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Avatar n tn Are they checking his oxygen saturation level? This is done with a tiny finger or toe monitor that has a red light on it. If his sats are consistently good, that's a good sign that he is coping well. Does the pediatrician see him every day, or are you only seeing a resident? If you are only seeing a resident and are not happy with the care being provided, insist on talking with the chief resident about your baby's plan of care.
1346146 tn?1299360497 Well Lauren has rsv! My pedi also said adults can get it to!?!? Didn't know that. I guess that explains this cold type stuff I have. So she is on breathing treatments. We caught it early enough so hopefully it wont be so bad. Dh is also sick, my oldest son broke his foot last week at school and is in a nonwalking cast, and Lauren also bit my left breast last week while nursing and it's infected so im on antibiotics and she can't nurse from that side!
Avatar f tn I just had my beautiful son on Nov 30 th! And already he is sick! My baby was taking to hospital 3days ago. And I found out he had RSV it's a viral affection u get from being around someone sick. My daughter had a bad cold and I assuming he got it from his big sissy which is only 1 by the way but it's sad because how do u tell ur 1 old to stay away from there baby brother.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
Avatar m tn My mom is 81. Mothers Day she had a stroke at a restaurant. She was able to get the tpa within the 4 hour window. She was in the hospital until Friday and has been in a rehab center ever since. I see little improvement. Rehab ends in two weeks. I expect to get the "she has reached a plateau" speech my aunt got in 2009 which led to a 2 1/2 year nursing home stay before death. I don't think 3 weeks in rehab is enough. She cannot lift herself up.
Avatar f tn Hi, you're asking how to take Plan B the termination pill because being pregnant the second time right after giving birth would be REALLY unwelcome. Well, you need to talk to your doctor about a couple of things. First, if you are nursing, can you take Plan B. You most likely can but I'd double check. Hormones are involved in breast milk production and Plan B is a big dose of hormones.
Avatar f tn I never had any pain or trouble. Plan on breast feeding my second. I know a lot of people who did have trouble though. Everyone is different.
Avatar n tn My son is going to be 2 months old soon and a couple of days after he was born they told me he has RSV, i have been in and out of the hospital so many times and he dose not seem to be getting any better. I have read everybody stories and How they lost their loved ones and i am so scared that it might happen to my son. Please is there anything that i can do to prevent this from getting worse???
765043 tn?1234583003 My son is 2 months. He has RSV. On top of that hehas pnemonia and Broncialitis. I am concerned. He has been on life support for a week exactly today. They have him on antibiotics for infection for phnemonia. ANd they say the rsv has to run it's course. But of course he is getting treatments. Such as pounding, suctionning after his IPV treatments. He had already been in the NICU after giving birth to him for 3 1/2 weeks. He had premaure lungs. 35 weeks old at birth. Jaundice. 1 apnea spell.
Avatar f tn / i didnt kno y i took him to the ER and to his 1week check up n they didnt seem to care that he was Coughing a bunch n sneezing n very congested! Finally a few days ago i took him in again to the ER n they found out he has a virus newborns have been getting its Called Rsv n if they would have tested it before they would have found it i was So pissed!!! So now today we got out of the childerns hospital they sent him home with oxygen but to me he still seems bad but they that he was Fine!!
Avatar f tn That depends in the severity of the RSV. Right now my daughter (she's 18 months) has a very mild version of RSV.
Avatar f tn The use of E-33 for diabetic wound care is not acceptable nursing home practice.
Avatar f tn Now I also have a head cold and am assuming that it is what he has. I am nursing exclusively so I know he will be getting my antibodies. What, if anything, more should I do? It is funny how, even though he is my second, I am unsure if what I am doing is correct!
Avatar f tn My daughter is 2 years old. About 9 months ago she got RSV and phemonia and was hospitalized. Since then she's been hospitalized 7 times. They thought she may have got asthma from the RSV which is common, but they don't think so anymore. She can't handle the common cold. Her O2 stats go down to 86, breaths per minute around 60. The olds she gets aren't even bad. It could just be a stuffy nose. They usually give her breathing treaments and steriods. Neither seem to really help.
Avatar f tn My 82 yr old grandmother was rushed to er room 22 days ago - she was in a nursing home because of diabetes which will go from 40 to 500 in an instant and the beginning stages of dementia. She had a heart attack in the ambulance and it took 2 mins to revive her. She stayed in ICU on a ventilator for 11 days. During that time she had a chest tube put into her left lung for a hole that showed up and fluid retention.
377012 tn?1283965435 (crying all night) so i left out some info! in Oct. he was diagnosed with RSV and then again at the end of Nov.-first of Dec. he had it again! unfortunately RSV can take up to 8 weeks before it is released from your system hence why he had it twice in 2 months....the reason i thought it could be pneumonia is because of the way is chest moves when he breathes and because RSV can cause pneumonia to be set up in your system since your system is low especially in toddlers!
Avatar n tn Megan is off the vent during the day (unless she is recovering from a RSV or pneumonia). But, she still requires the vent pressure at night (sometimes a half a liter of oxygen when she is really tired). We only have ONE pediatric pulmonologist here in Wichita. We aren't convinced that Kansas is up on all the ways of vent weaning. This doctor claims that this process may take years and that Megan will have to go through 2 colds before she will take the trach out, etc..
213739 tn?1215486009 I definately think he needs to be seen since he is having trouble breathing. I know that the pediatric group we go to has multiple locations, and one of them is open 7 days a week for these types of things. And a nurse is always on call. If you don't have that option, is it possible to go to an urgent care rather than the ER? Our urgent care is farther away, but I would try that first if it isn't life threatening. These are just some other ideas for you.
Avatar m tn Can RSV cause cardiac arrest in a child with passed myocarditis and would he qualify to recieve rsv shot to prevent him from getting it.
Avatar n tn what is the plan of care yhe patient suffering from lacunar farct?
Avatar f tn Have any women thought of choosing "kangaroo care" over the normal care of having a nurse wash and.swaddle before he/she is handed If you have thought about it what's option are you wanting to be part of.your birth plan or if you have chosen to this way how was the.experience?
Avatar m tn It's a good thing to consider because there will be someone who will look after for your loved ones 24 hours a day who are having this kind of disease. In fact, some families consider a nursing home for their aging loved ones who mostly facing Alzheimer also. They believe that any nursing home can accommodate and will take care of their loved ones, as well as to protect them and make them feel valued and loved.
Avatar m tn All of the nursing homes are crummy and I don't agree with a nursing home stay as a cure or treatment for depression. Nursing homes are necessary and fulful a definite need, but psychiatric treatment is not one of those needs. In the best nursing homes there is a shortage of staff. They treat "depression" with a chemical straightjacket. Furthermore, the diet in most homes is lacking and good nutrition is part and parcel of treatment for depression.
Avatar f tn A teacher that I work with has a baby in the hospital with RSV. She emailed that if you baby has a cough with no fever, please take them to get checked for RSV. My DD is 6 months old and has had a chronic cough for a long time. It seems to get better and then starts all over again. I have taken to the doctor for it three times, the last time a week ago today. Everytime they check her really good and say it is just drainage from a cold. She has not had any fever and feels good.