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Avatar n tn ) reviewed the CPT-4 codes for each study year (Table 1) to identify those that were believed to reflect the most common types of spinal injection procedures that radiologists perform, including lumbar discography (CPT-4 code 62290), cervical discography (CPT-4 code 62291), disk aspiration and/or injection (CPT-4 code 62287), epidural steroid injection (nonselective epidural injection or selective nerve root injection; CPT-4 code 62289 for lumbar injection or 62298 for cervical or thoracic injec
Avatar n tn cpt code for cervical discogram
Avatar n tn What CPT code do we charge for this procedure using EKG with Magnet to ck pacemaker in office?
Avatar f tn CPT codes are the critical code numbers to tell your Insurance Co. when you call them for coverage information. They are the "procedure" codes that your Doctors office will bill to the insurance company. It is the first thing your Ins. company will ask for when you call them for coverage information. I am just trying to hunt down CPT codes myself and found that you have to ask for the "Billing dept.
Avatar n tn cpt code for resection of bladder polyps
Avatar n tn What is the correct CPT Code for Sistrunk Procedure?
Avatar n tn can some one tell me the code for billing static emg scanner?
Avatar n tn I have a provider that continually bills CPT code 10061 : Incision and drainage of abscess (eg, carbuncle, suppurative hidradenitis, cutaneous or subcutaneous abscess, cyst, furuncle, or paronychia); complicated or multiple; but his Documentation indicates "Acne Lesions" with a 2 and bills for multiple/complicated I&D.
Avatar n tn I've been told that most insurance companies won't pay for neural scans if the doctor or PA codes the procedure as CPT code 95904 because the device is "investigational". Is this true?
Avatar f tn It is usually referenced in codes, like the Current Procedural Terminology(CPT) code set is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association. Your primary care physician may be able to guide you appropriately, please discuss this with him. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I was told to call the hospital and see what the cost of use would be for the out patient surgery. My doctor gave me CPT code of 67108. I got my estamite from the hospital and it's a staggering $15,000 dollars for us just to use the room. I Googled CPT codes and one site was AMA. Both sites said $1500.00 for code 67108. Can anyone tell me what to expect the hospital to charge for this? Not for the surgery, just for the privilege of using the place.
Avatar f tn He shouldnt be charging you for more than your session time, 60 min is not the lowest increment available. I saw a code for 45 min also. Call your doctors office and ask for billing and enquire about it. Or call your insurance company and ask them about it. Tell either how much time you spent with the actual DR, not time in the waiting room. CPT Code 92214 means: Offic/Outpt E&M Estab Mod-Hi established patient. CPT Code 90838 means: psychotherapy, 60 minutes Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn t pay for the anesthesia since the hospital is billing the anesthesia as though it were for an induced abortion. I think the hospital is providing the wrong CPT code for the anesthesia (01966), but they insist that BCBS is the one in error. Meantime, they keep sending us a bill for the full amount for the anesthesia. Unfortunately, we don't know what the correct code should be for the anesthesia for a d&c. Has anyone encountered this issue and have any advice?
405614 tn?1329144114 my second brain MRI had that code, but not the first brain mri or spinal MRI (the CPT code listed the same for brain and spine; may be wrong). I researched the CPT code used for my spinal MRI, and they were standard MRIs without contrast. If the first brain MRI was ordered using the not-ms protocol CPT code, and the second one used the ms protocol CPT code. Wouldn't that mean that they were done differently and weren't adequate for noting changes?
2059648 tn?1439766665 Either ask your doctor to ask your insurance company what is the allowable charge for the particular CPT code of the test that you want, or call your insurance company and ask them directly. Concurrently, you could ask what percentage of allowable the insurance company will pay, or equivalently, what will be your patient responsibility. Don't forget to take into account any annual deductible that you haven't met yet!
Avatar n tn Some estimate that in any sample of 200 claims it is not uncommon to find 80 percent with the wrong code altogether, 41 percent over-coded, 45 percent undercoded and 17 percent billed for services not documented in the record. Both undercoding and overcoding are undesirable, and should be avoided. Most of the codes we see in the United States today are version 9, called ICD-9-CM codes.
Avatar m tn I was looking through Quest Diagnostics webpage today, and I noticed some confusing information. On most other websites, they say the order code (CPT code) for the HerpeSelect Immunoblot is 86695 and 86696. Yet when I type that in on the Quest webpage, I get a test alright, but it sure looks like a HerpeSelect ELISA, NOT an Immunoblot.
1025701 tn?1257172434 So, I am trying to find out from my insurance company (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield federal) all the details I can. The girl who answered wanted to know what the CPT code for Tysabri is. If anyone out there knows what that is I would greatly appreciate it. I was hoping to find out as much as possible since I know that some places can charge you more per infusion. I think my cost will be 15% so it makes a big difference to me what the overall cost will be. Thanks so much for reading this.
Avatar m tn Chronic colitis CPT code 88305. We reviewed the slide at another center and report shows " Chronic Nonspecific Colitis". Her CEA level is in normal range. CT Scan whole abdomen report is as below( rectum part) 01.Circumferential thickening of wall of the rectum with mild narrowing of the passage; may be sequel of colotis, though absolute possibility of neoplasm could not be ruled out. 02.SOL at right lobe of the live; may be hemangioma ( D/D. highly vascular neoplasm) 03.
Avatar n tn the receptionist faxed me the results...I am waiting for the dr call...I have so many questions...the CPT CODES AT THE BOTTOM OF MY RESULTS ARE 307, 313 AND THE ICD CODE IS 571.8 I will check out the site you suggested......anyone who can add some information please it would be greatly appreciated...I have been online for an hour now looking up CPT CODES, BUT YOU have to buy the books...
Avatar n tn oy, i had to call a larger hospital in a big city to get the cpt code for the test because they didnt know it. they sent it to mayo clinic labs, the paper i got back only says IgG for hsv 1 and 2 negative. i have no idea which test they used, and the lab wont give me any information personally. should i assume that myabe the swab was incorrect?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a baby have intussusception after getting the rotavirus vaccination? My son recently had surgery on his intestines just a week after he had the rotavirus vaccine. Some articles on line say there may be a link.
1138486 tn?1260877346 Got Rotavirus, which caused a bad Diarrhea and throwing up, didn't go to work today, & will not go tomorrow. got a fever of 38.5 C and currently im on 5 different medicines.
1138486 tn?1260877346 due to Rotavirus infection I had 2 wake up at 4 AM and throw-up + massive diarrhea.