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Avatar n tn I've had diarrhea for about three days now with minor stomach cramps. I'm going about 7 times a day at least. I can't think of anything that would cause it. I've been making sure to stay hydrated, but can anybody tell me else i should do and what it might be? Thank you for your time.
8101930 tn?1420001456 My son is 2 months and just received his first shots yesterday including the rotavirus vaccine. I noticed that after his shots and today he has been pooping yellow colored like normal but it is very chunky. He is exclusively breast fed and always has a little bit of a seedy stool but this is very chunky. I'm Just curious if anyone knows if this is normal or not. Could it be from the rotavirus vaccine because they do ingest it. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a baby have intussusception after getting the rotavirus vaccination? My son recently had surgery on his intestines just a week after he had the rotavirus vaccine. Some articles on line say there may be a link.
1138486 tn?1260877346 Got Rotavirus, which caused a bad Diarrhea and throwing up, didn't go to work today, & will not go tomorrow. got a fever of 38.5 C and currently im on 5 different medicines.
1138486 tn?1260877346 due to Rotavirus infection I had 2 wake up at 4 AM and throw-up + massive diarrhea.
1239206 tn?1306802808 Sextuple Prevenar 13 Rotavirus
458072 tn?1291415186 Rotavirus is very contagious and does cause more than 500,000 deaths in young children each year, but this is mostly in developing countries. In the United States, rotavirus is responsible for only “several dozen” deaths a year, according to Hamburg. Typically, when a child in the United States contracts rotavirus, and most do, only rest and fluids are required to recover. This infection also provides natural immunity that will protect your child for life.
Avatar f tn I cant remember if my daughters pediatrician gave her the rotavirus vaccine before we left Michigan..She is now 2months old and when we went to get her 2 months shot done, they gave her the rotavirus vaccine orally, here in mexico..Will she be sick or anything?
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Avatar f tn Need information about pnemonia & Rotavirus side effects. Are side effects common and be curable?
Avatar n tn May have caught it from me? Had shots today for the 1 year. Tubes look great. Has rotavirus?
Avatar m tn At 2 months she was to get dtap and rotavirus. The dtap vaccine that was requested was daptacel and I asked to double check. A couple days later it was realized that the pediarix combo vaccine (dtap, polio, and hep b) was given instead. I don't want to keep giving the combo and would rather give the daptacel. Do I continue on with dtap schedule using different brand or do I need to start over?
142722 tn?1281533616 I usually give Tylenol prior to shots, and after six months, I give them Motrin. Frequently, shots with infants are worse for the parents than the child. The five year old shots are the WORST. Because they are FULLY AWARE of what is up. Shots in general are just more difficult the older they are.
Avatar m tn and in early life was infected with giardia and rotavirus (4 month old immediately after weaning) does this affect the GI healing and repar after treating them?
1742220 tn?1331356727 its 1034 on friday night, omg i truly intended to write a real j tonite but now that im sitting in 'bed' i feel SO tired! ugh. it is true, that fb post (i do think fb is good for Some things, and it can be amusing) that being an adult merely consists of arguing about who is more tired ... ugh i have a few things to write, some good some not, but nothing major in any case and i think im going to just read.
223520 tn?1221440283 ( He was sick, then in the hospital so we had to delay everything.) Anyways, everything went great, then came time for the vaccines. I was talking to his pedi. about the MMR, and he got all defensive. So that was the first thing that got me upset. Then the nurse comes in and gets ready to give my son the rotavirus vaccine. I was like he has never had it. She proceeds to give it to him!! I was like um, can you ask the dr. about it? She was like fine. So he comes in and was like Im soo sorry!!
Avatar m tn I don't know what is "safe" however, I did the same thing as far as spreading out the vaccines. It's less trauma for the child emotionally and physically.
Avatar n tn My 3 month old son has been having 9-10 green mucousy stools per day since he received his 2nd dose of the Rotavirus vaccine, Rotateq. It has been 10 days with no improvement. He is in a lot of pain before and during a bowel movement. Other than that, he seems perfectly fine. Is this a common side effect of the vaccine? How long will this last? What can I do to help him get better?
Avatar f tn I would have thought a food intolerance or allergy, but I don't believe that is ever accompanied by a fever (I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will correct me if that is the case). It sounds like a tummy virus. Unfortunately not much can be done for that beyond waiting for it to pass. However, if it continues (especially the pain) make sure the Dr.'s are pushed to further explore. Her Dr.