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599170 tn?1300973893 24..about anxiety...just what I needed to read and made me feel as if 500 pounds was truely lifted of my shoulders..I felt calmer than I have in a long time. I actually felt the Holy Spirit, move through me. What a amazing thing. I notice it happens every single time..I dont plan what to read I just open and God gives me what I need.
Avatar n tn My son is going to be 2 months old soon and a couple of days after he was born they told me he has RSV, i have been in and out of the hospital so many times and he dose not seem to be getting any better. I have read everybody stories and How they lost their loved ones and i am so scared that it might happen to my son. Please is there anything that i can do to prevent this from getting worse???
Avatar f tn That depends in the severity of the RSV. Right now my daughter (she's 18 months) has a very mild version of RSV.
1347128 tn?1333810296 My 3 month baby had RSV when he was 6 weeks old, but since then, he has a phlegm sound, that is always there.
Avatar f tn I am not sure my now 6 year old son, Chris got a severe case of RSV when he was 5 weeks old. I also had a 20 month at home with a "cold" My 20 month old, Gary was never tested for RSV because he wasn't in distress. Chris got it again when he was 2 1/2 years old and it was the middle of summer.
Avatar f tn 300 after waking up before inhaler 6:40 am 340 after using inhaler in the morning and two nasial sprays 7:00 am 350 at 10:00 am 310 at 1:30 pm after bringing in groceries
Avatar n tn Where is my Bible? Muts came into the kitchen asking where her Bible was. I went into her bedroom and her Bible was on the desk clearly visible from any part of the room. A few minutes later Mutsy brought a letter to be mailed and asked again about whether the 5 digit zip code needed another digit. I said "no". "A 5-digit zip code will work just fine.
1347128 tn?1333810296 My baby had RSV at the beginning of november, he was hospitalized for 3 days 2 nights. he was 6 weeks old. But since then, he has a phlegm sound and boogers, he has trouble breathing speacially during the night and when he wakes up. He uses humedifier all the time, and I am just sad that he doesnt get any better today his pediatrician told me he is negative for RSV, what else can I do to help him get better?
Avatar f tn My 11 week has rsv .. He was full term .. Has any other mother had this in a infant ..
Avatar n tn My wife took our son (6 mos.) to the care center the other day after he has been coughing, sneezing, and with a runny nose for about a week. I didn't know she took him until after I got home from work. But I found out that she was given a nebulizer and prescriptions for him. Now my question is: Why would our pediatrician prescribe him xopenex, pulmicort, and amoxicillin all in the first visit and BEFORE the mucus sample lab test results even came back?
Avatar f tn I am saddened by this tragic loss of your daughter. RSV infection of the lungs typically causes inflammation of the bronchial tubes of varying sizes; much less often it may cause pneumonia, especially with diseases of the immune system. When that occurs it would be apparent on both chest X-ray and at autopsy. Were RSV bronchiolitis to have been the cause of death, that should have been evident at autopsy, even if the RSV was not isolated and identified.
1361569 tn?1434830341 March 17, 2011 - 3 day FET, 3 embies transferred (one 8 cell class 2 and two 6 cell class 2) March 24, 2011 - HPT negative March 28, 2011 - BETA #1 = 127 March 31, 2011 - BETA #2 = 401
Avatar f tn 220 at 11:30 am first try ever.
Avatar f tn She emailed that if you baby has a cough with no fever, please take them to get checked for RSV. My DD is 6 months old and has had a chronic cough for a long time. It seems to get better and then starts all over again. I have taken to the doctor for it three times, the last time a week ago today. Everytime they check her really good and say it is just drainage from a cold. She has not had any fever and feels good. Last night her cough seemed a little worse, but she still feels great.
Avatar n tn My grandson at 6 months had RSV and hospitalized. Since then he gets sick nearly on a monthly basis with colds that settle in his lungs and ends up with RSV and/or pnuemonia. This year so far: January 09 he had double ear infection was on antibiotics. Feb. 09 he had RSV and pnuemonia right lung spend night in ICU due low oxygen saturation and he was on antiobiotics. Mar 09 he has pnuemonia in the left lung and is on antibiotics.....AGAIN.
Avatar f tn I'm 24, 33+2 weeks and this is my 3rd pregnancy, but 2nd baby.
389578 tn?1295354327 well i have just found out my second levels for hcg, 4 weeks 4 days = 133 6 weeks 1 day = 1,755..... doc said its in the 4-5 week levels.. but im 6 weeks 4 days now..
Avatar n tn I wrote not long ago concerning my daughter dying of RSV complicated by bacterial brochopneumonia. I finally got the microscopic examination back and it confirmed what the protocol stated. I guess the only thing I would like to know is "WAS ANY OF THIS DETECTABLE?????" Brooklynn was very health, but developed a cold that the doctor(Monday) stated he thought her ear infection was her problem.
Avatar f tn s still within the age range of being at risk for getting RSV. Since his older brother had it when he was 9 months old it was so scary I dislike the winters because I fear every cold/cough they get. Has the RSV season begun already? My kids just started getting this cough, all of them have been just fine even my 3 yo until an hour ago...7pm. He has been breathing rapidly (53) since then but he doesn't have a fever or crying. He's sitting down now watching a video now.
Avatar n tn My son is almost 7 months old. About 5 weeks ago he had come down with RSV. Although he had a mild case, the doctor had informed me of petichae and told me to keep an eye out. Shortly after I noticed a petchia on his leg. Doctor had looked and said one is normal time to time. For about 4 weeks after (RSV lingers) I noticed he started to get more. They were very small, light brown in color, and randomly placed on his legs, but wouldn't blanch with pressure.
Avatar f tn She was my first born baby, she weighed 9lbs 6 1/2oz, and although I had to have a C-section due to my genetic bone disease, she was delivered only 4 days before my due date, on March 19, 1999, so she was full term. To make this long story as short as I can, we hired a state certified babysitter to watch her during the day while we worked. On April 4th of 2000 we went to pick her up and the babysitter left the room to go get her from a back bedroom.