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Avatar f tn to pay for RSV (a respiratory virus common and detrimental to premature infants) shots, and they finally did. She is a healthy, smart, and beautiful nine year-old girl today. As for this pregnancy, my husband and I stopped using birth control over a year ago and just now became pregnant (I am 6 weeks along). We didn't use ovulation testing or worry about it too much, since we already have one healthy child, but you might want to try some ovulation tracking kits.
Avatar n tn How many doctors would be able to tell me it is ok to smoke while pregnant since I have been a smoker prior to pregnancy for over 15 years and my body would have trouble adjusting to not smoking if I quit cold turkey?
Avatar n tn Low birth weight, still birth, asthma, emphysema, RSV, prematurity and all the problems associated with that. You can't say you love your baby and continue to smoke while pregnant. I know that sounds harsh, but it's the truth. If you can't make this one sacrifice for your child, you'll never be able to live up to all the other sacrifices that come with motherhood. I quit the day I found out I was pregnant with my son, and again the day I found out I was pregnant this time around.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy &, im 19 im really nervous &not sure what to do or,expect. Help???
Avatar f tn I took her into the ER today, and her temp was 104. It turns out she had RSV, strep throat, and bronchial pneumonia. :/ they brought her fever down, and we're home now. I woke up at 4am with her at my bedside crying quietly :( my poor baby. She sleeps in her own bed, so she got up and came to me. I changed her pamper, laid her down and left to get her a bottle of Pedialyte. I handed it to her and she quietly said "thank you".
Avatar f tn I mean hard cold seriousness in my pleading and beliefs. And then after his RSV and the lack thereof care in that friggen ER "Oh he's just got RSV and not a preemie. So what?" Holy cow did it ramp up the anxiety/fear. It doens't help that our peds now and asthma specialists say well technically he was in for 5 days, most babies non preemie are out in 2 so yea, he was in a critical condition. Ya think?
Avatar n tn Mine took 11 hours for my second, so not bad, but 7 tries at the epidural to get it in, my uterus got hyperstimulated from pitocin again and I had back labor again. My baby still gets up a lot and will be 12 weeks Friday, has colic, acid reflux, and got RSV and rotovirus his first 2 days at daycare. We were able to keep him out of he hospital, but it was very scary. Try to relax and stay away from the baby announcements.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue. I am having a very hard time finding any info on any one with this happening to them and the risks to me or my unborn child. I have seen several doctors and none of them have ever heard of this happening and 2 have suggested termination. I have an appointment with a high risk specialist on Thursday (02/27/03).
Avatar m tn so please take a deep breath, kiss your children, and RELAX. You are absolutely correct that the increased blood volumes during pregnancy could cause an elevation in the pressure suggested by the echo. But even more importantly, ECHO is NOTORIOUSLY unreliable for evaluating pulmonary hypertension. It is wrong ALL the time. Moreover, the number 42 is barely abnormal anyways (and again, if accurate, this was during pregnancy). What is most important is your symptoms.
477608 tn?1238531558 In addition, he also had limited kidney function, used a communication system, required suctioning, various forms of feeding, urinary catheterization, PICC line use at home, illieus, bounced between school and home school. We went on numerous vactions and travels, both air and land travel. I also have 4 other children. One with ADHD, 3 with asthma, one with amblyopia, one with migraines If you think I can help you with anything, please contact me....
519154 tn?1213300965 It feels like i am heavier everyday. I dont pig out on junk food. i eat very healthy, except for the occasional craving for a cheeseburger. i am afraid that i will be up to 40 lbs before this is over. i am 5'10.5 and weighed close to 150 before i got pregnant. i have always been thin. what do you all think? do i have anything to worry about?
148691 tn?1260198503 I have no idea but if they are safe, I'll be mad because I've been so so so constipated this pregnancy. *I have a pool too and ours is a lot colder than yours...ours is inground and I've been swimming all summer in about 73-76 degrees. *It's not that hot out....I think you'll be fine, but if you want trade with can't hurt and you might as well cash in on those perks now...while you can. Once the baby is here hubby doesn't treat you as a precious little doll anymore....
Avatar n tn ( So I've now stopped doing everything for a week and my little girl got RSV. Which really breaks my heart and I now want to try to start breastfeeding again. I've tried fenugreek, drinking lots of water and pumping constantly but nothing seems to work. Is it too late?? Or can I still get my milk back?
Avatar f tn TSI persists despite RAI and surgery in many cases and should be tested in pregnancy to determine if the child is at risk for neo-natal Graves (levels >2-3x normal are suggestive of a higher risk). Post-pregnancy the immune system flares -- this is why your were effected. This is different from post-RAI flare of TED. Would watch TSI during pregnancy -- would consider measuring it every 2 months given your history.
