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Avatar n tn s often a mild illness, some infants are at risk for a more severe disease that requires hospitalization. Conditions that increase the risk of severe bronchiolitis include prematurity, prior chronic heart or lung disease, and a weakened immune system due to illness or medications.
Avatar n tn It usually manifest itself as a cold in adults and older children, but can cause serious problems in infants. RSV can cause lower respitory infections, breathing problems, pneumonia or even death. According to statistics, over 125,000 infants are hospitalized annually with Respiratory Syncytial Virus, resulting in more than 500 deaths. RSV can be contracted by placing your hand in your mouth after you have come in contact with an infected person or surface.
Avatar f tn My 11 week has rsv .. He was full term .. Has any other mother had this in a infant ..
Avatar f tn From what I was told that if you baby wasn't premature or have a cardiac history then having RSV most likley is going to be mild. here is what you should loook for for worseing things, my son had it when he was 5 weeks old and he does have a cardiac issue so I hope your little one is healthy. look for bluish on the lops nail and nail bed. your little one really struggling to breathe if his nostrils are moving back and forth as well as him "sucking in " at his ribs.
Avatar m tn Dear Rjthkids, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a virus that can cause severe pulmonary infections in infants. The effects of this, especially in the still developing lungs after birth, can take a long time from which to recover. However, you have a special circumstance that complicates things: you live at significant altitude. The relative lack of oxygen at that altitude can lead to elevated blood pressure across the lungs, which is called pulmonary hypertension.
Avatar n tn For instance juvenile diabetes is thought to be triggered by a virus - the child was already set up to be vulnerable to developing it, they catch a viral illness and a few weeks later their pancreas starts to stop working and they develop signs of diabetes. Same goes with rsv, a very common respiratory virus that in infants and the elderly ( or immunosuppressed ) can cause them to be very ill.
958770 tn?1247489269 NEC is a disease condition to the intestines that may happen with premature infants. Your infant would be sicker than just constipation. Suggest using Alimentum infant formula with constipation and it will also give her the nutrients she needs.
698046 tn?1228077849 Surfactant production in the lungs greatly increases in the last month of a normal length pregnancy, so premature infants may not produce enough of it initially. Surfactant helps the little air sacs in the lungs (called "alveoli") to stay open and not collapse. After birth, even in a premature infant, the lungs are stimulated to start producing more surfactant.
647852 tn?1251247846 Opioid medications (such as morphine, fentanyl, and sometime methadone) are often given to newborn infants, including extremely premature infants, to help control pain and discomfort. Depending upon the situation, one drug may be preferred over another. This class of pain medications has a very long history of safe use in premature infants.
Avatar n tn I'd wait too until the flu season's really bad this year. I'd wait until mid to late April. I had a preemie in August (6 weeks early)......I didn't let ANYONE see her until she was two months old. That was in October..... Does your baby receive a monthly shot called "synagis" that is an RSV vaccine? My little girl does and I think that has helped her not have one cold at all this winter!
Avatar n tn Generally this type of brain injury is seen in premature infants or infants who suffer birth injuries. It is difficult to comment beyond this. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I would be really careful my daughter was a preemie and as soon as we got home she ended up back in the hospital with rsv because this is the time of year its out. And because she was so small she almost died and ended up in a childrens hospital for 5 weeks. It was horrible.
Avatar n tn My daughter was 7 weeks early. Since she was a premature the Dr.s made it mandatory she get RSV shots. This helps the child from getting ill, It sound like if your child did not get these shots he might be getting symptoms of RSV. Here are some I know of: having a simple clear runny nose and occasional cough that can be treated at home, to severe difficulty breathing that may require hospitalization. Other symptoms might include a low-grade fever, sore throat, headache, and irritability.
192918 tn?1199451179 My 9 mo old was in the hospital last night because she got a cold that moved into her chest. The congestion was making it hard for her to breathe. She was diagnosed with reactive airway disease (RAD), which I guess is similar to asthma, but since they can't test for asthma at this age they call it RAD. Anyway, this is the second time since September that she's been in the hospital for this. Poor kid can't get a common cold without having problems breathing...
Avatar n tn however from what I was told by several cardiologist, premature babies and babies born with a heart defect are at risk of getting this disease and having it be more severe then normally would affect a child. there are shots that the babies get once a month called synagisis (not sure if I am spelling it right) but they get it to help LESSEN the affects of RSV.
Avatar n tn Infants catch colds all the time because their immune systems are very week. She cold catch allergins from the air outside if the window is open.
Avatar n tn Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in term and late preterm infants. Premature infants are at greater risk for hyperbilirubinemia because brain toxicity occurs at lower levels of bilirubin than in term infants. As a result, premature infants are treated at lower levels of bilirubin but with the same treatments discussed here. Encourage feeding — Providing adequate breastmilk or formula is an important part of preventing and treating jaundice.
Avatar n tn I just took my 3 month old to the doctor and was told he has Reactive Airway Disease. This is my first child and I have never heard of this before. I understand it is something like asthma. Anyone who knows about this please let me know what I have to look forward to...if this type of thing continues or if there is something I can do to help cure it or at least relieve him of some of the symptoms. Still no clue what caused it. But wondering what all it entails. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn m not sure if this has anything to do with it but I was born a month premature, had the RSV virus, have a history of febrile seizures(not since I was like 3) , have a history of heart disease and high blood pressure in my family, history of cancer and diabetes. I don't have the best eating habits now but thats not due to any sort of eating disorder(bulimia or anorexia) I never was able to eat a lot and if I did I would vomit it up.
2189208 tn?1339572701 Rsv is a really bad cold it does nothing,to adults but is in,some cases fatal to infants!
Avatar f tn Children who experienced premature birth are more likely than full-term infants to have certain behavioral and psychological problems, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression or generalized anxiety, and difficulties interacting with kids their own age . Chronic health issues. Premature babies are more likely to have chronic health issues — some of which may require hospital care — than are full-term infants.
537497 tn?1292553056 my youngest son is in the hospital right now with reactive airway disease.. I am freaking out, does anyone know anything about this??? Please lots of prayers for my little guy.. Thanks guys, you are the best...
661823 tn?1293875953 Although it may seem like a long time to be on CPAP, it is not unusual for 27 week premature infants to require respiratory assistance for many weeks or even months. Your experience with your previous premature baby will continue to be helpful with your youngest daughter, but you will need to be flexible about your expectations in order to accomodate the individual characteristics of each of your children. Congratulations on your growing family!
Avatar n tn Is it possible your daughter has premature atrial contractions and not atrial fibrillation? I am not a doctor but I have not heard of afib described that way and atrial contractions are not a danger where afib could be due to possible blood clots. Does your daughter have an unusually high heart rate keeping in mind children's heart rates tend to be more elevated than adults. An average heart rate for a baby in their first year can be anywhere between 100-160 from what I have read.
1330108 tn?1333677304   While a mother’s breast milk can provide a large percentage of her premature baby’s needs, premature infants need more protein and calories than are naturally occurring in mother’s milk.  Through consumption of concentrated human milk protein, in the form of a human milk fortifier from 100% human milk, critically ill babies are able to get the nutrition they need to grow while being fed exclusively human milk.
Avatar n tn My son is 11yrs old and was a premature secondary to me having Toximia during pregnancy, he got RSV at 6 months and was always helthy since until the last 3-4 months.