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Avatar f tn I am responsible for sending cards to people in our church that are sick, discouraged, or/and recently suffering the loss of a loved one. I need some Bible verses to write on these cards that I send out. I was wondering if anyone is willing to share the texts of some verses especially meaningful to them during difficult times. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn That depends in the severity of the RSV. Right now my daughter (she's 18 months) has a very mild version of RSV.
547913 tn?1317355667 Oh jimi, thank you for this reminder. My bible study leader was reading her bible last week and sent me a card telling me that she thought of me when she read this scripture with all the stuff we're going through. It helped so much. This is a good one for anyone going through a trial right now.
1693461 tn?1374511829 I have never experienced a Miscarrage and I hope I never do. But I came across these verses and thought that it may help someone who's having a hard time. Psalm 139:16 ESV Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Luke 18:15-17 ESV Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them. And when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them.
1935252 tn?1329757119 For those of you, like myself who have been going thru trial and tribulation, and those of us with no support... let any man who is without sin, cast the first stone... can't remember what chapter or verse in the Bible but in 1 Corinthians 31;11 it says "if we would judge ourselves, we would not come onto judgement. Just something to think about... don't know why but the book chapter and verse came to mind and I had to look it up and share with everyone!
Avatar f tn She definitely has some of the symptoms, which she probably got from me. She is a smart little girl. She learns Bible verses for a club at church. She has no problems with the short verses; it's the long verses that get to her. She gives her dad and me a really hard time about practicing her verses, but she can do them. Does this sound like something typical of ADD? She also doesn't like reading, but she is very good at reading. She just can't stand to sit and read. 2.
1747881 tn?1546175878 The judge said he would grant probation if Bundy married his 19-year-old girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes, within 30 days, write Bible verses and attend counseling. If he declined, he would go to jail, according to a transcript of the proceedings obtained by Tyler TV broadcaster KLTV. "Is she worth it?" Rogers asked Bundy, according to the transcripts.
Avatar f tn I listened yesterday to several people discussion if a person who goes to hell will burn forever or only until they die. I found myself become aware that i knew no Bible verses to backup my belief. I realized that I had just took my mother's beliefas correct. I was taught one only burns until death. Needless to say I am more confused then ever. Thank you for sharing your beliefs with me.
1126464 tn?1300799701 I believe truth is revealed to you as you are ready to hear and understand it. I pray for greater understanding. We can all read the bible but through God, we are able to get the true meaning intended as He wills us to. I agree that we can be proud of who we are in God's kingdom but if we start to place ourselves over others that are also on a journey, it may not be what God wants. By this I do not mean to not share what we have learned.
998054 tn?1250484814 I love Les Miserables. It is super long (1100 pages), but so worth the read. Just thinking about it now makes me want to go pick it up again. BTW I LOVE the musical too.... A close second would have to be East of Eden by John Steinbeck...
Avatar f tn Still in conflict with a friend. I'm ticked off at their perspective, especaillly about Christian counselling being worldly counselling with "two or three Bible verses thrown in." Not a lot of energy, motivation.
Avatar m tn As N.Korea awakens in bible prophecy! Is the end of this age closer than we think?
Avatar f tn t believe you have to be really religious to take this prayer to heart. I have a lot of other Bible verses that help me also. This prayer may be too big for a bracelet, though.
Avatar f tn Pray & read Bible verses to my little one...
Avatar f tn Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I actually felt half-way decent today(day 6 off suboxone) and decided I should get some work done while I felt up to it. I started off by putting together a playlist of my favorite Christian music that I could relate with when going through rough stuff. This music helps me sooo much! Next, I've got a list of books that really helped me in my recovery.
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
Avatar f tn Hey Birds, I went to and typed in heal and healing under the topic search. There are alot of bible verses for this is topic. That's a great website. I hope it is a blessing to you!
1690584 tn?1340297472 Savannah was admitted to the hospital for RSV, Bronchitis, Ear Infection. Stayed until Saturday but was released earlier then she should have been due to Christmas. Her oxygen levels were still not staying up high but she is now doing better. She does have a partial collapse of the right lung and they want to no check her heart due to some blue around the mouth.
Avatar m tn Can RSV cause cardiac arrest in a child with passed myocarditis and would he qualify to recieve rsv shot to prevent him from getting it.
Avatar f tn If a person does not have RSV can they cause an infant to get RSV just by having a common cold
1016004 tn?1254372364 Thanks for sharing this. Good advice! Another thought is posting some of these affirmative things around the house to see them. I like to do this with encouraging bible verses to encourage me.