Avatar n tn Everyone that I know that smoked right up till they got pregnant and quit b/c of the pregnancy, started smoking again within 6 months to a year after the baby was born. I think they must have felt like they weren't ready to quit but they quit for the sake of their baby, and not for after the baby was born, it was a lot easier to go back to it.
Avatar f tn My bp has been dropping into the 90/70s for over a month so I was cutting down the Norvasc slowly. My daughter is recovering from RSV and bronchiolitis. I've had a cold for about a week now. A few days ago I checked my bp and pulse before sleep and they were normal. When I awoke my bp was as expected but my pulse was 104. My pulse has been consistantly elevated since then. I went to an urgent care that evening and my pulse was 111.
Avatar n tn Ok I'm 5'8 and weigh 180 pounds and have for 8 months. No gain and no lose either. I've really changed my diet by cutting out sweets and I don't care for pops. I've been going to the gym and have just started back really hard doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and strength training. I have never been this heavy. 2 years ago I had a baby and only gained 10 pounds (144 after birth) then I started gaining for no reason, my dr even tested my hormaones and thyroid all ok.
1035252 tn?1427231433 Pick a topic to vent about, and let loose! Remember to avoid controversial topics (abortion, circumcision, teen pregnancy, politics, apparently co-sleeping (LOL), etc..) and be respectful and supportive of one another. Aside from those little stipulations, go for it girls! We all need to let it out, I'm sure. Anything happen over the holidays that has you in a tizzy? Let's hear about it!
Avatar m tn In 2004 they ruled out any clotting disorder and said it was the smoking/birth control that caused it. My first pregnancy I delivered my daughter Mrach 21, 2011 without any problems I was on Heparin as a prophylactic due to the previous clots to be safe. I became pregnant again very quickly after the 1st, they are exactly a year apart. So back to the hospital stay at 33 wks...
377012 tn?1283969035 uuggghhh it was like acid coming up green watery substance. my son was diagnosed with RSV yesterday and i was wondering if im not preggo then could the RSV affect me causing me to feel this way?????
Avatar f tn I've never had it when I was pregnant with my daughters and I'm a clean person to I guess just shocked a lil cuz I tested positive but at the same time I've had a very rough pregnancy and I'm having a lil boy. I had a uti at 11wks thank god I went away then I had placenta pre via.. also went away and I've had bad nausea the whole pregnancy but I'm looking on the bright side that I'm blessed with a healthy beautiful lil boy :) thank you. How are you ladies doing?
Avatar f tn ithought you take one test and it shows everything. (Of course i also thought that my OB and pregnancy also did a herpes test on me too and turns out I was wrong). Well since the nurse there said that my spot wasn't herpes I figured I could take my son to the doctor with confidence and ask about his rash. His pediatrician said right away that it was a diaper rash and becasue he itches it all the time it's gone up to his stomach. SHe gave me a presription for the rash.
Avatar f tn Not pregnancy related but just wanted advice my 11 day old has caught a cold and has a chesty cough, her temp isn't high and she is eating maybe a little less than usual tho just wondering with her only being 11 days and the cough being chesty should I ring a doctor? ?
Avatar f tn I've lost my mucous plug with previous pregnancies and still had a couple of weeks to go. My last pregnancy my water broke (first time on its own) and I didn't deliver until 10 days later! (Although that wasn't safe and I had to be induced). I've had 2 kids at the 36 week mark and they both had to deal with RSV. They are fine now but if possible it's something you would prefer to not have them or yourself go through. Let his/her little lungs and stuff finish developing.
Avatar f tn I immediately freak out thinking it will kill him (SIDS) and then all day I feel stresed and feel like we're pushing our luck. I look back at my pregnancy and conception (we did infertility treatments) and feel so much worry and realize that at so many points what if I lost him? After birth I was overwhelmingly depressed about him not being with me anymore. It honestly felt like I had a miscarrage. I couldn't "see" that he was fine and alive and right in front of me.
Avatar n tn Story from birth til now: Mother did not take proper care of herself during pregnancy. Child born by C-section. Mother did not have much to do with him because of the C-section, said she was in too much pain. The father (my 25 yr old son)took care of the baby the majority of the time. At 2 or 3 months old child hospitalized for RSV (has asthma now.) Also had a lot of problems digesting formula. Always sick with diarreha. At 1.5 yrs old mother and father separated.
Avatar f tn What are your thoughts and opinions on the Tdap shot did you or are you going to get one or are you going to not get one please help me out..... thank you!!!
Avatar f tn How did i end up taking care of 2 babies sick with rsv??! my brother and his babys mom had to leave to virginia for a "job" suposably a day ago they told my mom & SHE agreed to.
Avatar f tn I had preterm labour because I had preeclamplsia both times and my body was trying to bail out of the pregnancy. My 2nd dropped at 28wks (and fractured my pelvis) because of the preterm labour not the other way round.