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1138486 tn?1260877346 Got Rotavirus, which caused a bad Diarrhea and throwing up, didn't go to work today, & will not go tomorrow. got a fever of 38.5 C and currently im on 5 different medicines.
142722 tn?1281533616 My little ryan got shots yesterday and is fine. No fever nothing. No crying. can he get a fever days later. I just thought he would go crazy.
Avatar f tn Need information about pnemonia & Rotavirus side effects. Are side effects common and be curable?
Avatar f tn He has had a bit of a fever, but nothing above 100, he has been sick of and on for about a week. Well we had a party for him this weekend (ordered some meat and cheese trays from a large well known company) and 7 people including myself turned up sick. I had extreme vomitting, probably a total of 15 times, over one night. Other have had extreme diarrhea with a bit of vomitting. It lasted about 24 hrs and I am feeling slightly better today. What do you guys think it is??
287246 tn?1318570063 Mary has had this awful stomach bug since Saturday. She was having awful diarrhea w/ fever. No vomiting though. So I took her to the doc on Monday. The doc said that if I couldn't get more fluids down her, she would have to go to the ER for IV fluids. I have been using a syringe and giving her the flavorless Pedialyte. She is wetting her diaper more, but still having the diarrhea. How long will this last?? Ugh.... Anyway, just wanted to check in. Hope everyone is doing okay!!
Avatar f tn Usually the symptoms settle in a day or two, do not affect the child and there is no fever. If this persists after 48 hours or if the child has fever, is becoming lethargic, then do take him to a doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a baby have intussusception after getting the rotavirus vaccination? My son recently had surgery on his intestines just a week after he had the rotavirus vaccine. Some articles on line say there may be a link.
Avatar n tn After two weeks I think a Doctor visit is in order, it could have been a stomach bug or some allergy to food.Could you tell me what foods he is mainly fed ?
1138486 tn?1260877346 due to Rotavirus infection I had 2 wake up at 4 AM and throw-up + massive diarrhea.
1239206 tn?1306802808 Sextuple Prevenar 13 Rotavirus
Avatar n tn 17mn daughter w/recurrent respiratory infect since 2 1/2 mns and worsening after she had rotavirus(hospitalized for 3days)at 9 mnths.On asthma meds but does not prevent or better infects. Had 10 ear infec and 2 after tubes in ears and adenectomy. Sick 60-80% of each month. She is life-threatening allergic to pcn and cephsporns. Since Apr 28,'07,She had mouth sores 4x and doc says from daycare which no child has.
Avatar f tn I cant remember if my daughters pediatrician gave her the rotavirus vaccine before we left Michigan..She is now 2months old and when we went to get her 2 months shot done, they gave her the rotavirus vaccine orally, here in mexico..Will she be sick or anything?
1770029 tn?1325802355 Hi and sorry you are ill. There is no such thing as "stomach flu" meaning the influenza virus does not cause flu in the stomach. It is considered gastroenteritis. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, low grade fever up to 100 degrees and possible cramps are caused by many things, virus or bacterial. However, the most common cause is a virus called Norovirus. It is spead from person to person by fecal oral contamination.
458072 tn?1291415186 federal health authorities recommended … that doctors suspend using Rotarix, one of two vaccines licensed in the U.S. against rotavirus, saying the vaccine is contaminated with material from a pig virus,” CNN reports. The Rotarix vaccine, which is made by GlaxoSmithKline and was approved by the FDA in 2008, has already been given to about 1 million U.S. children along with 30 million worldwide. The vaccine was found to contain DNA from porcine circovirus 1.
790165 tn?1268836968 No fever but need to write more. blah.
1089108 tn?1268112187 ran a low fever
Avatar n tn One year ago today (my then 20 m/o dd) was admitted to the childrens hosp after 5 days of continuos vomiting (every 5-8 minutes) and 2 days of extremely loose bowel mvmnts. She was fianlly diagnosed w/Rotavirus after 4 doctors & 2 er visits. She weighed 21 pounds-yes very little-came out of the hosp weighing 17.5 pounds.When sent home they told us her ammune system would be low and to avoid taking her in public for 6-8 weeks.