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172023 tn?1334672284 ll add mobile support to our list of product enhancements. Out of curiosity, what mobile phones are you all using to access the site?
Avatar f tn I'm switching to T-Mobile, the four phones for $100 with 10gb internet, but my question is, does this app use up the interment every time its used? Because rite now I have unlimited internet and don't keep track of my usage and I can't use the internet much once I switch phones.
Avatar m tn I only have a personal opinion, and that is the danger from cell-phones is overblown, and must be weighed against the tremendous increase in safety provided by these phones in the event of a crime, an accident, or a requirement for medical assistance by an elderly individual. Nowadays the number of pay phones have diminished and in many cities (New York) fire alarm boxes have been eliminated. "Crying Wolf" has an effect.
Avatar m tn Do you have a disadvantage Mobile off to the brain during sleep? And affects the quality of sleep ? Finally,Your advice to the detriment of the less mobile Especially when sleeping?
Avatar f tn which refers to the unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity numbers that phones use to identify themselves to cellular networks. Commercial versions of such devices have existed for decades and have mainly been used by law enforcement. Paget's work shows how cheaply hobbyists can make the devices using equipment found on the Internet.
5549678 tn?1397911970 I work in a government facility that does not allow mobile phones in the building; however I do have access to the internet from my desktop computer.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure 1 teaspoon is enough...when my sister drank it she had half a glass mixed in with orange juice, and still nothing happened til 2 days later! You could always try that oregano and basil tea the ladies have been talking about.
Avatar f tn I have suffered w TN for 8 yrs now My symptoms started with my cell phone and to this day I am highly sensitive to anything wireless, especially cell phones. I can't tolerate cell phones at all They cause my pain and always have Now the stronger high tech phones are worse I feel their strength I take Neurontin but I work on computers all day at work and am constantly everywhere around cell phones....
637356 tn?1301924822 I am looking into a Boost Mobile phone and plan. I currently have the AT&T pay as you go and I feel like I am getting ripped off with them. Has anyone tried Boost mobile and do you like the service? I have researched them online and I have found more positive feed back then negative.
Avatar m tn Hubbard Article Font Size Senator Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor is, once again, stirring debate over the safety of cell phones. Kennedy’s brain tumor, called a glioma, is the type critics have associated for years with the use of cell phones. Prominent neurosurgeons have stated they do not use cell phones held next to their ears. “I use it on the speaker-phone mode,” said Dr.
288415 tn?1231630502 For the past two months she has felt an electrical charge, beginning in her hand moving up her arm every time the phone rings. She does not have to touch the phone. We have tried all types of phones, cell, wireless in-house, wired and even done it at other places besides her home. I have tried researching for any information on this to no avail. Any help or insight is appreciated.No she is not making this up.
Avatar f tn You can go to the actual site through your phones Internet browser If your on your mobile device or on the computer. Then, when your actually one, you can post pics. Other than that, I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn Here in the Land of Oz we call them Mobile friend got me one as my car kept breaking down... I personally can't stand them, hate them, find them obnoxious! I get soooooo tired of them going off at supermarkets, banks, etc and having to listen to other people's conversations, usually at a volume louder than normal speaking tone...
959034 tn?1253671476 The next phase will include many more features, but for now, you can access MedHelp from a mobile phone. This should work on all smartphones, including iPhone, Android phones, Palm Pre, and Opera Mini. Give it a try and let us know what you think! To access the mobile site, all you have to do is go to your browser on your mobile phone and type You should automatically be redirected to our mobile site.
Avatar f tn Is there a mobile application out there that I can use to track my progress? I am always on the go with little time for emailing and such but I do have my phone on me at all times...
455167 tn?1259257871 Hello. I was wondering if there is a solution in the works for full access via blackberry phones? I can't view my trackers, accept friend invites, or send PM's to some people here.
Avatar f tn My 14 year old has a fettish for chewing on plastic ie T.V. remote controls, mobile phones and now his 4 year old brothers plastic toys. It appears to only happen when he is in a relaxed state watching T.V., It appears to not be noticed by him and consequences don't seem to deter him either.. I have basically put all the plastic items out of his reach, but in saying that I would like more information as to WHY he does this????
Avatar m tn The study was conducted using mobile phones and suffer from 3 kinds of brain tumors and salivary glands of the relationship between tumor. Investigators in 2000-2004, in 13 countries visited about 12800 people with brain tumors, including patients and healthy people, they learn the habit of cell phone use coach outlet is there any difference. The who has put on the results of the survey to a scientific journal, which will be published before the end.
Avatar m tn 30 GMT, as I use it from India, Mumbai). So are there any settings to be changed in the phones. Please advise. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Wondering if anyone has or would consider developing a Droid APP for Medtronics Pacer/Defibers. I have a BiV-ICD and live alone. With the advent of smart phones, I've done away with a land line and so the telephone checkups are no longer an option. I know my unit broadcasts a signal at certain times, because my old heart in-home monitor only needed to be within 50 ft or so to pick up my pacer signal.
953164 tn?1248071879 How about laptop, does the radiation from laptop like the radiation from mobile phones? I placed my laptop beside my bed, as I feel very comfortable using it on bed. I knew radiation form mobile phone is strong like from television as these gadgets require signals. I am bit concerned right now because I am 11w5d pregnant, and I am doing this things like putting my mobile phone beside my bed at night before my brother visits. Is this really true? I hope any one can give some clear answer.
Avatar n tn I work in the computing industry and at times use a wireless aircard and also use a mobile phone. I have noticed that after approx 30 minutes I am nauseous when using either device. I have searched the internet and found alot of info about mobiles phones and brain cancer . I just want to know if anyone has the same issues and if they have found any solutions. I need to be able to continue doing my job and wireless is becoming more accepted and is all around me. Thank you Caryl .