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Avatar n tn I am exhausted but went to bible study this morning. Found out this morning my ribs are NOT cracked and that I just injured the muscle behind them. Still ... it's hard to breathe or cough or laugh! After bible study I came home and rested on the couch until my massage. It was great .. but I know I can't afford any more. This is my second month with no income. I have paid all my bills and have $5 a day for the rest of the month. Scary.
756833 tn?1264501163 Met Dato at African Market. Took money from Esi for Mom. We started studying Joseph in Bible study. Maman was there and Tata Masso. Day was ok.
Avatar f tn bible study started today had a great time meeting new people.
1516377 tn?1295874560 Bible Study was really difficult, one person was asking intense questions all through the evening and taking over the meeting and made me want to leave.
Avatar f tn How do I get over losing someone who is such a big support. Bible Study tonight was by far one of the worst I have had. Frustrating that I could sit beside the one person who I wanted the most but still push her away. The worst part was when I asked her why I always crash when she is away and she replied I would have to get used to that. She was spot on but it hurt and I exploded over facebook.
Avatar f tn Tonight though was hypo with a bundle of nerves at telling bible study. Then comes the drop in emotion. Will see how tomorrow goes!!
1390877 tn?1281762980 Sunny and warm Started day with walk and then study for Wed and computer stuff. No Gabby visits due to holiday. Sat in on Family Bible reading and comments.
Avatar f tn Bible study with Steph
Avatar n tn Worked on making discussion cards. Had a Bible Study at our house in the evening.
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Avatar f tn Its been going well. I really enjoy the group of ladies I'm with, really genuine. I've been learning a lot through them. I wish I could elaborate more... but, I'm tired. This whole 60/60 thing.. it's pretty cool. Think/talk about God at least once every 60 minutes... it really shows me that he is all present... when I feel him, and talk with him during my everyday situations, it really helps me realize that he's always with me.. not just someone I talk to at bedtime.
1516377 tn?1295874560 Even though Claire was there it was ok, Darren had texted me every day and that really helped me to face them.
Avatar n tn Went to Keady. Had a good time. Got some apples to make applesauce. Had a Bible Study. It went well. 3 good things: Bible Study, Keady, being with Doug.
Avatar m tn On the other hand the eye irritation could be from exposure to something at Bible study. Worsening of the irritation with return to the site of Bible study would suggest that you were exposed to an allergen or an irritant there. If you could arrange to be out of both your home and the study environment for a couple days and your condition improves that would narrow down the possible causes.
Avatar m tn Slept late - until afternoon. Didn't have study completely done. went to bible study late as ususal. Bob was there for first time.
Avatar f tn Harper jane? Harper shea?
Avatar n tn Mad at the boys but bible study makes it better.
1080032 tn?1326414386 I like rae :) Harper Ann is also cute :) or Harper Renee
Avatar f tn Went to the store with my grandma and Harper. Harper threw a fit and everyone was looking at us.
Avatar n tn Cried at bible study a little. Cried really hard driving home from bible study. Cried getting in bed. So frustrated. Cold air coming in and electric blanket stopped working. I'm just so tired of it all.
Avatar f tn I like Harper Lee or Harper Leeann :) or even Harper Lee-Ann :)