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Avatar f tn negative
Avatar f tn No been told it's whooping cough
1834473 tn?1318445505 my 2 year old has had a cough for 3 weeks now it sounds like whooping cough to me but to my understanding you only get it once right this is the 3 rd time she's had a cough like this since she was born and there was a case of whooping cough at her daycare so could she have it? she doesn't make the whooping sound but does make a choking sound sometimes its so severe shes gasping right after she finishes coughing.
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Avatar f tn I got the flu vaccine and whooping cough vaccine about a month ago and I felt fine. I think you should get the whooping cough vaccine.
Avatar n tn I had whooping cough last year, and after a particularly virulent cold (partially because I didn't rest) I now have a cough highly similar to when I had whooping cough. Is it possible to have whooping cough recur?
Avatar f tn if you are not happy take your baby back dont wait a week it could just be a common cold/cough but it could also be whooping cough or broncollitus
215342 tn?1287838418 yes it sounds like whooping cough, you have my sympathies. The only thing that helped me ( I had a very loud whooping and would vomit and almost pass out with the coughing) was to take coedine regulalry, it was the only thing that helped to suppress the cough. you MUST rest as much as possible and drink plenty of water.
Avatar n tn Do we get a vaccin for a whooping cough? I am 27 yrs old just wondering will i be immune after vaccination. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284810'>Whooping cough recurring?</a>.
Avatar f tn dont know if the vomiting was caused by gastro or whooping cough, the test for whooping cough came back negitive and she was fully immunized at the right ages. i took her to the doctors many times for the next year and i was told she had asthma, although she didnt get better with the medication.
Avatar n tn I had Whooping Cough at age 3 and am now 64. Can you get Whooping Cough twice?
Avatar f tn Sometimes our Dr's will ask if we have had the flu shot, and I answer no, and that we won't be getting it and they leave it at that. I haven't been asked about the whooping cough one yet though.
973741 tn?1342342773 We have an outbreak of whooping cough at our school in the area. It caused me to do a little reading. How long does the whooping cough vaccine actually cover you? My reading indicates that it does start to wear off. When are boosters recommended for teens and adults?
Avatar n tn Last night, at 5am, I woke up to a horrible cough attack. It felt like I had the whooping cough (I believe I had this 3 years ago. I had the cough for 3 months but it eventually went away on its own). I can't really tell if it's post nasal drip, or if it really is the whooping cough.
Avatar n tn The trouble is I have experienced symtoms of asthma and cronic cough ever since. I never had a problem with allergies or asthma prior to the whooping cough. My coughing seems to be a big part of the problem. Not only do I suffer from thick flem, but I cough up somewhat darker matter mixed in. I'm sure it is this darker matter that causes me to coupgh, since I get relief once I cough it up, although it is very hard to accomplish and causes quite a strain to cough it up.
Avatar n tn I have been on everything known to man (which did not help). Finally (after sheer desperation) I went onto the WWW to try to diagnose myself. I have Whooping Cough - Doc was very reluctant to test for it and stated that "adults don't get whooping cough". I persisted until blood tests confirmed pertussis in my blood stream. They say they cannot treat this and have me on liquid codeine to suppress the cough to allow me to function.
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1957959 tn?1325089127 You might have whooping cough (contagious bacterial disease) from what you described. It causes uncontrollable violent coughing and makes breathing hard. You hear a whooping sound every time the person takes a breath. Does this sound like you? Also, that is mucus build-up in your chest that causes the coughing. The best way to get rid of it is to let it out.
Avatar f tn my son is almost 2 and was diagnosed with whooping cough about a week ago, and put on zithromax and its not really helping. We cought it early so I figured the meds would do some good, but thats not the case, my son wakes up every night coughing so bad that he cant breath and then he vomits. the doctors are saying this is pretty normal for whooping cough. But it is scaring the day lights out of me and I need some advise about what I should do.