She was born healthy with no problems or complications. She had a cough since the first of October 2002. We took her to the doctor 3 times, Oct. 7th, Oct. 28 and & Dec. 26th. The doctor didn't treat her at all for any of the problems that we had advised him that she had been having. Her last visit was Dec . 26th. She had fever Christmas night and we took her the very next day.
Avatar f tn they start out with congestion and then a cough which has lead to bronchitis,pneumonia,and rsv?which out of those 6 months each one has had pneumonia,with rsv together and by itself?and my 2yearold has had bronchitis more? I keep taking em to their pediatrician and our hospitals ER and they just continue antibiotics with breathing treatments and steriods?what should i do?
Avatar f tn My 11 week has rsv .. He was full term .. Has any other mother had this in a infant ..
Avatar n tn We were also told that he has a severe case of acid reflux. He has had rsv(twice) and has had pneumonia. We are being told that he should out grow this at about 2 years old, but nothing I have been able to find supports this. Can anyone help me find more information about this. I have not been able to find out much info on this. Let alone any cases of having all three malacias.
Avatar f tn I took my 6 week old (1 week old adjusted) daughter to the Dr. for a runny nose/congestion and a cough. He told me she has a cold. The other day I suctioned out her nose with the bulb and there was blood in it along with yellow/green mucus. I told her Dr but he just said it sounds like a sinus infection but didn't offer any meds. Today I noticed she's breathing fast but I don't know if its just because she's congested?
Avatar n tn Last year he had pneumonia 5 times between April06 and January 07, then a week long hospital stay in Feb for RSV.... since then they sent him for allergy testing and he scored allergies to just about every type of tree, grass, and mold.... so he is starting allergy shots along with Zyrtec, Singulair. He has been on the FloVent inhaler since march and has done really well with it.
Avatar f tn My daughter passed away when she was just over 1 year old and an autopsy was performed. The only thing found was RSV on her brain. Everything else, including heart and lungs were normal. I just want to know, should they not have also been able to find this in her lungs as well, if this is what she died from? Keep in mind, she was not sick prior to her death, and she was born full term....9lbs 6 1/2oz.
172411 tn?1287086265 RSV is a virus that is quite common at this time of the year - do whatever the doctor tells you and your little one will be good - untreated and uncared for, RSV can go into pneumonia, etc - its a lot of respiratory symptoms, similar to a cold or flu and seems to effect infants most commonly - probably because they are so small and immune systems are weak - do what the doctor says - and your little guy will be ok
Avatar m tn Dr, thank you for your contribution to this forum.
Avatar m tn My friend's son was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with RSV, double pneumonia, and staph in the lungs. He has been in ICU for about a week and I'm wondering how long he could possibly stay in the hospital.
1675651 tn?1304277523 At 16 months he had another round about of RSV which of course brought on more pneumonia and bronchitis and severe sinus infections. He had two sets of cat scans that determined his sinuses to be very blocked and swollen with mucinal thickness. He was tested for CF by his immunologist/ pulmonary specialist but it was negative. He was determined to have childhood asthma. In all of this he was having pain in his boy parts and ultrasound showed he had microlethiasis.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 2 years old. About 9 months ago she got RSV and phemonia and was hospitalized. Since then she's been hospitalized 7 times. They thought she may have got asthma from the RSV which is common, but they don't think so anymore. She can't handle the common cold. Her O2 stats go down to 86, breaths per minute around 60. The olds she gets aren't even bad. It could just be a stuffy nose. They usually give her breathing treaments and steriods. Neither seem to really help.
Avatar f tn Hello, my daughter, age 3, had a bronchoscopy and CT scan after repeated bouts of pneumonia in the same spot, right middle lobe. This all started after a severe RSV/pneumonia hospitalization as an infant. Her CT scan was read as "mild bronchiectasis" in the right middle lobe, same spot as her atelectasis. We know for sure that her last bout of pneumonia in march never fully cleared, b/c we did X-rays every 3 months. So she's had this atelectasis spot for quite awhile now.
Avatar f tn She has undergone testing for H1N1, RSV, and had xrays to confirm the pneumonia. She was given antibiotics through the IV and sent home on 2 different antibiotics, including azithromyocin, She was also allergy tested- negative for all. She has been diagosed with asthma and is currently taking singulair, pulmacort thru the nebulizer, and albuteral as needed. We have been running a humidifier in her room as well as an air purifier and she still has a cough.
Avatar n tn Could be a relapse of lymphoma he said, although odd he never had lymphoma in the mediastinal nodes; However he had RSV and a resistant pneumonia in January that was near fatal; chest tubes and laproscopic surgery to remove all the pockets of infection that would not drain. The pneumonia was resistant to most drugs and he had to be on IV meds for 5 or 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn 10 week old - adm. with RSV..1 yr old - adm. with RSV...1 yr old - adm. with bronchitis..2 yr old - adm. with neumonia, then for colapsed lung, then for double pneumonia. Everytime it was between Nov. and Feb. Then, on Sat. Sept. 8th he developed a fever with no other symptoms. The fever lasted until Sun. evening. I started giving him albuteral and took him to the doctors on Mon.The doc said his lungs were clear and the fever gone but had ulcers in his mouth.
Avatar n tn Last year he had pneumonia 5 times between April06 and January 07, then a week long hospital stay in Feb for RSV.... since then they sent him for allergy testing and he scored allergies to just about every type of tree, grass, and mold.... so he is starting allergy shots along with Zyrtec, Singulair. He has been on the FloVent inhaler since march and has done really well with it.
Avatar n tn Did they diagnose him with RSV? Usually they will have you neb them, but it's a virus and they don't give an antibiotic right away, so it coud very well be something else, like an infection.
Avatar f tn My 3 y.o. Daughter has been diagnosed with RAD after having RSV once and Pneumonia twice and in between all that she has had bronchitis and croup several times. It all happens if she is exposed to weather or anything that can cause allergies. She also gets a cold ten times worse than normal. This morning at 1, she started wheezing and coughing out of control. We spent the weekend at a reunion in the cold wind. I think that is what caused it. I think it's croup again.