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Avatar f tn is the best person to advise you, but I can tell you from personal experience with a very long tummy virus (my 2 year old had lasts a very long time) the most important thing to watch for is dehydration. Water does not do the trick. It's best to give her pedialight, apple juice diluted with water, even ginger ale (complelely flat, no bubbles) diluted with water. She needs the salts and sugars to stay properly hydrated. I also found plain chicken broth worked well.
458072 tn?1291415186 federal health authorities recommended … that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S. against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus,” CNN reports. The Rotarix vaccine, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the FDA in 2008, has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide. The vaccine was found to contain DNA from porcine circovirus 1.
Avatar n tn Hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis all can lead to clay colored stools. Frequent watery stools with vomiting can be due to viruses like rotavirus, adenovirus, etc.The symptoms of viral gastroenteritis can mimic diarrhea caused by Salmonella species or Escherichia coli or parasites like Giardia lamblia. A clinical examination and investigations like blood counts, liver function tests and stool examination may be done.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a baby have intussusception after getting the rotavirus vaccination? My son recently had surgery on his intestines just a week after he had the rotavirus vaccine. Some articles on line say there may be a link.
172826 tn?1423422956 i thought i would update quick..Cameron has rotavirus.
1138486 tn?1260877346 Got Rotavirus, which caused a bad Diarrhea and throwing up, didn't go to work today, & will not go tomorrow. got a fever of 38.5 C and currently im on 5 different medicines.
1138486 tn?1260877346 due to Rotavirus infection I had 2 wake up at 4 AM and throw-up + massive diarrhea.
1346101 tn?1288051949 Ive been vomiting for two years. First it was once in awhile now its all the time. Most often when I wake. Every morning I push my boys out the door with my hand over my mouth. I move my head im sick. I weighed 168 june fourteenth, by sept 1 i was still losing 3 pounds a week. it has slowed down im at 128 now. I was allways small though. 125 average. My Doc gave me meds two days ago it seems tobe working. dose anyone have an idear what could be causeing the vomiting?
1239206 tn?1306802808 Sextuple Prevenar 13 Rotavirus
287246 tn?1318570063 Mary has had this awful stomach bug since Saturday. She was having awful diarrhea w/ fever. No vomiting though. So I took her to the doc on Monday. The doc said that if I couldn't get more fluids down her, she would have to go to the ER for IV fluids. I have been using a syringe and giving her the flavorless Pedialyte. She is wetting her diaper more, but still having the diarrhea. How long will this last?? Ugh.... Anyway, just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is doing okay!!
Avatar n tn ve been through these with my 2 1/2 year old and some of them can take a very long time to clear. One that pops into mind is rotavirus. Fevers do not necessarily always accompany a virus. He should see a Dr. Also, make sure he is staying well hydrated. Food is less important then fluids. Juices, pedialight, even milk. Dehydration is always the biggest concern. Is he energetic or listless? That too can tell you alot. If he is listless and weak, then he should be seen right away.
Avatar f tn I cant remember if my daughters pediatrician gave her the rotavirus vaccine before we left Michigan..She is now 2months old and when we went to get her 2 months shot done, they gave her the rotavirus vaccine orally, here in mexico..Will she be sick or anything?
Avatar f tn My four year old has been having out of the blue vomiting, also consant diarhia and abdomial pain. this has been going on for about two months . I have taking him to many doctors he does not have a virus. they do no know whats going on with him. everything he eats or drinks come back up or goes stright through him. he has lost about ten pounds in this time frame. i just would like some answers.
Avatar f tn Need information about pnemonia & Rotavirus side effects. Are side effects common and be curable?
Avatar m tn Took him back to the pediatrician after 6 days of diarrhea, but no more vomiting. We did a stool culture and sensitivity, check for rotavirus and c-diff. All negative. Diarrhea continued daily 2-3x/day with continued decreased appetite and tummy ache complaints. The diarrhea eventually stopped after 2.5 weeks and we breathed a sigh of relief. During this time, he began taking probiotics - both acidophilus as well as beneficial yeast - saccharomyces boulardii.
8101930 tn?1420001456 My son is 2 months and just received his first shots yesterday including the rotavirus vaccine. I noticed that after his shots and today he has been pooping yellow colored like normal but it is very chunky. He is exclusively breast fed and always has a little bit of a seedy stool but this is very chunky. I'm Just curious if anyone knows if this is normal or not. Could it be from the rotavirus vaccine because they do ingest it. Thanks.
663562 tn?1291131883 so, I've barely been able to keep any food down today. Water's ok, cause I'm sipping, but food sits like a rock in my stomach and then comes back up. Feeling extra tired and just well, gross. DD is home with me now, and I don't want to freak her out, but she can hear me getting sick. I told her sometimes having a baby in your tummy can make you get sick. Good enough for now.
Avatar f tn He ran no fever nor had any vomiting or spitting up. X rays were all normal, showed no looping or twisting. Stool tests showed no pus, gram stain was neg, c diff was neg, rotavirus and adenovirus were neg. parsites all neg. No dehydration. Admitted to hospital for observation. Diarrhea stopped after 2 days, stools were yellow no blood. That evening I ate cheeseburger and small amount of dairy having been told probably just a virus. Within 8 hours the diarrhea returned with bleeding.
585414 tn?1288941302 The researchers said that many other viruses responsible for a range of diseases could also be targeted by the new approach. They include the norovirus, which causes winter vomiting, and rotavirus, which results in severe diarrhoea and kills thousands of children in developing countries....
Avatar n tn My son had a virus that also takes a very very long time to recover from. It is called rotavirus and he vomited and had diareah for weeks on end...almost 2 months actually. He was so sick and still has diareah on and off. It really can take months to completely get out of there system. Being that your son is only vomiting at night makes me wonder if it isn't drool or nasal drip.
1770029 tn?1325802355 meaning the influenza virus does not cause flu in the stomach. It is considered gastroenteritis. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever up to 100 degrees and possible cramps are caused by many things, virus or bacterial. However, the most common cause is a virus called Norovirus. It is spead from person to person by fecal oral contamination.
Avatar f tn I saw Pediatrician on Mon and Tues. they feel it is viral. No fever any of the time. UA looked good and not Rotavirus. Could something viral present like this with the on and off throwing up? Are in the process of collecting stool studies. Does this sound serious?
Avatar f tn Today is a day of non stop explosive vomiting. She is unable to hold her meds down. She is also presenting with multiple patches of rashes the appear and disappear. Tried Vitaflow SOS to give gut rest but this is without success.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to feed her a little bit every 30 mins. what are the symptoms of rsv, rotavirus? Does it sound like she might have any of these? She does not have a fever, just vomiting and refusal to feed. Dr. told me to bring her in in the morning, and just make sure she has no fever.