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Avatar n tn Why would our pediatrician prescribe him xopenex, pulmicort, and amoxicillin all in the first visit and BEFORE the mucus sample lab test results even came back?
372328 tn?1214776427 I would suggest you take her in now, just to rule out RSV (peak season runs from Oct -March). It's a quick nose swab test. When my daughter was 9 mo old, she had similar symptoms and I wish i hadn't waited so long. She did have RSV and needed nebulizer treatments to help treat it. Had I waited another day or so, we probably would have ended up in the hospital. Don't mean to scare you, but RSV can be very serious in kids under 2.
Avatar n tn I have a 21 mnth old that has just been diagnosed with RSV. His coughing is lots better. He is using the nebulizer. I kept him home from daycare today, and now I have the weekend. When is it usually safe to send them back to daycare?
Avatar n tn My son is 10.5 mths old, for the last 12 weeks he has been suffering from RSV...for the first month we were give a bronchodialter, which helped for 2.5 weeks....finally after much persistance the pediatrician pegged him as having Irritable Airway Disease as well. Is this RAD? We have him on a few inhalers...what should we be looking for or is there any other treatment available? He has all of the symptoms of RSV...
193609 tn?1292180293 They did a breathing treatment while we waited for the RSV test to come back. (he is getting the RSV vaccine) After the test came back negative we had to do another breathing treatment. They finally sent us home with a nebulizer and I have to give him a breathing treatment every 4 hours until we can get into the ped on monday!!! If its not one thing its another with this kid!!!!
593530 tn?1263847957 I brought Brody to his pediatrician last week because he was very congested. After a nose swab was tested it was determined that he has RSV. Since it's a virus it can't be treated with antibiotics, so she instructed me to get a cool mist humidifier and keep his nasal pasages clear by using saline solution. The only symptom he's had is the congestion. There's no fever, coughing, mucous coming out, etc.
Avatar n tn the illness is treated symptomatically with tylenol for fever, vaporizer to aid in easy breathing, nebulizer if RSV is mod/severe, oxygen if it is severe! be sure wash your hands frequently, wash clothing/bedding, clean her toys, minimize spreading the virus! anymore questions...
Avatar m tn I was in the ER a year ago because I felt like I was suffocating to death, and was hearing crackles in my chest. RSV B virus according to the nasal aspiration test lab results. (RSV-a pleasant way to die-you slowly suffocate but don't have any of the nasal sinus throat pain that comes with flu.) Xrays were negative but oxygenation rate was 85% and they gave me oxygen and an Albuterol nebulizer treatment, discharged home with antibiotics and an inhaler.
Avatar f tn RSV is one thing that I am really worried about. That is why I have taken Anna to the doctor 3 different times for the same cough. They always say her lungs are clear and have never even mentioned RSV to me. She feels fine during the day and is eating well. She has no fever and isn't seeming to have trouble breathing. Do you think she could still have RSV? My reason for not going back to the doctor is that where I live, flu and a serious stomach virus are really bad.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 2 1/2 years old. She has been hospitalized once for pneumonia and RSV, she has had her tonsils and adenoids removed, and tubes put in her ears. However she has a constant cough. She is currently being treated for allergies, which I do believe she has during summer months, but I also believe she may have asthma. She has had ear infection after ear infection and has just began another round of the persistent barking cough with runny nose and fever.
1347128 tn?1333810296 My 3 month baby had RSV when he was 6 weeks old, but since then, he has a phlegm sound, that is always there.
Avatar f tn She has undergone testing for H1N1, RSV, and had xrays to confirm the pneumonia. She was given antibiotics through the IV and sent home on 2 different antibiotics, including azithromyocin, She was also allergy tested- negative for all. She has been diagosed with asthma and is currently taking singulair, pulmacort thru the nebulizer, and albuteral as needed. We have been running a humidifier in her room as well as an air purifier and she still has a cough.
192918 tn?1199451179 Yes-two of my girls had RAD as a result of a virus. They both for the most part outgrew it but they did need nebulizer treatments when they were little. They still do wheeze a little bit more when they get a cold, too. RAD is usually triggered by something. Usually a virus.
Avatar n tn My dd has been hospitalized twice for it - just a day in the hospital one time and the other was just a trip to the ER. Since uses the nebulizer quite frequently - just about any time she gets a cold now. Just recently our dr put her on a preventative course of meds - a steroid nebulizer at night and also Singulair. We are going to do that until April and see if she needs to continue that past the winter season. My oldest dd (now 3) had RSV as an infant.
Avatar n tn my grandbaby was taken to the er on sun and was admitted with a low oxygen sat level. they diagnosed rsv and he was put in ox tent given steroids and started on breathing treatments. We never realized how sick he was as he has had cronic cough and ear infections for weeks without the meds doing much good. today he is home and is good for a while then crashes with no energy for a few hours then up about 15 mins and crashes. Dr told us to watch for this and keep eye on fever.
Avatar n tn My seven month old has had a runny nose (clear mucus) and cough for around one month. In the past week he has had difficulty sleeping at night, increased fussiness, and a preference for being held upright. I took him to the pediatrician today and she did a brief check and said that he didn't have an ear infection, prescribed an albuterol nebulizer treatment four times a day, zantac, and zyrtec for reflux (he spits up less than one teaspoon, maybe twice a day) and allergies.
Avatar n tn said he had RAD from what the x-ray showed but said that it could show but never suffer symptoms, or a chronic cough maybe the only symptom, may not ever have wheezing again(which he had only when he had the RSV(bronchiolitis) infection. Nebulizer treatments did not work for him. He breathes a bit rapid when he has a cold and will be very congested, nasal as well as chest, but not in his lungs..phew... Now he has been cold free for 5 days and his breathing is fine.
Avatar f tn He did get RSV at 10 weeks old and never did lose the rattle in his chest, but it got worse last week. He began to wheeze the beginning of hte week and the nurse asked if I thought he needed to come in, I thought he should be okay as she told me to neb him again and see if it helps. By Thursday he was still wheezing and sounding worse so they wanted to see him. They said his acid reflux was so bad it caused RAD (reactive airway).
Avatar f tn sent him home on a steroid medication and we are suppose to do his nebulizer every four hours till he sees his Dr. again.
172826 tn?1423422956 Nebbing is the breathing treatment, short for nebulizer. I was assuming your Dr. had him on something like that, with RSV it can help keep the airways open, also with a reactive airway. I have mine going pretty much daily. Poor kiddos, they do outgrow it though, my first one did, just takes time. Have a good night!
Avatar n tn He was given nabulizer and his doctor also instructed us to use the nebulizer machine at home. We did that for about a month and half but the wheezing goes off and on. Last week steven was seen again by the doctor and he said we be back in 3 months. Well steven keep on wheezing and a little coughing. Asthma was ruled out after having two x-rays. The doctor does not really know what is wrong and he even suggested that steven had whooping cough. We are confused what do we do now.
Avatar n tn I have just had a nebulizer delivered to my home to assist when I have severe breathing attacks. Right now I have a virus and my breathing is labored..I am pregnant and uncomfortable. I am allergic to cats. We have 3 large cats. I lived with the cats in my home for 3 years. Now, we moved and the cats have have lived in the basement for 3 years. My husband tends to them and I rarely go in the basement. We debate about the cats. Are they making my problems worse?
478429 tn?1265244387 -) Peyton is doing much better and she can probably go home today. Her RSV came back negative so they are thinking probably Bronchiolitis. I'll talke more to the doc today. I brought her to the ER Sunday evening b/c she had a really hard cough, rapid/labored breathing and was wheezing. She got 3 nebulizer treatments in an hour and a half in the ER which helped some, but her stats still didn't stay up.
127529 tn?1331840780 d call the doc too. our last baby caught his siblings cold and it turned out to be RSV - very common cold virus but dangerous for newborns. he ended up having to use a nebulizer for a few weeks to help with the breathing.
Avatar n tn 1 no and the other one said they would feel very comfortable takeing him on, however they would love to sit down have a meeting with my husband and I before the end of that school year, get his medical records they were all trained in first aid and CPR, take any training deemed necessary to make sure that if he did run into trouble they would know what to do. train on any medical device he might have (only a nebulizer) and the list continues. We ahve had 3 meetings prior to him starting school.
Avatar n tn My son has had a fever for 4 days along with a cough and breathing difficulties I took him to the emerg and had a chest x ray that showed nothing but the emerg doctor gave me a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics and no matter how many times i asked what he was treating with the antibiotics he would beat around the bush and not give me an answer I took him to the clinic and the doctor there said he thought he had brochiolitis and said that the doctor at the hospital is a good guy and to gi
Avatar f tn s office was closed. The doc was unconcerned with his temp, but did give him a nebulizer. I am supposed to go to the doc tomorrow so that we can have Mark tested for RSV. Thanks all for your advice!
Avatar n tn When my son was two weeks old he was hospitalized for rsv. He had the same kinda of virus twice and now has to be put on a nebulizer when he has a cold. He is on pumlacourt and ventolin. Also when he does have a fever he has had many seizures. My question is will he continue to need these medicines and will he always have lung problems. We have been taking him to our family dr,but I was wondering if we should take him to see a specilist?
Avatar n tn We took her to the pediatrician and he prescribed a nebulizer to administer albuterol four times each day. My daughter does not seem to be getting any better and we are taking her back to the doctor this afternoon. He told me over the phone we might have to try steroids. Q: At five months old aren't steroids a bit extreme? The doctor told me it might be asthma and often the asthma will subside by age two.
Avatar n tn The pediatrician drew blood, ordered a chest x-ray and put him on a nebulizer treatment. He said that his chest was congested and the vomiting was probably due to that or a small virus. My son was given an antibiotic shot that visit and was given the following: Sulfamethoxazale for infection, poly-tussin for cough and congestion, prednisolone for inflammation of the brochios. On Monday my son was fatigued and continued to vomit.